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  1. Love the pick, too many TDs passed up for FGs. Ryan was better with a really good TE, now he hopefully has another.
  2. They definitely need a passrush, but there were times this year where the ball was out of the QB's hands too quickly. Good QB's already know what they're going to do, since we run such a crappy scheme. #1 proiority = new DC.
  3. I think it's more of a deficiency at DC.
  4. Ryan didn't play very good on Saturday, but getting rid of him would be ridiculous. The defense completely killed them. It forced Ryan to try to match TD's with GB. Where was the hurry up in the 1st half? Where was the protection? All lead to Ryan having a bad game. Hopefully he bounces back, but don't get rid of him. And please no Kolb. He hasn't impressed me at all.
  5. Agree with Falcons201 - A good DC will make the players look better and put them in positions to make plays. But, all I've seen is plenty of games where our guys were out of a position to make a play. Too many 3rd downs where there are guys wide open, time and time again. We've been lucky with turn overs and opposing WRs dropping passes. It's time to build a hard nosed D. Sorry BVG, but it's time to go back to college.
  6. Agree 100%. We need a true DC that can take advantage of our talent on Defense. BVG is not the answer and 3 years is enough. Hopefully the Falcons see this too. I don't want to blow it up, just add a little and most importantly get a real DC.
  7. I know the Eagles had troubles at D this year, but I believe it was because they have stiffs playing. I believe our players are way better than the Eagles D. I just think he'd get more out of our players then BVG has. If they go in a different direction, I'm fine. As long as it's not staying with BVG. Our defense has to improve and it all starts with the DC putting the players in the best position to make the plays. Then, add a few more playmakers through draft and FA and they're right up there.
  8. How about firing BVG and replacing him with Sean McDermott? He seams to be a more aggresive coordinator. Plus, I think we have much more talented players on D then the Eagles. Any way, I just want a DC that can out smart an NFL OC, and it seams clear that BVG can't.
  9. I think the biggest inprovement on defense would be a new defensive coordinator. I think BVG's decisions have cost or almost cost our team some wins.
  10. Three years ago, I would have said yes to Cowher, but now I believe that Mike Smith is the perfect fit. I would just like to see a difference D Coordinator. I don't believe BVG is a good one.
  11. Agree with everybody. His play calling is terrible. Spread the field, no huddle, pass on 1st, just some easy fixes that would have worked if used more. Not hard to figure out. They need to try a reverse, screen pass or flea flicker or sometime to keep the defense off balance. Why don't I ever see these things?
  12. It's made easy when you run on 1st and 2nd down, then on 3rd and long everybody knows you're passing. You can't kill Jenkins after last night. He came up huge last night. Especially on the drive to the 1, before Murlarky killed it by bunching up the formation. I think we need to start passing more on 1st to set up the run, then you'll see White getting more catches when the defenses don't know what we're doing. I think the we need to stop thinking we're just going to ram it down their throat even if they know it's coming. This is the NFL, we need to be creative on offense. And I don't mea
  13. Turner wasn't at all the problem. I knew he was getting it and the Saints had been committing to stopping him all night. He was hit by many Saints and held up then stripped. Better play calls were the problem. Blame the guy making the calls, Murlarky. We don't seam to try to stretch defenses. Why not. The passing and spread offense got us to the 1, then change into the tight formation that hadn't worked all game. Just brilliant. Hopefully they'll learn from this.
  14. Yes, I'm a real fan and yes I did turn it off. I didn't want to see them loose. I left the house the last Saints game and my wife called after the Saints missed the FG. I used to watch every second, but I get tired of seeing them loose the games they should have won. Something about loosing to the Katrina Saints (opps I mean the New Orleans Saints). I still believe the league really helped the Saints win one for Katrina last year, so I have a bitter taste watching the Saints win. They even had to mention Katrina again last night. Please stop it. Katrina was horrible to the city, not th
  15. The punt was the end of the game to me. I live in NJ, so I turned off the TV and went to bed (or at least tried to). I knew it was over then. The choice to punt was unlike the gambling Mike Smith I've seen in the past. They could have won this one and yes the offense was awful. I thought that the Abe interception was the game, but Ryan couldn't do crap with it. But, still the weak link in my mind is the DC. He has even only rushed 3 in the past with the game on the line. The Packers game was one that I recall. Play one way all game then change when it matters. Why do we have to rely o
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