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  1. True. When a situation calls for a full-on implosion, TATF is the place to come for quality hysteria and professional-level panic ~ all while maintaining strict quarantine.
  2. He should be a good fit for Matt, he's a Shanahan type OC and you know he was MVP with Shannie after he got used to his offense. I look for Matt to have an excellent year and for the offense to be better in every aspect, especially the run game and in scoring TD's in the Red Zone.
  3. The dark days are gone, And the bright days are here, Dirty Birds will be flying so much better next year. AS and TF are gonna come through For the ATL and the TATF crew. Then we can finally chill out and chug some victory brew(s).
  4. Varsity Chili dogs are very effective if you need a total gastrointestinal purge. 😆
  5. I was thinking about Michael "The Burner" Turner when I watched Stevenson. How could you go wrong with either one of these dudes? They're both going to be stars in the league.
  6. Who knows what lies ahead, but I sincerely believe Arthur made the best two hires of his franchise ownership in Fontenot and Smith. This feels a bit like the dawn of the new era of Falcon Excellence we all believed had arrived with SB LI. Both are young, high energy, bright, known for doing an exceptional job at every level. Fontenot and Smith arrive highly recommended by basically everybody in their respecdtive front offices and locker rooms. I couldn't be happier about hiring these guys. Whatever concerns I may have had previously about what we do with the #4 pick, or what FA's we
  7. He looks small for 215 lbs., but he can shake and bake, has very soft hands and a nose for the end zone. Very promising RB.
  8. I would say the overall sentiment here was pretty bullish on DQ. He was considered one of, if not the top of the HC prospects available, being the DC of a legendary defense on a SB-winning team. I know I was relieved we waited until he was available to take him after the play-offs instead of just going with somebody else. As far as Arthur Smith, I had him as my number one choice early on and I've seen many state they prefer him. That is a strong indication he's going to be an absolute Marion Campbell-level catastrophe, but that's my guy. lol. 😆
  9. Supes created my sig which I'm obviously still using. Great guy and sorely missed by us old-timers.
  10. Yeah, that sure sounds like Lurie and Roseman were pushing him to lose that game for the draft pick. Pedersen was just a Yes man; a flunky, not a tanker. lol. Good example of how every story has two sides, and if you don't know the whole story, you stand a great chance of getting it wrong.
  11. I hear you. I've always thought Brian Billick would be a great HC here.
  12. Arthur and McKay going to have to name a new GM in the next few days if they want whoever they've decided is their best choice. Sands of the hour glass are draining fast with other teams needing a GM and interviewing the same people.
  13. Exactly. We've never been shy about grabbing ex-Saints players. Why would or should we draw the line at GM's? I like the idea of us gaining a valuable asset as a direct result of the Saints losing said asset.
  14. Yeah, Smith looks to be kinda brittle for the pros, but he has the speed and talent. Dolphins will likely take him for Tua and probably get him to bulk up about 10 or 15 lbs.
  15. Sounds like about as strong of an endorsement of Wilson's potential as you could get coming out of college. If he has personality issues that does complicate the situation, but the scout says players will play hard for him, so I don't see how his personality is a deal-breaker. He's the prototypical QB of today and the immediate future. The Falcons could do much worse than grabbing him at #4.
  16. Just the effortless accuracy of his deep balls is pretty mind-blowing. And he definitely has that "it" factor that separates the elite from the very good.
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