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  1. I know I could smell it all the way through my tv screen.
  2. LOL. Stop payment on the check, TD!
  3. Something I can feel really good about.
  4. If we just stay focused and play with brotherhood we can become the worst team to ever play any professional sport in the history of mankind. Now how's that for epic?
  5. Wait, we can't bring up a HC from the Practice HC Squad?
  6. I admit I was pretty impressed when they elevated it to an art form, but when they raised it to pure science, I was gawdsmacked.
  7. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus present....Your 2019 Atlanta Falcons Feathered Clown Show
  8. Then 41-10 by mid 3rd quarter
  9. We went from Quinning to Quagmire.
  10. QB rating of 15588999. 99
  11. Wish the players good luck in the locker room at half time and then hit the f***** door.
  12. Turn out the lights, the party's over.
  13. I think there are three or four dead defensive coaches that are still better than Quinn.
  14. Funny how it works out that way 99.8 percent of the time...
  15. geesuz krst. Just throw the f******* rule book out the window. If you catch the ball and you got some body part in bounds it's a catch. This is all just crazy horsechit.
  16. Never seen no shlt like that in my life. Why isn't it a catch if your toe hits and then your ankle hits as you're falling out of bounds? That's a catch too, right? lol