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  1. Agree. Half the battle is forcing the defense to blindly guess, get them back on their heels on every play. And as you said, it's gonna be twice as effective in the no huddle offense.
  2. Yep, we could sneak up on some people, even our own fans! lol But to avoid derailing the thread let me just add, "Don't Bogart that cannabis warehouse my dude, leave the Purple Haze harvest to me....."
  3. The national sports media were convinced Ryan was over the hill and AS and TF had no choice but to take their first pick as leaders of the franchise, a rare top-five draft pick at that, and grab a future franchise signal caller. That was the expected move, and perfectly reasonable, almost inevitable it seemed in the weeks before the draft. The talk wasn't about whether AS and TF would take a QB, but which one did they want and would that player still be available at #4? Props to AS and TF for being secure enough in themselves and their ability to succeed immediately by staying with Ryan rather than drafting his replacement at #4, thereby pushing all realistic expectations for a Falcons resurgence to 2023 at the earliest. They realized whatever problems this team has, Quarterback wasn't one of them. The core strength and unquestioned leader of the team's offense is Mattie Ice. As we all know they took a perfect complement to Ryan and the offense at #4 with Kyle Pitts. Hope Matt has a great season to shut up the pundits and the Ryan-hating fans. It would vindicate Smith's and Fontenot's decision to stick with Ryan for the foreseeable future and use that one-and-only top-five pick to really get this offense back into high gear, closer to 2016 than anything we've seen since. Thanks to the choice to stay with Ice, I firmly believe we won't be waiting around for 2023 to see this team return to prominence.
  4. Would certainly be understandable because the ramifications of not getting vaccinated are very significant and unpleasant for your team mates. Yet you still have to respect what another person is willing to have put into their body or not.
  5. The NFL has decided to come down hard on teams whose players fail to be vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus. If a team with many un-vaccinated players has an outbreak of covid, that team will be forced to forfeit that game and even pay for the lost revenue for any games that are not played which they're responsible for. The threshold for when these steep measures are implemented occur for any and all teams who have less than 90 percent of their players vaccinated. Fortunately for the Falcons, our players have already reached the 90 percent total of the roster now vaccinated. Only nine other teams have achieved this mark, and those with less than 90 percent also face other mandates, such as daily testing, limited in-person meetings and masks. With training camps about to open to begin the new season, the harsh new guidelines on Covid are starting to draw some blowback from players, most notably Deandre Hopkins, who has threatened to retire from the NFL rather than be forced to either get the vaccine or be a source of punishment to the rest of his team because of his decision to not get vaccinated. I personally understand the NFL's decision to make getting vaccinated all but mandatory. That will prevent massive disruptions and bunches of make-up games. On the other hand I support any players ~ or persons ~ who aren't willing to take what still must be regarded as an experimental drug that has not yet been FDA approved. The various vaccines have had some highly publicized serious side-effects, and the number and degree of these negative incidents is uncertain as there has been clear intent by federal health officials, social media and most of the mainstream medical community to minimize bad outcomes reported and play down negative side-effects of the vaccines in an attempt to boost vaccination levels closer to 100 percent across the nation. Falcon players decided to bite the bullet and get jabbed in the name of team unity and to avoid the onerous multiple penalties and punishments that will happen to many other teams who fail to reach the 90 percent vaccinated total. With so many teams still under the limit and training camps getting underway, there seems to be a big possibility the Falcons will benefit from being among those who decided to comply. If nothing else, they'll be able to focus on their football and not on playing Covid-19 quarantine games. What are your feelings about the Falcons players stepping up and making sure their season is not affected by the threat of Covid-19 outbreaks, nor the hassle of Covid-19 quarantine restrictions like wearing masks and social distancing? Seems this could be huge, but at the very worst prevents the team from being subject to a lot of disruptive covid quarantine requirements not to mention punitive actions by the league. Now before checking out the link to the article, take a 2x4 and bash that LIKE Button severely about the neck and head and give this a 5-star rating. My gratefulness for your kind attention to these matters will be extreme as always. https://thefalconswire.usatoday.com/2021/07/23/atlanta-falcons-vaccinated-nfl-news/?utm_source=falconswire&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_campaign=pos3headline&env=d285247f76cb0c68eec4ee0c83dd0c50fa5f2a20476b6c9e14d9ce1617a18605
  6. He doesn't just think, he knows he can succeed here. This D won't resemble last year's with Pees at the controls and better defensive coaches working with these guys through the week. The vets and the young players should all respond well to the new coaches and more enjoyable aggressive scheme. They'll all be having fun headhunting the QB, taking the ball away from wide receivers, meeting RB's behind the line and generally wreaking havoc.
  7. Exactly. Grant might just become the leader of this Pees' D in no time flat. Also AS and TF liked Javian Hawkins and knew he was likely to still be around after the draft because of his small stature. The man can get through a hole like a rabbit on steroids.
  8. Just getting out of ******* bed in the morning sends me over the edge.
  9. Very tragic ending to a good man's life. Prayers for his family and friends. RIP coach. You will be missed.
  10. It looks like a curse, it smells like a curse, it walks like a curse, but actually it's just our team sucks really, really bad at the worst possible times.
  11. I don't know how our OL stacks up to the talent level of the Titans over Smith's tenure as OC there, but can this OL perform well enough for Smith's scheme to also be successful here, I believe it can. McKaleb made some progress last year, we know Matthews will be Matthews, Hennessy and Mayfield just not enough information yet. Probably going to take several games for the unit to start playing well together, but no reason to believe AS won't tweak his scheme to help the OL do its job while its finding its sealegs. They'll be able to hold their own vs most every defensive line we face. My main concern is Hennessy, but all you hear from Smith and his OL mates is he's doing great stepping into the position with all its demands and responsibilities. Have to believe he will be ready when the bell rings.
  12. Good for him! He'll be great, no doubt about it.
  13. https://www.komando.com/news/car-key-fob-hack/710010/
  14. Yep. Tough to predict how good the OL will be when you have changes at C and LG, and KM is still below par at RT. I'm going to take a leap of faith and say McGary turns the corner at RT, Mayfield and Hennessy struggle for a few games but get it together and are able to hold their own the rest of the season. I'm basing that expectation on KM settling in in this his third season, Hennessy having the benefit of a season to just watch and learn before taking over for Mack, and all three having the benefit of an excellent OL coach in Dwayne Ledford. You know they'll also get the benefit of having AS, a former OL, to work with them as well. By end of the season they should be around 15th best in the league, with an outside chance to be even better.
  15. 1. Take Jeep Grand Cherokee with cleats. 2. Return cleats, keep Jeep Grand Cherokee. 3. Profit.
  16. JTT is one of my favorite players and this was a great interview to get to know him better. Not getting a lot of notice, but his potential to wreak havoc in Pees' D is off the chain. This season could be the start of big things for JTT and this young D.
  17. Exactly. The perfect counter balance to Davis' power running. I think he's going to get a lot of carries.
  18. I honestly didn't have high expectations for Mike Smith. I couldn't understand what was "special" about him as he seemed to be little more than an average to good journeyman DC. He exceeded my expectations with his emphasis on playing sound fundamental football and taking advantage when the other team makes a mistake. Unfortunately, we learned that Smittyball didn't have that extra gear to do very well in the play-offs. Quinn I was extremely excited about. He was the DC of the legendary Legion of Boom. Winner of a SB title. Our problem was crappy defense, and we bring in a guru, one of, if not the most sought-after HC candidate that off-season. Quinn had no feel for in-game strategy, completely clueless on making adjustments at half-time and failed to ever discern when to call time-out or when to go for it ~ or not go for it ~ on 4th down. The best move of his tenure was hiring Kyle Shanahan. Without Shannie DQ would have never sniffed a Super Bowl berth and no doubt would've been gone at least three years sooner. Arthur Smith I'm convinced is the best head coach the team has ever hired. His offensive credentials are his own, not the result of inheriting a winning scheme and group of players fitted to that scheme like DQ. He is a no-nonsense guy, both in his coaching philosophy and in his pressers. No bull and no slogans. As a player you will give him your best every second you're on the field or you'll find yourself observing the game from the bench. He has the kind of intensity that will have players flying around, putting the defense on its heels. Smith's team won't be going into a shell and waiting for the other team to come back when it has a lead either. The only question is, how long will it take for the players to get used to each other, get in lock-step with the new coaches, get the terminology and the nuances of the new schemes down? It won't happen overnight, but I don't believe it will take more than a few games for the team to find its groove and start playing very good football. And beyond this year things will only get better as AS and TF have more opportunities to tweak the roster and have more cap money to play with in Free Agency. To sum up, I believe Arthur Smith will be the Head Coach who finally gets the SB monkey off this team's back, wipes away the pain of 28-3 and stops the eternal bad-mouthing the Falcons take from the national sports pundits. When he's done I believe Arthur Smith will be the winningest coach in Falcons history. May even end up getting a giant-size platinum statue riding triumphantly atop that Chrome Bird in front of MBS.
  19. Isn't that what they're going for? To induce the jersey addicts who want to stay "current" to buy a new jersey every single season? Probably many thousands of their fans will take them up on it.
  20. Agree. The D isn't going to have to go up against dominant offenses every week. Just playing sound football will keep us in most all these games defensively. And if Pees can come up with a few surprises in big moments, our offense will be able to out-score most of these teams. We have plenty enough talent on D to get the job done.
  21. Ice feasted regularly with TonyG in the back of the end zone. No reason he can't find that groove again.
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