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  1. Needed some go-go dancers...
  2. Love articals like this that really tell you who a player really is, where he comes from and what motivates him. This is your sure-bet OL waiting to happen. I want a DE/DT for our first pick, but with Hageman now back in the fold to add to all our other signings, I think we might do something else now. If Quinn and TD go after this guy instead, I'm down with it.
  3. Great thread! Quality content, TATF style!
  4. Yeah, can't see what "rookies" he's referring to. This looks like the best group of talent and depth we've had on defense since the Gritz Blitz, but some people are running around wringing their hands and proclaiming the sky is falling. LOL @ this irrational, pre-season, baseless melancholia. Put me down as saying If we make even one high-quality signing on defense in the draft, we're going to have a top-10 defense ~ or better.
  5. Really? That bad?? I don't see how Quinn and the FO could've done much more in the off-season to try to shore up our depth with no more cap space than they had to work with. What would you have done different to get this D turned around, KOG?
  6. I still think we're one impact DL player away from where we need to be, but we've singed a lot of new players and a couple of old favorites. Maybe Quinn and TD will feel like OT has become a bigger priority at this point than DL. If so, I'm going to enjoy feeling like our OL is going to finally be solidified for the foreseeable future.
  7. With Quinn taking over as DC; taking on Vic Beasley as a personal project; knowing our pass rush has sucked as bad as our run defense, aware this defense can't hold on to leads, his job perhaps on the line, he's going to go DE/DL at #14 or perhaps even higher. OT may happen in 2nd or 3rd, but gotta get the defensive line upgraded with a big-play capable draft pick.
  8. I agree with TD. We're in a really good place with our recent depth signings, and things definitely got even better with Hageman back on the DL. So many good pieces have been added already. Starting to get really fired up for this draft. Quinn and TD have been burning the midnight oil. They probably know every conceivable pick scenario that could happen down to #14 by heart and they will be locked and loaded. You never know, but this could turn out to be our .... Lombardi Trophy draft.
  9. Yep. Might as well walk in front of a train.
  10. Quinn's Day Care ~ We specialize in problem kids! No rehab project too tough to tame!
  11. My guess is Shede is ready to play some serious football. I doubt Quinn and TD would've brought him back if they weren't convinced he's someone we can count on to be an impact player again. I'm happy for him and looking forward to watching him get after people.
  12. Sounds like we're trading up, but if the top three or four defensive line players are gone in the first half-dozen picks, would TD still trade up to #8 for an OT? If we can't get one of the top defensive line players, I'm not sure I want to give up picks for an OT at #8. I'd probably go CB before OT if I were still going to pull the trigger and go up to #8. Sombrailo has not been ruled out as the starter, though he has little to no cred in TATF.
  13. I think we'll see the kind of intensity that Quinn's Seahawk defenses played with. Much the same as what we saw in 2016 after he took over from Richard Smith. As for last season, too many key players got injured. After they went out, there was only one word to describe our defense: besieged. Barring another epidemic of injuries to key players, this D will look and play with the ferocity we have been pining for to return since 2016.
  14. He's a brash pup, but you gotta love him. That learning is only going to come with more years on his odometer.
  15. Agree. This is going to be the most interesting draft the Falcons will have had up until this point other than their very first.
  16. LOL. At my age I don't even get that physically rigorous in my dreams. I get out of breath just riding up a steep hill on my motorcycle.