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  1. Yep. As Vick's receiver, you could either catch the ball, or be impaled by it. 😆
  2. Maybe practical to have players with that versatility to save a roster spot in some cases, but not necessarily optimal in terms of performance. Except in emergencies, you play people where they have the best chance of success, which is at their primary position.
  3. Terry Fontenot: "...We're not going to sacrifice 2022 and 2023 to be better in 2021..." "...We are going to draft based on best player available, we won't be afraid to build strength at a position...." So yes, I have a strong feeling the new regime goes QB. Then they will be ready after next year if it seems better financially to part with Ryan and go with his successor. While many will be upset with a QB at #4, many others who see Ryan as a liability at this point will jump back on the bandwagon. The one critical unknown in what they do at #4 is how well AS likes Kurt Benkert.
  4. I'm seriously geeked up myself. Fontenot is a great choice for us. Self-made, but with tutelage from Mickey Loomis. He's been a player, a scout, helped with game planning, a lot of years in the game, yet still young and full of energy and enthusiasm. Did I mention he also knows the ins and outs of every player and person of our most-hated rival? Just the intelligence our team will glean from his Saints connection is a very nice bonus. TF had been my GM choice from the get-go, so I been pumped about the new season since he came on board. As for Arthur Smith, the perfect HC to get Ryan
  5. At some point, we may all have to face the incredibly unlikely fact Blank and McKay nailed both hires.
  6. He's nothing but a blatant sham. The dude actually has a jet-pack strapped under his shoulder pads. 😆
  7. I'm assuming he has a very top-flight PR agent. 🤣
  8. I have a feeling Benkert is going to be among the players that get extra scrutiny by AS and TF. They would probably like nothing better than to find he's their ace in the hole for the QB succession situation.
  9. Should be an outstanding game. The Buc defense is extremely impressive if Brady can just continue to pull his weight. The media is not going to have to work very hard to generate hype for this one.
  10. I see what you're saying. If just about everybody else is playing, you probably should grow a pair and play too.
  11. We actually had the Chiefs on the ropes ourselves, at least at one point. The Bucs have a legit shot to win this SB. But, Mahomes might have a little somethin' waitin' for'em though. lol
  12. This moment in time is simply a job well done by the entire Bucs organization. They brought in Arians, dumped Jameis and went for broke by grabbing the GOAT. One more game and that's all she wrote. Would be only a tad ironic if Brady leads them to a SB in their own house for the first time that's ever been done. Things just seem to always go well for Brady, but the dude does a great job of staying in the flow. His legend is destined to only get more and more legendary. lol
  13. You KNOW that's going on. LaFleur's asz is probably about as hot as the surface of the sun right now from the heat. Haven't gone into their message board to look, but I would be willing to bet there's a serious meltdown in progress.
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