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  1. Seemed extremely odd that I would come down with the worst illness I've had in decades within three weeks or so of the first reports of a new virus coming out of the live-animal markets of China. There was no restriction on air travel up until late January, so there could have been some exposure to people living in Atlanta from China and those returning from China during that time. I may not have had it yet. If I do get it, hopefully there'll be plenty of hydroxychoroquine so it will be nothing but a few days in bed yakking on TATF.
  2. The virus has been public knowledge since late January. If it spreads like wildfire, why aren't all the hospitals overwhelmed already? Why aren't there 2 or 3 million cases of Covid 19 and 80,000 deaths in the US after two months of "poor leadership" instead of the actual 160,000 confirmed cases and 3,000 deaths?
  3. It really all just fell into place for me tonight reading everybody else's stories. I suddenly realized the same thing had happened to me. Now I honestly feel relieved, even though I'll still self-quarantine with the rest of the old folks.
  4. I truly believe now I had it. What I had laid me lower than any flu I ever had in my life before this. So sick, if somebody had told me I was going to die at the time I wouldn't have cared. lol. Hopefully I'm done with this vile ****. Hope everybody else in here comes out of this okay, no matter your political persuasion.
  5. This is blowing my mind. I was wondering today if any of us on here would get Covid-19. It's starting to look like a bunch of us have already had it and never knew what it was, only that it was a real-asz kicking flu bug.
  6. Reading this it dawned on me I had the worst case of flu I've had in 20 or 30 years a few months ago. Sick as a dog ~ and I rarely even get a cold. I had trouble breathing, plus every other flu symptom you can have. I had it for about two weeks and was absolutely deathly ill and miserable. It finally started to fade. It makes me wonder now if maybe that was part of the first wave of this virus.
  7. Exactly. So much spinning and manipulating going on with the liberal, agenda-driven media. They're a disgrace to journalism.
  8. The American media is the enemy of the American president and the American people, and they have indeed grown arrogant. “The opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself,” Sun Tzu wrote. Those of us who have been watching President Trump’s daily press briefings on the Covid19 virus have not been surprised at the appalling disrespect the reporters show the man. They have behaved this way since Trump became a candidate for the office of the presidency. As the world now grapples with this pandemic, each day the President and his team patiently explain to these people everything they know to date, and then he takes questions. Nearly every question is an attempt at a gotcha moment. They read part of a statement the President made, often an edited statement, then challenge him to defend that which needs no defense. He has defeated them, but they have yet to realize it. Our not-intrepid press corps nearly all operate on the premise that the President came late to the crisis when in fact he was on it from moment one, as soon as the truth of it emerged from China too late. The WHO, NIH and the CDC were each wholly unprepared, having spent their billions on social justice projects and studying drunk monkeys. Not one of those three agencies saw the virus as a potential pandemic; not in December nor January. Trump did. It is those institutions and the irresponsibility of previous administrations who bear the blame for the shortages of medical equipment and supplies, Gov. Cuomo in particular. But every question from this press corps is meant to impugn the President’s handling of this global event. They make fools of themselves day after day and are apparently too dim to realize that fact, so they show up the next day and embarrass themselves again. They ask questions that simply cannot be answered at this point. They ask for speculation then attack him for speculating. The President mentions a possible successful treatment and they denounce both him and the drug -- which has so far turned out to be very successful. No matter how many times he explains that the team is doing its very best to come up with appropriate guidelines as new data is revealed, they seem to think Trump should be able to answer the unanswerable. Like a cackle of hyenas, they shout at him, each asking the same questions over and over again. He patiently answers or has one of the virology experts present address the question, but no answer pleases them. Each one of them wants to catch him in a mistake so the clip of their question will go viral. But what has gone viral is the absolute inanity of these people and Trump’s restraint and aplomb before them. Most people could not, would not put up with such a despicable colony of weasels. Since the moment Trump became the candidate, the media set out to destroy him. They were overwhelmingly confident that they could do exactly that. They had always been successful in such endeavors before. From the Billy Bush tape, to the Russia collusion hoax, the Ukraine phone call, impeachment, and now this virus, they have not let up for one moment. But he has confounded them. “Do not repeat the tactics which have gained you one victory, but let your methods be regulated by the infinite variety of circumstances.” Sun Tzu. What is almost hilarious is that the media never learn from their many mistakes. He wins almost every time. He is most certainly winning this time. Many millions of Americans are watching these briefings and seeing firsthand just how rude and disrespectful most of the “reporters” in the room are. There may be a few who show respect and are interested in learning something. The rest are mere little yappy dogs trying to nip at Trump’s ankles and getting nowhere. He skillfully exposes them for who and what they are: ignorant and noxious. They want nothing more than to hurt the man who has handled this crisis far better and more aggressively than any other world leader. The fanatical media has more than demeaned itself, it has rendered itself irrelevant. Americans who are watching are disgusted by their obvious and relentless attacks on the man. No wonder the President’s approval ratings are climbing. We are seeing a man adept at solving problems and getting things done and watching the media that is a barrel of monkeys willing to destroy the country to take him down. Bill Maher has been wishing for a recession for a few years now. Our media defends China and tries to ruin their own President! What makes these briefings so entertaining is when the President calls them out for their dishonesty. He has a steel-trap mind and remembers what he has said. When they twist or edit his words, he knows it and humiliates them. But they seem not to realize they are being humiliated. President Trump has been teaching us all. It is only the men and women of the media who fail to learn. Donald Trump, as John Perazzo has written is a superb and unappreciated President. “Engage people with what they expect; it is what they are able to discern and confirms their projections. It settles them into predictable patterns of response, occupying their minds while you wait for the extraordinary moment — that which they cannot anticipate.” Sun Tzu This is that moment. Read more: Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook This post should be pinned at the top of the thread. Separates fact from bullshlt.
  9. The World Health Organization thinks otherwise....
  10. Exactly. Major league baseball owners and players have already agreed in principal to play at neutral sites, play as much of the regular season schedule as possible, play with no live crowd, etc. The NFL is going to do pretty much the same thing. Cancellation of the season is not happening.
  11. You're probably talking about hundreds of flights. You're going to divert every international flight through one treatment facility? C'mon, bro. You can't be serious. Logistically impossible on that kind of scale. Problem people don't understand is you can't just turn everything off and/or lock everything down or give everybody a test over night no matter who you are.
  12. Such a big item on your list to just totally drop it. The meat is possibly viral, but I'm thinking those bat wings are probably still good to go, bro.
  13. Yup, Coronavirus also from bats is just way more contagious.
  14. It could be very bad here because this virus is highly contagious, unlike the last nasty flu bug SARS. It's going to run its course through the populace, and a lot of people aren't going to make it. The financial consequences are also looming larger and larger by the day.
  15. Arrrgggghhhh. My coffee-sprayed key board and monitor say Dam YOU for that!