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  1. Pop Quiz: Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome is the definition of .... jus messin with ya
  2. Exactly. You're having fun and your team is 2-4. You better chill out and start embracing the suck.
  3. I highly doubt any opponent of the Falcons has bothered to monitor a Dan Quinn press conference in hope of gaining any actionable info since two weeks after he took over as HC.
  4. When archaeologists are trying to figure out what Quinn was actually saying way back centuries ago in 2018, they'll always get it backwards... unless they're lucky enough to find a LOLsetta Stone to interpret it for them...
  5. Great news! He'll make an immediate impact! Oh, wait...
  6. It's because for the majority of his career he's had to endure constant pressure, a lot of hits and sacks because his OL has been terrible to downright abysmal. I'm sure he don't like it, but he's dang sure used to it and he keeps getting the job done anyway.
  7. Matt Ryan is a very solid, consistent QB, but without the elite play-calling of his genius OC, he'd be struggling to pass for 100 yards per game. /purp
  8. Five words ~ Not Ready For Prime Time.
  9. I understand if you pick someone high and then learn they flat out suck. You really don't want to show the world what a moron you were by letting them walk, but continuing to play them and pretending they don't suck looks even more moronic. The big picture is winning football games and staying employed. You have to take the heat, man up, correct your mistake and put the best players you possibly can out on the field on Sundays. I've said this many times before ~ No Sacred Cows! Except for Mattie Ice of course.
  10. And he's quick as a cat. He really sees everything and he's ready to come at you with two counter-moves if the first one doesn't break your ankles. It's a little early maybe, but yeah I can see him as the No. 1 back and Teco the off-back or scat back in our offense. Hope Quinn/Sark give him a shot at it just to see what he can do.
  11. Agree. They knew they were not going to have both Free and Teco going forward. That pick is looking pretty awesome right about now.
  12. Nothing boosts morale like a W. Should put a little more optimism up in here going forward to Monday's game.
  13. Well when you have a play that is as effective as that one, you gotta make it your go-to. lulz
  14. Both these announcers can Kiss my arse.
  15. Their OL only had him around the neck in a headlock. Couldn't call that holding. loooooool