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  1. But we only do it for all those posters who live for the opportunity to come back with, "Oh, chill," or "Relax," or "The Sky Isn't Falling," or "You're full of crap and you know it!"
  2. Simple solution: When you drive the QB into the ground, make dog-gone sure he is done for the rest of the afternoon so you get solid value for your PF penalty.
  3. Agree. We can use one more rusher and Shaq Lawson would fit nicely with our DL. Only 24, a Clemson guy, with good speed and explosive. I'd love to see it happen.
  4. The NFL obviously has no clue they've reached a critical tipping point with the fan base. A mass exodus is possible whether they believe it or not. One more stupid rule change which makes the games completely unwatchable like this might do the trick.
  5. Bucky Brooks has his opinion on Matt Ryan, but the guy who writes the checks, the guy who handles the player contracts and the head coach of the Falcons think of him as a franchise QB and pay him as such. That's good enough for me.
  6. I admit trying for a little levity occasionally as well, but it's a tough crowd up in here. You think you're rolling then something gets taken wrong and they turn on you like a pack of starving wolverines.
  7. Most of us can accept there are differing but valid points of view, but then you have the TATF Mafioso, and if you don't agree with them, don't you come around here...
  8. I was being sarcastic basically asking why we was he the guy in the booth calling formations if that was all he was contributing. Sorry you misunderstood.
  9. I'm over-simplifying what the OC actually does? LOL. Okay. You just said the same things I did. Knapp's play-calling experience is a key to Sark making effective play calls with these critical observations that can be exploited rather than the random, scatter-shot play-calling we saw from Sark last year when he was operating without Knapp. It will take both of them. It doesn't matter to me who gets the credit, all I want is for this offense to perform at its peak.
  10. I'm trying to understand how Knapp having play-calling experience is helping if he's just relaying the defensive formations to the sideline because that's all he has time to do. Is Knapp the only coach we have on the roster who can quickly identify defensive formations and relay that to the field so that we have the benefit of both our OC and our QB coach on the side line? I understand that Quinn is standing by Sark, despite the really intense criticism from people who didn't like the hire among the national sports media, not just a handful of posters on this message board. I'm okay with him being loyal to his choice for the OC post at least through this season. I'm also more than okay with Quinn bringing in an experienced QB coach and former play-caller to assist Sark in doing a better job as an NFL OC. What I don't understand is the outrage at the suggestion that Knapp might actually be helping with play-calling and game-planning. Isn't that why he was hired? I'm like the sane individuals in this thread with no axe to grind one way or another, who don't give a rusty red rat's rectum who calls the plays or whether they're called from the field, the booth or the moon as long as it works and this offense can perform as we all know it can.
  11. I watched the video. Quinn mentioned they were working together and alluded to Knapp's experience as a QB coach and a play-caller as being "helpful" which could pretty easily be construed to mean it's a collaborative effort. If Knapp was simply relaying defensive formations and Sark was doing all the play-calling, I couldn't be happier. I don't have anything against Sark, other than what I would have against any player, coach or FO guy who was not going to help get this team a Lombardi Trophy. If Sark can re-ignite this offense and get us a SB win, I say let's give him a lifetime contract.
  12. Kinda the same feeling I get regarding the insolent, over-blown, arrogant faux-elitists on this board and their comical delusions of grandeur.
  13. That Austin Hooper TD was different man.... I like what im seeing from Sarknapp ... fixed.
  14. Funny how obviously improved was the energy, creativity and flow of the offense in that first series. Now we know why. Hope and pray this is a concept that is embraced and used henceforth.
  15. Definitely agree. I don't understand why people are so huffy about questions concerning how we've looked so far when our preseason games have not in any way validated our preconceptions about the talent and depth of this football team. A lot of weak, sloppy, disorganized, penalty-riddled play and not much else so far, and a lot more of all that than we've seen from the opposing teams. No, wins and losses don't count against your record, but they give a pretty good indication of how your reserves match up to those of opposing teams. In this second preseason game we were treated to a better showing by the first team offense and defense, but our reserves were not competitive in either game. Completely over-matched comes to mind. To me that is worrisome. Losing the games is one thing, not even being competitive takes it to a little more serious level of fail. The plain fact is our scrubs have looked lost and have gotten abused. I would hope none of these players who have contributed to us looking like a junior college team after the starters go out don't end up on the final roster.