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  1. Koetter's next OC job will be Office Clerk. 😂
  2. Such a miserable twist of fate his unbelievable catch to set the Falcons up for a certain FG didn't turn out to be the play of the game and make him SB MVP. But no matter. Julio Jones has earned a permanent place in the hearts of Falcon Nation as a player and as a person of character and class.
  3. Yep. Going for it on 4th and 10 deep in his own end early in the 4th quarter when he's only down by four points was pure Quinn Ball. But the whole game was a clown show with his coaching. McCarthy's tenure as Cowgirls HC looks like it could be incredibly short-lived.
  4. Yep. Those chances were slim at best considering the schedule, mental state of the team, DK as his OC, etc., etc. Now a complete purge of the coaching staff from top down is virtually assured. Hats off to Raheem though. He's got the drive to succeed. Hope he gets another HC shot sometime in the future with better odds than he had here.
  5. Exactly. I had hopes Morris could be the HC, but this game bore an uncanny, teeth-gritting resemblance to Dan Quinn coaching. Maybe this game wasn't all Morris's fault, maybe everybody had a really bad day on the same day. But that's not the kind of performance you can survive as a fill-in HC. That kind of performance can be duplicated by any fan in the stands free of charge. That kind of performance will keep you out of the play-offs for decades. Whatever the reason, this team wasn't prepared to play. Anyone still harboring hope for Morris or this team or anything positive from this
  6. https://thefalconswire.usatoday.com/gallery/falcons-vs-saints-10-takeaways-atlanta-new-orleans-week-11-nfl-recap/amp/ Dirk Koetter's play-calling was stale, predictable, awful Koetter has never been a fan favorite, but he hasn't been the biggest issue this season. On Sunday, though, the offense was far and away the biggest problem. The play calls were questionable, the route concepts made little sense at times, and the offense simply couldn't adapt to the Saints' pass rush. Julio Jones or not, there is enough talent to score more than nine points against New Orleans.
  7. They look like Tarzan, but play like f***** Jane.
  8. Raheem was the benefactor of that old "Dead Cat Bounce" when a team temporarily looks better after a coaching change, then quickly settles back into an equal or even worse rut when the new wears off.
  9. Your non-confidence was instinctive, and extremely prophetic. After this clown show today I'm not sure if this team has another win in them this season.
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