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  1. True. I'm sure the bean-counters were really talking it up and probably at that point in time it seemed like free money. Wonder how this some seats are PSL'd and some seats aren't is going to go over.
  2. Yep. Atlanta does not have the rabid, win-or-lose-we'll-be-there type fan base you could dump expensive PSL's on without suffering the inevitable consequences. In terms of profitability and public relations, this was an epic twin fail that will leave permanent scars on both owner and fans alike.
  3. That was then, bro. This is 2021 and his cap hit is now more than double the figure you're referencing. So, going forward, his cap hit is now a huge dent in our cap space and a huge detriment to getting an elite team around him. As for the team sucking because of piss poor team building regardless of what Ryan's salary was in the past few years, I agree.
  4. Sounds like trying to bail out a boat that has a large hole in the bottom.
  5. I don't know for sure either, but that sounds like it could be right. Still, with an isolated event like this past season, and plenty of increased revenues in the offing with all the new tv and streaming deals being done even now, there should be some way for the NFL to adjust this huge cap reduction and spread it out to prevent what's happening to these veteran players.
  6. I don't see how the player's union is letting the owners get away with cutting the cap by $18m this year. The pandemic isn't the player's fault, yet they are being put in the lurch because teams can't keep their vets and stay within the lower cap. The NFL needs to bring the cap up to a $190m minimum and amortize the owner's losses over the next few years. This is ridiculous.
  7. Agree. Not much of a chance for a young QB to succeed when they go to a team where the entire organization is a perennial loser constantly struggling to become competitive. Comes with the territory for top QB picks. Also immaturity can doom a young QB, like the disaster that was Manziel.
  8. I was talking about the analysts correctly guessing the draft order, not making any prediction about how the QB's would perform after the draft. Sorry if that was confusing.
  9. Yeah I saw that. I've decided he's just trying to be different.
  10. Another situation where Matt Ryan is a true professional and has never exhibited one hint of ego to the media, or made a single selfish demand of the Falcons since he walked in the door.
  11. Even crazier how on draft day most are going to be proven 99% wrong. 🤣
  12. Who said it was Matt Ryan's fault? It doesn't even matter who is at fault. The reality is Matt's got the second-highest cap hit in the entire NFL. The Saints nor Packers, nor any other NFL team has put themselves in a greater cap hole at QB than the Falcons are in right now.
  13. It is intriguing to consider the offensive firepower with JJ, Rid, Chase and Hurst along with Gage and OZ as backups. With Smith calling the plays, you gotta be thinking 30+ points p/game. Won't need a top ten D if you can average that much, just decent will get'er done.
  14. I can't imagine Payton being able to handle the wild ups and downs of Jameis after having Brees running the show for so many years. I predict he has to up his meds intake significantly this coming season.
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