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  1. And speaking of which, is there even one coach on this staff that doesn't suck? Who are the guys, if any, who would get snapped up by other teams if they got axed by us this off-season? Just curious.
  2. Agree. Sanu is very dependable, but I'm not sure he's indispensable.
  3. If they don't make at least one big FA move, then Quinn and Lucytroff gonna have some splain'in to do.
  4. Yeah, with the right coach you can win a league championship in just two years. Imagine that! I know. I can't either!
  5. Yep. I'm sure Blank would like this Quinn-TD regime to last for decades and stability does have its place. But the fan base is starting to turn on Quinn. If/when the fans finally do throw in the towel on him and MBS starts looking like even more of a ghost barn, Blank will have no choice but to fire him.
  6. One simple reason ~ to protect the owners from themselves.
  7. I thought I had noticed a definite up-tick in his play of late. lol. The less he plays the better he is. Oh, da ironing.
  8. Blank isn't going to fire Quinn after giving him and TD 3-year contract extensions a few months ago. However, he is unlikely to survive another season in which the team plays as sloppy and uninspired as it has over the last month.
  9. Addressing this from being a mostly-animated corpse, I can vouch for there being some value in reanimated corpses ~ if they knew what they were doing before sliding into corpse status.
  10. Agree with you Mathis is not all that likely to throw shade at the OC of his former team. There is no possible way Sark, even after a couple of seasons of OJT, could match what Kubiak would bring to the OC position here, especially with our talent level on offense.
  11. The Falcons under Arthur Blank have really shown tremendous heart and class in the way they've reached out to just about every corner of the local Atlanta area and beyond to show they care, including this single family and their school football team. That's an aspect of this club we can all be proud of, regardless of how things are going on the field.
  12. Nevah gonna know. He's reached Sacred Cow status.
  13. Agree. He was one of the best in the NFL. Tragic to lose a person so beloved by his family and by the world so early. RIP and prayers to his family.
  14. The last line I saw has us favored by 9 over the Cardinals. After our last five games averaging about 16 points a game to have us favored by 9 says this Cards team has descended to levels of fail only seen by the Browns recently.
  15. No problem, they're still sure to falcon, which is the same thing with a more realistic, genuine home-cooked flavor.