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  1. So basically a group of millionaires kneeling in a show of disrespect to the flag and for the hundreds of thousands of people who died to preserve it is more respectful than going out ON THEIR OWN TIME and USING THEIR OWN MONEY to actually tackle the problem(s) in an effective way instead of a completely non-productive, divisive, anti-American way. Got it.
  2. Oh, come on. Next you'll be telling me that YOU are a genuine patriot.
  3. The two questions are not comparable or compatible. Any perceived lack of concern/disrespect for social injustice by me, which is a complete lie, but if I'm to be the example, what I do or think does not equal the impact of the disrespect of dozens of millionaire football players insulting the flag in front of millions of people world-wide on national television. However, if I totally lacked concern for social injustice, that doesn't begin to do as much damage or close the minds of those who you want to get your message across to as the athletes kneeling. You do see that, don't you?
  4. Oh, burnnnnnn. lol. That's some weak sauce for a comeback, even for a mental midget like yourself, bruh. Step up your game or we gonna have to call for a replacement troll. Just a friendly warning.
  5. Nobody I know of is in favor of unarmed citizens being gunned down by police and not being punished. Now tell me again what the hel that has to do with disrespecting the flag in front of millions of people? I'm not getting the automatic connection you want to be there.
  6. Yeah, like you've distinguished yourself from the pack. lol. No, you are mistaken, as always ~ you were, are and always will be the epic whiny bish. Wear those wadded up panties with pride, Felicia. Never let'em see your tears.
  7. You're "amazed" how people don't understand your point of view, because you're still falling back into that illogical argument that insulting the flag on national television is a proper and even great way to protest something. Still wrong. lol That idea has failed to further any just cause, but it has knocked the NFL to its knees in terms of losing millions of former loyal fans in just a couple of weeks. Take the anti-American part of the protest out ~ like for instance going with most or all of the suggestions Roger Goodell put out in his memo ~ ways and means by which true discussion and actual progress could be made to redress these issues of injustice, and I and most other people angry right now will be in full support.
  8. The whole world is angry. I just want to be like everybody else.
  9. Meh. I have a question for you before I start answering your questions. When you looked around and saw you were about a 3 in a world of 8's, 9's and 10's, did it make you feel bitter? Also, did your parents try to explain to you why you had to ride the short bus back and forth to school?
  10. Better lemming than moron puppet libber dbag loser scumbag pond-scum licking whiny bish. your turn.
  11. Beginning in 2018, in California, if you are a healthcare provider and you knowingly call someone by the wrong gender pronoun, you will be subject to harsher penalties than if you have sex with someone and don't disclose to them you have HIV. Liberalism is a mental illness.
  12. but sarcasm lol. Next thing you heist should probably be a brain.
  13. Oh noes. Someone called me a Fascist faketriot in an online forum. my life and reputation is destroyed.