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  1. I do remember those early Smith years. He was excited about establishing some impressive regular-season winning records as a rookie HC for a team so bad, they'd never even had back-to-back winning seasons in almost half a decade of play. I don't know how much of a toll his heart condition took on him. I'm sure it took a lot of energy from him, but even before this medical issue, a sad but harsh reality had begun to dawn on the Falcon players and fans, and I'm sure the GM and owner as well: 1.) Mike Smith did not know how to prepare a team for post-season play, and 2.) His philosophy of playing mistake-free football and waiting for the other team to give the game away really only works against teams that suck. Most play-off teams don't suck, so the Falcons were literally wandering around waiting and hoping for breaks and mistakes that never came. So I think his health, along with the abysmal play-off record, drained the last of Smith's fire. Will that happen to Dan Quinn at some point? It's possible he could have health issues, because a pro football HC's job is a breeding ground for stress, sleeplessness, poor diet and constant separation from family. It's an emotional roller-coaster than you can't get off until you get fired, which is almost guaranteed to happen sooner or later. But Dan Quinn is not Mike Smith. He has a pedigree of winning big games rather than losing them. Perhaps he will also be better at handling the stress, as he has so far proven to be better than Mike Smith at every other facet of being a HC. Nothing lasts forever, but right now we as fans are looking at the beginning of what will likely be the best seasons of Falcon football that will ever be played. No need to worry about the future. It's time to enjoy the fun and excitement of what is happening right now.
  2. Honestly you have to feel good for a guy who works as hard and is as willing to coach up the guys coming after his job, but I'm still really glad it's some other team putting him out there at starting MLB.
  3. The Falcons will do everything they can to accommodate Free and his agent, but if said agent draws a line in the sand and refuses to work with the team, then Free will be playing somewhere else very soon. If any one player is bigger than the rest of the team at contract time, that player is Matt Ryan, not Devonta Freeman.
  4. Long ago and far away, no, actually it was right here, there were a group of fans who had the courage to speak out against the status quo. Fans who dared to post threads which pointed out the warts and freckles, who refused to settle for a winning regular-season record as the best this team could accomplish. Quickly the "rebels" who refused to wear the rose-colored homer glasses and drink the Homer Zombie Kool-Aide were labeled as bad fans, trolls in the guise of Falcon fans. Those malcontents banded together proudly into what I named, "Group 2", with the renowned and illustrious Gritz as president. What began as the ugly duckling TATF red-headed step-child splinter group quickly gained the loyalty of all the best and smartest and most forward-thinking, best-looking and coolest TATF posters. It turned out there were more posters who weren't satisfied with just having some regular winning seasons and then getting our azzes ripped apart in the play-offs than there were posters who just were glad whenever the Falcons even won a game against a bottom-feeder team. The movement to re-establish the goal of winning a Super Bowl spread from TATF to the rest of the ATL. Mike Smith was given a warm, sincere thanks, then fired. Dimitroff got himself some help. Then he got some more help. Then Blank decided to go for broke with a brilliant, young rookie HC with SB pedigree. With its goal of change and a new, golden era of Falcon football clearly visible on the horizon, Group II could finally stand down, its members now able to rest and enjoy what they had sought from the beginning. So you don't hear from Group II now, but its members are still there, quietly waiting until the Falcons and their fans need another wake-up call to never, ever settle for anything less than a Lombardi Trophy effort from the FO to the ball-boys, to us TATF posters, so help us gawd.
  5. You're officially in. You definitely fit the elite Group II profile ~ loyal, intelligent, handsome, charismatic, yet still compassionate when dealing with the more common, less together folks of Group I.
  6. Ryan's ready. The team is able. Look out boys, we gonna run the table.
  7. He was dead on the money. And he used that d-y-n-a-s-t-y word that scares the be-jesus out of people in here when they see or hear it used to describe the Falcons' future.
  8. The Dirty Bird D is going to be dealing out some pain and anguish big-time over the next five to 10 years. Our poor, wretched NFC South rivals better prepare for a long, long stretch fighting for Wild Card scraps and crumbs.
  9. Edible? (I'm a marketing guy at heart.)
  10. I'd be on board with that. At least see if that works better than turning the NFL into an over-priced lingerie league. Definitely worth a try.
  11. Agree. The league has already seen the handwriting on the wall and has been steadily attacking the physicality of the game with stringent penalties to try to cut down on the mayhem. This will continue, perhaps even at an accelerated pace if more of these studies become public placing even more pressure on the NFL. The end result will be some form of two-hand touch or flag football, in all likelihood featuring even less physical contact than today's soccer matches. How that sells with the public is the big question. If there's not enough blood and guts, the public may lose interest. With it's main attraction excised from the sport and discredited, the multi-billion dollar league could find itself broke and dying, nothing more than a distasteful anachronism.
  12. They can afford to give him plenty of time to heal, even though it will probably kill him to wait even one micro-second beyond when he thinks he's ready.