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  1. I'm okay with whoever wins all of these battles. May the best men win and ball out.
  2. Happy Birthday and Happy Papa's Day @Big_Dog @JohnnyFranchise @MoFalconsFan56!
  3. The Good Lord blessed her nose with a temporary relapse so she could enjoy Nawlins. 🤣
  4. Tell him we fans still love him, will forever cherish our memories of his days as our QB and hope he's doing fantastic today.
  5. Happy Father's Day everybody! I have the best son in the world. Smart, handsome, a caring husband, a pillar of the community. Obviously he took after his mom, but I harbor no resentment!
  6. He had 72 receptions for almost 800 yards last season. The guy can get open and catch the ball. I fully expect he will continue to do so when given the chance this season.
  7. And we ended up with both together. That's like when two recessive genes combine and you get a gnat that flies upside down and backwards. 🤣
  8. he gone. 'troffed, Dirked or Q'ed, or perhaps all three.
  9. I understand. Long time ago, the 70's. I got a divorce in '72 or '73. Now what was that chick's name? lol
  10. What tf does what happened last year have anything to do with this year? Completely different coaching staff, GM and roster turn-over of a lot of the players responsible for the W-L record last year. You want to make a bet on the Saints vs us this year? Or you just trolling? Put some money where your mouth is n00b.
  11. Handles his position like a champion and makes the guys around him better. Definitely a pillar.
  12. I would hope we are the team with the best chance of winning the division if the Sucs fizzle this year. The Panthers are starting a suspect QB, Saints are entering the post-Breese era so their offense isn't going to be able to hang with ours. We need to beat the Sucs at their house on Sept. 19th to serve notice on Brady and the whole NFC South bunch the Falcons are back. If we win that game, it's on like Donkey Kong.
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