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  1. okay, I gotcha now.
  2. He's not in a "rare class of talent?" I think you're probably one of the few people on the planet that would make that rather banal observation of his level of talent. It's rare, Larry. Most every other WR can not carry Julio's jock strap.
  3. He's got the size and athleticism to have a break-out year and gain some league-wide recognition. I hope it doesn't put him out of our cap range. I haven't been keeping score regarding all the potential departures the Falcons might experience over the next few years because of cap problems, but it seems we probably need to make something happen this year or next year or we're looking at a Seattle SeaHog type of star player exodus and the danger of a descent back toward mediocrity.
  4. Yep. They're concerned about thievery ~ and with good reason.
  5. Way back when I worked at the state surplus property warehouse I had to pass the Krispy Kreme in west End and you could smell those tasty hot donuts for at least two blocks before you got there. Very rarely was I able to pass by without stopping for a dozen donuts. Needless to say I was rated "Most Valuable Co-Worker by my peers the entire time I worked there.
  6. The sad truth, but Matt earned his new deal. Julio has not and is out of line with this and with all the Social Media Falcon Erase crap. He's no longer that great, yet humble WR that was all about the team and not all about himself. And with his fragility and the less-than-spectacular stats from last year, this new attitude about his contract is even more contemptuous. And on the other side of the coin, (pardon the pun) despite his billions Blank has foibles just like the rest of us mere mortals. Pledging undying love and devotion to Julio in public at this moment in time was way over the top, even if well-intended.
  7. Pretty amazing considering he "rounds off his routes." Guess that works great in college, huh? Too bad he's not still there where he was a productive WR.
  8. That sounds significant, but what about the big picture? What is our win-loss record with Julio out compared to when he's playing? Are we losing almost every game he misses, or does it even seem to matter? If we're losing almost every game he misses, then better bow down, kiss his ring and pay the man his money.
  9. 'troffed. Put him on a bus.
  10. "Screwy Dewey" McLain? Also, if our first owner had been just one-tenth as good at his job as our first draft pick was at his, we'd have a case full of Lombardi Trophies by now.
  11. I can't. He'll report me to the A.M.A. Secret Storm Troopers and I'll be liquidated as a subversive.