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  1. I would imagine this is just what Dimitroff has written on his office chalk board in response to those exact questions. KOG doing some remote viewing.
  2. 'troffed.
  3. I understand your concern about the trenches. As I said, I think Quinn, TD and the FO are probably equally aware that we were not good on either side of the ball. I think they will come up with some players who will exceed the production of last year's OL and DL. I especially think the DL will play better with Quinn in direct control of the defense. Maybe you're right and the team will ignore the trenches and we'll be bottom of the league again in pass rush stats. Judging by the overall improvement in the quality of the roster under Quinn and TD compared to prior years, I'm going to assume they'll come up with players that will be an improvement. Maybe a substantial improvement along the DL.
  4. Agree. He's a great fit and team mate. I think he will be willing to take less to stay with the Brotherhood.
  5. They were too wrapped up in their assumptions and expectations to see this coming and the shock cut like a knife.
  6. That's all I needed to hear. Bring'em home, TD!
  7. Yeah, I would expect him to beast if he goes to a team with a decent OL.
  8. To get Ford, Wilkins AND Simmons?!?? That would be mind-boggling. Just adding those 3 players alone would probably translate to an extra 3 wins per year for the next half-decade. Maybe even an armload of Lombardi's.
  9. I thnk you're being over pessimistic, bro. We got Neal, Debo, Kazee, Crawford, Irvine, Means who can be key contributors. There are going to be some impact players on the FA market that will be within the Falcon's budget. Quinn and the FO may not pick the right players in FA and the draft to fix our trenches, but I'm sure they aren't going to ignore it. One of the first things Quinn said after the Bucs game was we only had 2 OL that could be counted on. A blunt comment which showed he's not happy with that area of the team.
  10. Exactly what I was thinking.
  11. Coming to a team that has a franchise QB, top-3 WR, elite RB, all with SB experience which appears poised to make another deep play-off run, I see this staff coming together to get that SB ring. They will mesh, find their most productive individual roles and help this mostly-young team gain confidence to win in the key games this season. After some dubious choices over the past couple seasons, Quinn really upped his game with this new coaching staff. Arrow is definitely pointing up.
  12. No Sacred Cows! .....mostly.
  13. They've already promised Julio they'd make him happy. No leverage remaining after that statement. lol. Vic's agent will be playing up the former Sack Leader credentials and Vic's still young age to get him up over $10m per. As to Grady's contract, I agree he can and will get his big up-front bonus and stretch out the rest to ease the CAP crunch.
  14. And throw in a nice, roomy trophy case to go with it. Their other one is full.