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  1. Sad, but I ride every day and I'd much rather die out on my bike doing something I love than waste away in a hospital or nursing home. I bet he felt the same way. Much sympathy to his family though for sure.
  2. Remember when we were all excited because Blank was bringing in a new HC who was a Defensive guru with a SB championship under his belt to pull our D up from the sewer to Top Five in the NFL? Good times.
  3. Loved it. I think the only difference between a mini-hype video and a maxi-hype is just adding about another 10 minutes of the same good stuff.
  4. If the Falcons do finally win a SB, we HAVE to get together and celebrate. Doesn't have to be some fancy place, just someplace where we can lift a glass and exchange dumbfounded looks of shock and relief and commit appropriate outlandish behaviors.
  5. Yeah, if offensive wizardry was T-bone steak, Koetter would be like beef jerky or Spam.
  6. Thanks, bro! It was excellent! I'm truly blessed to still be above ground, still healthy, still active, still have total recall, at least of the last half-hour or so, and who the hale cares about what happened before then?!
  7. Thanks, bro. It's been great, thanks in large part to all my buds on here. Speaking of which, it feels like it's time for another Bud.
  8. Yep. We're not going to be just better, but hella better with these guys in the mix.
  9. I love it when you tell these big lies on the interwebz! Thanks, brother!
  10. I think a sense of humor is essential when you get my age, because everything else has gone down the toilet never to return. lol. Yep Tim's got a great sense of humor, but don't forget @Papachaz.
  11. lmao. okay. I'll give you another 45 seconds
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