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  1. Confucius say, Last pick in draft better than sharp stick poked in eye...or something to that affect.
  2. Exactly.
  3. I had a hard choice between using that or "brain science"....
  4. Meh. It's not rocket surgery. The drops are purely on the receivers. There are only a finite number of "tips" that you can give a guy on how to catch a football. The entire tutorial would probably last about three minutes max. Receivers have to remove their heads from their rear ends and look the football into their hands.
  5. Yeah our average starting position was usually in the shadow of our own goal posts. Huge impediment to getting points.
  6. NFL coaching cronyism. They all try to keep everybody employed.
  7. I think he's up to the challenge.
  8. Sad to say, but I think Freeman getting another concussion is very probable. You may not be able to keep Teco, but you definitely have to have somebody who can step in and make some consistent, above-average ypc for you. I just don't think that guy is Terron Ward.
  9. Agree. Good article. I went back and gave it a like myself.
  10. This thread deteriorated with exceptional speed, even for TATF.
  11. Looking forward to seeing who TD and Quinn come up with to upgrade these two positions. Their off-season acquisitions have mostly been spot on.
  12. This year's line wasn't the same as last year. Plus, there were injuries that hurt the consistency this year. But Sark was admittedly not ready for prime time you're right. P.S. Like the draft Slappy. That would be an excellent draft class to address our needs and add some playmakers.
  13. Agree. He's got 10,000 miles of ground to cover to get up to NFL speed this off-season. I wish him a lot of luck because I think he's going to need it.