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  1. I didn't even know it would be possible to bring him in. If he came to the Falcons, I could see him turning a new leaf and becoming a good team mate and player. No doubt he would really beef up our back end to almost double shutdown level. If I were Quinn and TD, I'd have to at least think about it. He could actually be the difference in the Falcons getting to the SB, or even the Falcons winning the SB. You can't just nonchalantly blow that off.
  2. Do you still have the long hair and beard like we see in the stained glass windows?
  3. I gotta admit, I'll be watching them this year to see how well they do. Be a tad weird to meet them in the NFCCG.
  4. Absolutely. He's an impact player for sure.
  5. This team, the coaches and the guys on this defense appear to be creating exactly the kind of environment he's been looking for to play his best football. He is a force to be reckoned with. We need to lock him up ASAP.
  6. No problem. Thanks for the incredible articles. Looking forward to next week's.
  7. Y'all are still brothers, bro. In a quantum sense, there is no real separation. Y'all still together in spirit ~ with all the rest of us in Dirty Bird Nation. We fuss sometimes, but we all love our Falcons and together some day we're going to get our Lombardi Trophy dammit.
  8. With our DL suddenly showing some ferocity and push, we're already seeing more turnovers. I feel very confident we'll continue trending up the rest of the season as everybody gets more reps together.
  9. Well said. These fines should be split among all the players or just paid by the team. Our WR's get more abuse and fewer PI calls than anybody else in the league. Ryan takes more abuse with few PI calls than most other QB's. Fines or no fines, you have to fight fire with fire and defend your teammates. I sincerely hope we finish out the year playing just as brutally physical as the Eagles game, win, lose or draw. Or even financially expensive.
  10. He might have a 0.0 CB rating, but he just can't seem to make interceptions. Oh, wait...
  11. Just picked up this bad boy:
  12. Watching that catch again, I can understand how the zebra didn't believe there was any way in hel that Julio managed to keep the ball off the turf. The dude makes catches that are so dam freaky they look like optical illusions.
  13. Indeed. Sometimes it's better to go with a...Takk-0 than a taco. sorry.