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  1. Again right now just not a need. Too many other spots to be concearned about. Andre Roberts is the guy we want, could end up being are #2 quickly. He and Roddy on either side of the ball would be scary and makes things easier for are rb's. This is a quote from the bleacher scouting report on him.... "Roberts can change gears and beat his man, gaining 644 of his 1,334 yards after the catch as a junior. He is quick to uncover and even quicker to separate on short patterns. He shows exceptional ability to get open deep, displaying that superb speed needed to take the ball to the house…" VOTE Y
  2. no way.....just not a priority, say yes though to Andre Roberts WR from Citadel. He is crazy fast, and yards after catch are amazing man can make some moves.
  3. Ready to roll into 2010..

  4. If if happens Pitt. trades out with the 49ers., cause the other teams won't budge on their operating standards of what they want for their pick. At 13 the 49ers are still low enough to make it worth while, and for the 49ers its a instant upgrade. They give up a #1 for a proven super bowl winner, Coach Mike can stay on his A$$. The 49ers still have the 17th pick in the 1st round. So they give a 1st (#13) and a 6th rd pick. Then with the 17th they can prolly still draft Joe Haden from florida, pick up some quality OT or OG in the later rounds. Maybe, get a steal in Toby Gerhart RB from Stanford
  5. Why Safety, because we got Robinson, Grimes and Jackson improved and if they continue to develop the way they are they could be good. Safety is a position that we lack in, DeCoud was okay, Coleman sucked, and we have not seen Moore since he got injured (i do hope that he rehabs and comes back shows his spark). Now, you add Rolle who can lock things down, be a threat to get to the qb, support are weak corner. If Moore comes on strong, then watch out two strong safeties, a greact cb in Robinson and now Chevis and Grimes coming along, filter that with Brian Williams and our backfield is looking g
  6. 1st rd Seant Weathersponn olb from Mizzou - Alot has been said on this guy so I am not going to short clip says it all: http://www.strimoo.com/video/16347572/Sean-Weatherspoon-sack-Veoh.html 3rd rd Matt Tennant C Boston College - Solid player who will hold up the line for years to come and knows Matty-Ice 3rd rd Myron Rolle S Florida State - Smart Guy "we all know that", I went to a lot of FSU games, and he is just sick on the field 4th rd Andre Roberts WR Citadel - Lets face it Jenkins is okay, Finn., well he is getting any younger, so we have to look to the future and Harry douglas looks to
  7. Thats quality....lol Al Davis would probably do something crazy close to that.
  8. You are correct sir.... I give it till about 1/2 time of the first regular season game b4 it goes all out on the message boards
  9. my bad, just found it.....hopefully we can sign them to long term deals
  10. FLOWERY BRANCH - Atlanta Falcons defensive end Chauncey Davis and punter Michael Koenen both signed tender offers from the team on Monday.Last season, Davis recorded 38 tackles (26 solo) while contributing with a career-high two sacks and one fumble recovery. The three-year veteran recorded his best game in a Week 15 match-up against Tampa Bay when he registered a season-high four tackles and one sack. Koenen finished the season averaging 46.0 yards per punt, including 30 kicks placed inside the 20-yard line. Koenen also held kickoff duties and totaled 13 touchbacks on 63 kicks.
  11. Briggs didn't get one till this year, and I venture to say by the end of this season Boley will have a long term contract.. point taken. Just thought we might sign him long term to get it over with. Thats what I wanted to...but, who knows maybe they want to see what he does this year and if he flops they move on....but i think the way he has progressed over the past years will continue and we will be paying him big money to stay...
  12. Briggs didn't get one till this year, and I venture to say by the end of this season Boley will have a long term contract..
  13. none the less it gives us time....and i'm sure it will happen
  14. Falcons LB Boley signs tender offerBy Jay Adams - jadams@macon.comAtlanta Falcons linebacker Michael Boley signed a tender offer from the team Wednesday, according to a news release sent by the team. Last season, Boley recorded a career-high in tackles (125) while adding three sacks, seven passes defensed and two interceptions. He led the Falcons in double-digit tackle performances while setting a career-high 17 stops at Tennessee in Week 5. Against the Indianapolis Colts seven weeks later, the three-year veteran linebacker dropped Colts quarterback Peyton Manning three times in the first half
  15. I really don't think so. This signing would strictly be a depth signing, and nothing more IMO. I agree. this is a depth thing, he is not our next superstar.....he will be a backup...
  16. I'm not a tech fan or flowers fan but he is faster in game then ... just check this out..
  17. no, I see Jake Long if he there and if not a trade....
  18. somehow i don't think you are remotely qualified to know what we need in our new scheme. And no, MADDEN DOES NOT COUNT! While i agree mostly with what you are saying.....as far as qualified, all you have to be is a FAN...... If your a NFL coach then you would surely be qualified, and hopefully not posting here....because fans post here not professionals
  19. I am not a tech fan, but watched several games last year and I would say when Brandon Flowers is on the field its different. He kept up with a lot of fast guys and the thing i like most he is PHYSICAL I say get him in the 2nd if he is there. Just check him out...
  20. surprise, they came around the corner and just smacks you in the face..
  21. that is correct sir...... Glanville was intense on all parts of the game and did not want to trade Farve.... But, of course at the time the Run & Shoot was our way of life...
  22. There's always a way to end your suffering. lol.... or he could root for someone else, a little less lethal......
  23. I see Rogers taken over... thats why they drafted him...and this year Farve really worked with him to devlop his game....
  24. no doubt... Great player to watch every sunday..... it will be interesting to see Green Bay next year....
  25. I like what he said....build the OL to give the RB and QB support needed to be good... and there are plenty of good QB's that will be there in the 2nd or 3rd.... Henne or Flacco or Johnson.... Keep up the good work TD and Coach Smith
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