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  1. is the message board crashing or running slow for you guys?? also the falcons war room cam on nfl network is offline which sucks
  2. Rahim Alem from LSU would be a late round steal for us and we could fill another position instead of d-line. He reminds me of another Abraham, which would be sick.
  3. they are taking teb-iller........ cause Al is crazy
  4. Yeah, he stated injuries & he just got engaged to a hottie
  5. Dude evertime I look at your vid/pick under your name, i just start dying...youre killing me
  6. I was hoping Snyder and his cronies would do something crazy tonight, looks like da new coach is making the calls.
  7. Mayock's last mock draft has us picking Pouncey
  8. i guess cause of the super bowl, otherwise there are other greats that could be up on that stage.
  9. Tebow stands a chance of going tonight.... If he does it will be late. A team will trade back into the 1st rd or a team with a late 1st rd pick will take him.....
  10. if its just the 3rd, no doubt about it....if their are other pieces to the puzzle it depends...
  11. def. think its a strong possibility, I had a earlier post called "flacons trade down"...we talked about cereal and the chances of us moving down... I think today and tomm. could get crazy with teams trading all over the place.
  12. Spiller could def. roll off the board here, as stated above...
  14. What do you all think? If their is a position run and a team in the high 20's or 30's approaches and offers their 1st and their 3rd or 4th do we pull the trigger? ANDRE ROBERTS ONE OF OUR 3RD ROUND PICKS, WHO KNOCKS JENKINS OUT OF THE #2 SPOT......
  15. Of all the picks, I am always entertained by what this crazy old man does. No one else plays out in left field like he does..... At least with the Falcons I know we are going to have a smart pick no matter who it is.
  16. I think if Mike Iupati is there, we could see him come off the board....not saying thats my pick, just would not be surprised. With that said, I have to continue my pull for Andre Roberts WR from Citadel in the 3rd round!!!!!
  17. When I was a kid I begged and pleaded with my dad to get a Aundrey Bruce jersey after the 88 draft. I had to wait till christmas, and I got it. 3 years later I donated it to Goodwill. 2 years to late.........
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