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  1. Dude, for all those WR's you don't have Andre Roberts wr from Citadel.... he rocks and his yac is off the chart, could be are #2 in no time, and douglas in the #3 with Finn holding up#4 for a couple more years and Jenkins out looking for a job...
  2. Ready for the 3rd, and the Tennat Roberts picks..
  3. glad to get this show back on the road, but I am happy with all of our picks, and with all the depth., I just don't see us trading up. IN TD I TRUST!!!!!! SO WHATEVER HAPPENS, HAPPENS, I WILL BE PROUD TO BE A FALCONS FAN!!!!!!!
  4. Agreed, with part 1, part 2: we would be looking at what year 15 or 16, and I believe he has already considered retiring... My bet is the latest point of retirement would be the end of 2011. Although if we start bringing home some rings, then I could very well eat my own words, and would be happy to do so.
  5. I hear what your saying, but I think we are in the 1 to 2 year range now.... TG will prolly consider retiring after this year... I say now is the time, keep Peele he is decent and a good #2. Bring in my pick Hoomanawanui from Illinois, let him under study and then take over the #1 slot. Hoomanawanui will be a good pick and a great blocker/reciever for our boy Matty Ice for years to come.
  6. Michael Hoomanawanui from Illinois in the 5th Round..... Good hands and can Block....will end up being a diamond in the rough, great size & good speed.
  7. Tennant C from Boston College............... and can anyone guess who else I am going to pick... Thats right Andre Roberts WR from Citadel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I think that this draft is deep enough that we don't need to trade forward. Their are a lot of talented players to be had in the later rounds.
  9. I am sure no one on here has seen me say this.......lol.......but, we need to get Andre Roberts WR from Citadel. and in the 4th round we will take Rahim Alem DE from LSU, i know people are going to complain he is small. but he has a gift and will be a awesome addition, fast around the corner and unlike what people will say he can rush the pass and the run..
  10. Yes, I have a man crush on Roberts and its okay, I'm seeing a profesional about it. About Alem, he is 1 inch shorter than Abraham and Osi, less than ten pounds smaller than tem. He is taller than Dwight Freeney.... so undersized maybe a little but, he capable i dont want another JA98, moving like a block of cement... As far as his capability on the run, i post the following link, watch and then reply... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryng2aKm31Q
  11. Rev. I agree we have to address the d-line. Here is the way I think it should go down, and hope it does. 3rd Andre Roberts - WR from Citadel - crazy speed, and insane amt. of yac. 3rd Tennant - C Boston College - I actually like better than Pouncy, cause he and Matty are familiar w/each other and he will be as good as Pouncy and did not require such a high pick. ***4th Round**** - Rahim Alem - De from LSU, I wont say anything just check out this video, it says all. http://sports.yahoo.com/video/player/nfldraft/Linemen/19213177
  12. agreed Tennant c from BC would be a big help, then another o-lineman in the 6ht or 7th... In the 4th we pick up Rahim Alem DE from LSU and keep JA98 inside. Reminds me a lot of Abraham and if we had both of them on the outside and JA and Bab. can control the inside lookout, oh thats just Spoon & Lofton getting looks while Alem drills. don't belive me check out the video. http://sports.yahoo.com/video/player/nfldraft/Linemen/19213177#nfldraft/Linemen/19213177
  13. i say we pick up tennant C from Boston College and Andre Roberts WR from Citadel in the 3rd and Rahim Alem DE from LSU in the 4th...
  14. I hope Brees gets boooed big time when he goes up to make his teams pick....
  15. Lions def. seem to be building special, front office and head coach appear to have the ability to turn the ship around.... getting more excited about the start of the 2010 season
  17. Just goes to show, that Mock Drafts are a crock, including my own... All that speculation and if anybody's draft board (that I can see, not the one my buddy just did with me board) is on point so far, than you are better than anyone else on this board.
  18. I would not be upset with Bulaga, seems like he would carry on the nasty tradition of the o-line and just be plain mean....
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