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  1. Well, if we want a QB in the 1st, I'd go Brohm because of his outstanding consistency and football IQ. If we want to take someone like McFadden in the 1st, I'd look at Joe Flacco from Delaware with our 2nd 2nd round pick (I think he'll move up that far in post-season workouts) I could see Flacco and like the line up you gave, But I think there will still be one of the other 1st round guys out there that would get picked over Flacco.
  2. Tell me a coach that is going to come here. Cowher "no", Schottenheimer "no", Bill Parcells "no", Dennis Green "no", Art Shell "no"....... As far as assistants.... Give me abreak on Jason Garrett "NO WAY"
  3. At least give me your choice for the QB. C'mon, you can't comment and not give your opinion.
  4. So, who is that proven coach that we are going to dump money into???
  5. If the falcons use any sense Mike Singletary will be signed as the Head Coach and Colt Brennan will be drafted as the QB. Singletary can turn this team around. He has the right mind set and the motivational skills neccessary to get the team going. The players will buy into him quickly and make the transition easy. As far as Brennan. I know he played in Hawaii. Still the important #rs aren't his yards but these #rs. 1st a completion % of 68 in 05, 72 in 06, and 71 in 07. 2nd he has thrown 38tds this year to 14ints. 3rd he is smart. 4th I think he is the most NFL ready qb out there. This j
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