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  1. Scott Case 25 just posted his Draft Grade for the Atlanta Falcons 2010 draft. Its a B.

    Good picks were made, O-line will be sold for years to come.

    Weatherspoon - Overated, Underated, I don't think so, he is right where he needs to be and will be a anchor for the defense like Tuggle, and Brooking were for us.

    Franks - Solid DB who could be starter who will contribute from day 1,

    Peters - Well, I think he got picked to high, but with bab's situation he will probably be on the field game 1. Lets hope Smitty, Vangorder, and Sugar Bear Hamilton can coach him up.

    Kerry Meier - I have heard a lot of things, but overall I believe he is Finn's replacement. So next year in FA or the draft a WR will be top priority. Thats, if it is not dealt with before than.

    Shan Shillinger - I believe he will also require developing. I believe he needs to bulk up a little bit at 6' 200 thats a little thin, but he has to keep his speed. He is physical player and stays in peoples faces... As long as Moore stays healthy and plays well, he will prolly spend a lot of time on special teams.

    Those TV guys don't have nuttin on me...... lol.... Trash talk it up, and I'll chat at you guys later.

  2. I belive someone said no more decent DE's left.. I disagree, Rahim Alem is out there and a lot of people are saying he is too undersized, but 1inch and a little less then ten pounds smaller than Abraham, he reminds me a lot of him.... Would be wicked if those two are on either side, QB's and RB's will be on their backs all over the place

  3. Here is his run down from cbs sportsline


    Read & React: Good recognition of routes. Can read his man and is aware of others on his side of the field. Reads the quarterback's eyes well when in zone. Easily diagnoses quick screens and reverses.

    Man Coverage: Fast and low backpedal, flexible with a smooth hip turn. Nice change-of-direction skills, able to stick with receivers on crossing routes and down the sideline. Stays aware of his man when quarterback scrambles, but will be quick to attack. Willing to pop receiver at four or five yards to knock him off his route when playing off the line. Could be more consistent using his hands on the line, but is generally effective.

    Zone Coverage: Good awareness in zone, able to come off his man and clamp down underneath route to limit the gain or make a big play. Has the speed to catch up with the deep route. Had miscommunication with safeties on coverage handoffs throughout his career, leading to more big plays than you'd expect from a richly talented secondary.

    Closing/Recovery: Excellent plant and drive and recovery speed, closes on the ball in the air very quickly in zone and man. Baits quarterbacks to throw the out pattern, which he can easily knock away with long arms and strong hands. Has dropped would-be interceptions.

    Run Support: Rarely asked to support the run at OU. Effective as a cut-down tackler, a technique that might not work against bigger backs in the NFL. Forces plays inside when on an island. Larger receivers can force him out of the play and Franks must use his hands better to get off blocks.

    Tackling: Has the requisite height and upper-body strength for the position. Reliable tackling his receiver after the catch, wraps up most any ballcarrier with his length and aggressiveness. Will throw down or plant his man if able, and let him know about it afterwards. Has the size and speed to chase down open ballcarriers and drag them to the ground, but is not strong enough to avoid stiff arms from larger backs and receivers.

    Intangibles: Good character and work ethic, no major issues with coaches or teammates. Should get a shot as a returner. Does not have great elusiveness on punt returns but works as the safety return man in the red zone, runs strong and makes difficult catches. Lacks great vision on kickoff returns.

  4. players that I still have on my list:

    Blair White, WR

    Seyi Ajurotutu, WR

    Freddie Barnes, WR

    Austen Lane, DE

    Brandon Lang, DE

    Donovan Warren, CB

    Myron Rolle, SS

    Nate Byham, TE

    Michael Hoomanawanui, TE

    but your guess is as good as mine :D

    oooooohhh, I forgot about Seyi Ajurotutu, I like him, I saw a Fresno State game and he looked good

  5. I'm not saying anything of the sort, but we could have gotten better players at the positions we picked. I have no problem with taking Spoon or even Johnson, but the other two picks were terrible values. There were much higher rated players available at those spots in those positions.

    TD and Smitty don't take players rated higher....they have said it over and over and over again....They are skill/position specific....They took who they believe we need to be successfull, not the CB, DE, WR, or whatever because he is the highest rated player

  6. Alright my last attempt at our projected WR pick, with our last pick in the 5th we pick Joe Webb from UAB a QB transitioning to WR. He has great speed, and good hands.. 6'3" 223....


    Release: Takes time to get to full speed, but should improve here when coaches teach him to explode from his stance like he does the starting block in the 40. Accelerates past cornerbacks once in stride. Strong enough to handle the jam. Does not have a second gear downfield.

    Hands: Huge hands (10.75") and arms (33.75") for the position; can use them to create separation downfield and snatch passes out of the air. Nice body control on the sidelines; able to keep his feet down. Makes tough catches in traffic, and will win jump balls with his height and vertical leap. Needs time on the Jugs machine to secure balls more consistently and tucking them away before making a move. Can track the ball over either shoulder down the sideline.

    Route running: Relatively inexperienced as route runner; will round them off and give defenders clues before he makes the cut. Owns the agility to handle any route on the tree, however. Uses his big frame to shield defenders on slants and to muscle cornerbacks off the ball in the end zone. Has the deep speed and foot quickness for double moves and comeback routes to be effective; learning the head fake to sell the first move.

    After the catch: Large man who is difficult for defensive backs to drag down, especially when in full stride. Quick enough to make a move to shed cornerback after the catch and gain additional yardage. Has a bit of elusiveness for his size; can stop and use his long rams to push by oncoming defenders. Willing to lower his shoulder and pound defenders on his way out of bounds.

    Blocking: Has prototypical body, hands and upper-body strength to be effective downfield, but is very inexperienced here. Must prove he can be explosive and his effort can be consistent in training camp to see time on the field.

    Intangibles: Intelligent, competitive field general. Coaches considered him the leader of the team. Carried the workload for a struggling team with few weapons around him. No character issues. Graduated with criminal justice degree in December, and served internship with Jefferson County Sheriff's Office in the summer of 2009.

    If all else fails he can jump... -


  7. I got yelled at in another post topic, but I believe we will select a Safety, not a CB.... I am leaning towards Rolle from Florida State in the 5th. I thinke Chevis , and Brent will work the other side, and then use Williams to fill even though he was not very flashy for us. At Safety I say DeCoud is here, and Moore is coming off of injury.....just my 2 cents..

  8. Vikings did well with their first three picks, not so sure Toby was the right pick but could work well with Peterson as a 1-2 punch. Griffen could be a great steal for them if he is consistent.

    I think Toby was a good pick, he is the replacement for Chester, and will give Peterson his rest time, while still being able to punch the ball up the middle so Farve or whoever does not have to throw just cause Peterson is not on the field

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