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  1. Scott Case 25 just posted his Draft Grade for the Atlanta Falcons 2010 draft. Its a B. Good picks were made, O-line will be sold for years to come. Weatherspoon - Overated, Underated, I don't think so, he is right where he needs to be and will be a anchor for the defense like Tuggle, and Brooking were for us. Franks - Solid DB who could be starter who will contribute from day 1, Peters - Well, I think he got picked to high, but with bab's situation he will probably be on the field game 1. Lets hope Smitty, Vangorder, and Sugar Bear Hamilton can coach him up. Kerry Meier - I have heard
  2. At this point I think WR can wait till next year along with TE, maybe are 1 & 2 picks..... get a DE and a SS with our last two picks
  3. I belive someone said no more decent DE's left.. I disagree, Rahim Alem is out there and a lot of people are saying he is too undersized, but 1inch and a little less then ten pounds smaller than Abraham, he reminds me a lot of him.... Would be wicked if those two are on either side, QB's and RB's will be on their backs all over the place
  4. I liked Ed Wang from VA Tech... I think Buffalo, made a good pick..
  5. I am not upset with any of our picks.... My not have saw some of them, I like whats happening, and can see the plan forming.... no complaints here, keep going to TD & Smitty
  6. Here is his run down from cbs sportsline Analysis Read & React: Good recognition of routes. Can read his man and is aware of others on his side of the field. Reads the quarterback's eyes well when in zone. Easily diagnoses quick screens and reverses. Man Coverage: Fast and low backpedal, flexible with a smooth hip turn. Nice change-of-direction skills, able to stick with receivers on crossing routes and down the sideline. Stays aware of his man when quarterback scrambles, but will be quick to attack. Willing to pop receiver at four or five yards to knock him off his route when playing of
  7. oooooohhh, I forgot about Seyi Ajurotutu, I like him, I saw a Fresno State game and he looked good
  8. Whatever Seattle does with the next pick, and no matter what Pete does with the team.... Please do not wear those ugly all lime green jerseys
  9. Rams just picked up my TE pick... I think he is a steal, and will be player to watch in the years to come announcers will stumble to say his name when he scores TD's for them
  10. TD and Smitty don't take players rated higher....they have said it over and over and over again....They are skill/position specific....They took who they believe we need to be successfull, not the CB, DE, WR, or whatever because he is the highest rated player
  11. I think WR is going to happen. I know i said it prolly 2 nights ago, but I think we will go SS and not CB. I believe it will be Rolle from Florida State.
  12. 2 PICKS IN THE 5TH Lay it out for me people. Who & Why??
  13. Agreed, I think it will be Michael Hoomanawanui TE from Illinois with the last 5th or poss. 6th..
  14. The quote I like from his profile is this: "Mauler inside who latches onto defenders (both inside and outside the numbers) and does not let go" Just means to me that the O-line is going to continue to have T-nasty....
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