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  1. Seems like the idiots on here saying don't draft matthews or Cushing, are the same ones defending Vick and claiming the Braves are racists...lol. Just an observation.
  2. here is the link http://www.buccaneers.com/news/newsdetail.aspx?newsid=6624 here is the story Atlanta Anticipation Sep 11, 2008 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers Head Coach isn’t one to overlook an opponent, especially an NFC South foe. But many NFL pundits did just that throughout the offseason and preseason, writing the Atlanta Falcons off as little more than a rebuilding project after they struggled to a 4-12 record in 2007. After a surprisingly dominant opening-day victory over the Detroit Lions, the Falcons raised some eyebrows around the league and may have begun to change some attitudes. Gruden,
  3. There was always a question around here, Is it the QB or the WRs? We are finding the answer to that this year.... I will save my opinion when the season progresses a little more.
  4. I think our previous QB is the one who crippled us for years, hopefully Ryan can pull us out of the funk in a coulpe of years
  5. I think Brees is the only QB in the South that should even be ranked. it should be QBs: #1 New Orleans #2 no one #3 no one #4 Tied TB, Atlanta, and Carolina Cause lets face it, Delhomme, Garcia, and Redman/Ryan....come on, doubt any of them would start anywhere else. As for the rest, I think you are pretty close. TB has a better linebacking core today, but a 2-3 years from now, who knows.
  6. I run faster than shockley does, what kinda trick plays are we talking about....fetching lunch?
  7. I am sure they are saying that in Indy and New England too...who needs a QB anyway? let the defense score all the touchdowns.
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