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  1. Wow....fantastic. I know 2021 OL recruiting is different because so many top guys are in state but we aren’t missing a beat with CML replacing Pitt Boss right now. If he closes the deal on the M&M boys it’s hard to say there has been any dropoff.
  2. If they are both named the same, they can have the same number, right?
  3. @DoYouSeeWhatHappensLarry can you Pin this?
  4. Understand the POV. Not saying the kid deserves a scarlet letter for the rest of his life. What I am saying is literally millions of dollars go into scouting and salaries to find the best players and tens of thousands go into background checks of these kids. It’s how much risk do you want to take with all the investment of money for a franchise worth $2 billion.
  5. No I read them and I know you understand and relate to my POV here. just reiterating for the masses.
  6. I don’t care either way too much. Blank will look at TD and DQ and say something to the affect - “if you insist on this cat and he F’sup, it’s your head”. It is so much easier to just take the next player. Put yourself in TD and DQ’s shoes.
  7. Maybe but I doubt it as a failed test is one thing and cheating is another. It’s judgment and character.
  8. Many teams “off the board” players for various things - other NFL teams slide them down. You also must remember the owner has to sign off on the pick - especially medical or character risks.
  9. TD and DQ are at the very end of their career ropes here in their prestigious jobs - you think they are taking a chance THIS YEAR on a guy that did this? especially in 1st rd. I know some guys turn it around like Justin Houston and Honey Badger - but Falcons have not fared well on their red flag picks.
  10. Fulton was suspended by NCAA for faking a urine test - supposedly because he smoked and didn’t want to get caught. That’s what they call in the biz...a red flag. He got a two year suspension that was later reduced to one. Before the hippies join in the “pot is legal or should be brigade” chimes in - it wasn’t then and Fulton deemed it a good idea to do this. The punishment the first time or two is relatively minor for failed test for pot. This leaves us with the following conclusions: 1) Fulton is just stupid 2) Fulton will cheat whenever he can and doesn’t feel bound by rules & authority. 3) This is just the one time he got caught. 4) Fulton had tested positive multiple times and he was down to his last strike so he felt the need to cheat to pass the test. None of those sounds like a player that TD and DQ want to invest in - especially after the failure of the Jalen Collins experiment.
  11. I just don’t think the messaging was so far off that it would have flattened the curve quicker but we can agree to disagree there. The messaging certainly wasn’t perfect (cringed when T said he hoped it would be better by Easter). I certainly disagree with the “they screwed themselves” - no doubt though that once the crisis is over this will be litigated to death in the Presidential campaign and we will hear from the other side how they would have handled it close to perfectly.
  12. meh.....,you make good arguments and appreciate your POV. You are adding positive to the discussion and don't wish to discount. I like it! However, just would add. Where mistakes made? sure......but the action you subscribe which should have been done - at the time you say it should have been done - it's really "hindsight is 20/20" in my book. POTUS and Federal goverment did take unprecedented action. The leaders in government have to balance more than "just" the medical risk - that is reality. To just start shutting stuff down/off on the front-end - it's just not going to happen - under any president or any administration. I just don't see the political component here as I don't believe it bungled to a point of federal/political malpractice (for lack of a better term). COVID-19 is both a medical disaster and an economic disaster - while the medical has to take precedence - it doesn't mean the economic portion can be totally ignored. While this is terrible and certainly at least tens of thousands will die - I believe on-balance this has been handled well - not perfect - but there is no such thing as perfect, especially given how unprecedented.
  13. You are such a hack. You should just shutup
  14. look forward to you quoting where I said that. you are a ******* liar and a dayum idiot. #hackboy
  15. The curve hasn’t been flattened yet. Probably another few weeks of getting worse before better. Not alarming at all.
  16. No you are making political. Your attitude above is what is wrong. ”I don’t think it was handled the best way possible but here we are.” Nothing above would have changed one dayum thing and all it is - just a political hack argument.
  17. Love this game - (subject to change) 1) Javon Kinlaw, DT - SCar (1st rd) 2) CJ Henderson, CB - UF (1st rd) 3) K’Lavvon Chaisson, OLB - LSU (1st rd) 4) Patrick Queen, LB - LSU (1st/2nd) 5) D’Andre Swift, RB - UGA (1st/2nd) 6) Ross Blacklock, DT - TCU (1st/2nd) 7) Antoine Winfield, S - Minnesota (2nd) 8) Jordan Elliott, DT - Missouri (2nd/3rd) 9) Cam Akers, RB - FSU (2nd/3rd) 10) Matt Hennessy, C - Temple (2nd/3rd) 11) Ezra Cleveland, OT/OG - Boise State (3rd) 12) Damon Arnette, CB - Ohio St (3rd) 13) Jordyn Brooks, LB - Texas Tech (3rd/4th) 14) Akeem Davis-Gaither, LB - Appalachian St (3rd/4th) 15) Bryce Hall, CB - Virginia (3rd/4th) 16) Davion Taylor, LB - Colorado (4th/Later) 17) Nick Harris, C - Washington (4th/Later) 18) Hakeem Adeniji, OG/OT - Kansas (4th/Later) 19) McTelvin Agim, DT - Arkansas (4th/Later) 20) Amik Robertson, CB - Louisiana Tech (4th/Later) 1st tiebreaker (first 6 positions): CB, LB, OG, DT, EDGE, RB 2nd tiebreaker (first 2 positions taken - in order): DT, CB 3rd tiebreaker (what 1 position/take 2 players): LB
  18. From the top, we were one of first countries to put a travel ban on China - and that decision didn’t come without criticism when it was made. That decision alone did a lot to help bend the spread down more than it ultimately would have been. The situation has been handled fairly well and will continue to be more than many countries. I am amazed how quickly we got to where we are in a free society where everyone has a car and is mobile. This is not a political argument and that can be seen in polling. Most believe the response has been rather decisive. America wasn’t ready for a pandemic and no other country was either because this is unprecedented. Even though many will die and that is a tragedy, this is a time for America to come together.
  19. “Worst response?” Don’t look now but your politics are showing.
  20. I have no doubt there will be SOME type of impact to the NFL Season but it is just way too soon to say what that will be. Shortened season? Games played and televised but no fans in stadium? While certainly Herbstreit’s scenario is possible, it is 5 months and a few days before the regular season would kickoff. That is a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG ways away.
  21. Seeing Andrews & Cain almost makes me long for a duo of Gurley & Swift.
  22. I don’t believe 2020 is a year where DQ nor TD are gonna stick their necks out for any character issue guys. I am going on record now that Fulton is off the Falcons draft board. <insert head on chopping block>
  23. Fulton has character issues. Bet he could be off some draft boards.
  24. Nice job on the wifey CDL. noice!!!