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  1. yeah no worries just weird though - Kyle Trask is good, not great QB - Pitts is a dayum good TE. What else ya got?
  2. doesn't matter if your QB is in top 5 when two of the other opposing QBs are in the top 5 as well
  3. Believe Kirby will want to be up big by end of 1st quarter so he can dole out QB snaps w/o worrying about the game itself - Dawgs probably want a good look at Dwan, JT and Carson. My guess if it is a blowout: - 1st half - all DWAN - 3rd qtr and into 4th qtr - JT Daniel 4th qtr - Carson Beck wouldn't shock me if Beck and Daniel flip for the #2 QB says here: Dawgs 54 Hawgs 13
  4. I understand @TDWII point from this perspective. This team w/ this head coach isn't winning a SuperBowl. You can already see "some slippage" w/ Julio and it will be gradual but it will be there. Falcons have a lot of nice young pieces to this team and if the goal is to make the playoffs - sneak into a wild card, etc - then status quo still is the way to go. the question always is - do you build for the long term or the short term? lately it has been for the short term and the results are the results. Is the goal to win a SuperBowl? Is the goal to eekk out Wild card games a
  5. as well it should be. Brought back too many memories of the game that shall never be spoken of again.
  6. If I could sum up QUINN coached teams in one term I would say “undisciplined”. stupid penalties, careless mistakes and players have no fear of their coach.
  7. Falcons last two coach hires were defensive coordinators and Falcons had crappy defenses both times
  8. Quinn just doesn't have "IT". He's probably a great coordinator and was at Seattle and UF, etc. - but he was meant to be a 2nd banana - he cannot be "the guy". It's a fine line a head coach must walk in his relationship w/ players but Quinn doesn't walk it - he's just way too nice. I'm sorry, he's gotta go. Quinn's not the only problem but he's a big part of it. This franchise has no edge to them at all - they don't hate to lose enough.
  9. it annoys me how when a corner gets beat how exaggerated it is. No position other than cornerback has such wildly overly dramatic reactions from fans. it's really gonna be OK.
  10. why do we keep hiring defensive coordinators who cannot create a good defense for the team that they coach?
  11. If it makes you feel any better, a certain Clemson commit that rhymes with “Carrot Starter” was in Athens on Saturday.
  12. That’s alright. You can make moves ALWAYS but there is a price. Look at Clowney. Saints desperately wanted him but had to find a 3rd team and tried to trade a 2nd round pick to take a salary - NFL wouldn’t allow it. So there has been cap ramifications already.
  13. stains just keep borrowing from future caps - trying to get a SB before Brees retires and they go right back to being an average team. not worried - they already had Kamara so this doesn't make them stronger - just handicaps them even more in the future. It's all good.
  14. wow.....wouldn't want to be those teams. Saints milking the cap again.
  15. yeah, I bet Tate was glad when that weekend was over. Probably thought he might never have to deal w/ Foreman again - maybe a bowl game. Now Tate might have to deal with the Korey Monsta every day in practice for 2-3 years 😆
  16. way to go Clarence!!! so happy for you and your growing family!
  17. how many sacks did he have as a Sophmore? Probably triple teamed every play.
  18. the addition of Derrick Ansley as secondary coach was huge for UTjr - probably the VOLS best recruiter on staff.
  19. the thing that gives me a little pause w/ Beck winning the job is that would be the biggest threat to a de-commit from Brock Vandagriff. Obviously all seems solid now with BVG but should Beck win the job and show out in 2020, that could cause Vandagriff to re-evaluate. Hopefully not and BVG is our #1 recruiter outside Kirby and staff right now.
  20. I believe Mondon loving the BARN is very similar to Tony Grimes loving UNC - it's all about the love affair w/ the position coach. Grimes was in love w/ UNC Secondary coach Dre' Bly and Smael Mondon having a strong relationship w/ Barn #1 recruiter Travis Williams. I really believe it is as simple as that.
  21. I agree. Kirby and Warren aren't gonna miss on this in-state kid once they prioritized him.
  22. yeah that doesn't make sense....is LSU even in it for Greene? I don't think so. Maybe he meant Smith.
  23. SoFL_Dawg Posts: 10,640 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate 11:00AM Nyland Green did not make it to campus this weekend with his folks. I have not heard if he was rescheduling there but we will find out. I do still think he’s the guy at DB for us and we lead there. The other visitors that I thought would be in came.
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