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  1. How many teams passed on Mahomes and Watson? Why do you use Denver passing on Fields as some sort of validation? It’s literally the dumbest argument you can make. Denver hasn’t had a good drafted QB since Elway.
  2. LOL, have you seen this team? It’s horrible. Probably the bottom 1/4 of this roster shouldn’t even be on anything other than a practice squad. this team was never going to be competitive in 2021. This year should have not played into decisions.
  3. The salary cap is real but a new GM takes his QB if he’s there. When you get one of the coveted 32 GM jobs - you take players, you manage the cap around taking the right players. Fontenot hinted after the draft that the only QB he really desired was Trevor Lawrence. Had Fontenot had #1 overall, my guess is he takes him - of course he could have traded the pick. Time will be the judge on whether Fontenot made the right call. I am a believer in both Pitts and Fields. If Fields proves to be franchise type QB I believe him to be, then Fontenot made the wrong call. Period.
  4. Justin Fields would be the starter in 2022 had he been drafted. You are overthinking it.
  5. It’s ignorant that you believe the Falcons - or any franchise for that matter - wouldn’t re-sign a franchise QB they drafted in Top 5 of the draft just because he didn’t start the first year due to having an aging QB on the roster and currently starting. 😉 Capeche’ ?
  6. Those interviews never occur because the GM is already fired and no one cares at that point.
  7. The perfect team for Matt Ryan would be the Washington Redskins.
  8. Because teams without a franchise QB will reach because the position is so vital.
  9. I don't believe Fields will be "Mahomes good" - think he is more "Watson good" - Mahomes is probably the most talented QB from pure skill that I have ever seen - probably in the history of the NFL. Fields does need to improve his field vision and process a little faster - he isn't a finished product yet - he needs a few years to marinate, but I anticipate him making that jump - and his physical skills are extremely special.
  10. YES - that is what I am saying. I am not backing down from saying Justin Fields is a generational talent. He will be a "Top 5-7" type QB in the NFL over next 3-4 years.
  11. no - what I am saying is you don't have to be THE BEST QB in your class - and/or - you don't have to be the first QB taken in a class to be a great player. What I'm also saying is some drafts have 2-3 excellent QBs come out in same year - and some years there are none. Tired of the "why would we take the 4th best QB in the class" argument - its really a dumb thing to say - not saying you are saying that but many others have and cannot see past their own irrational statements.
  12. What’s crazy? He’s a great prospect. Just like Trevor.
  13. Yes that’s what I am saying. Whether Fields is #1 or #2 in his own class doesn’t matter. DeShaun Watson was #2 in his class. All that matters is - over a 5yr period, where does Fields stack against the rest. Did it matter to Dolphins and Bills fans that their QBs taken in 1983 draft might have slightly less careers than John Elway? Hint: They all three have gold jackets 😉
  14. You were wrong about him in college love ❤️ your double-down strategy
  15. YES, because this team was and will be crap for the next two years and YES because Fields is better than anyone else coming to the draft over next several years and YES because QB is the Queen piece on the chessboard. TATF collective be like “you can’t take him because he will sit his rook year” BFD - 2021 version of Falcons was always gonna be hot garbage and this is a rebuilding team. Should have taken Fields. Love Pitts but should have taken Fields.
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