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  1. How many examples do you want? I am finally home with wifey with no kids tonight but can give you numerous tomorrow. How many complimentary articles of Falcons organization will prove my point to you. Give me a number more than 1 and less than 8 that will meet the mark.
  2. I have you THREE examples. Schultz isn’t a hack and he doesn’t bash the Falcons at every opportunity. Sometimes he criticizes them - many times warranted, sometimes not. He’s a good journalist. Everyone isn’t the enemy.
  3. I have you THREE examples. Schultz isn’t a hack and he doesn’t bash the Falcons at every opportunity. Sometimes he criticizes them - many times warranted, sometimes not. He’s a good journalist. Everyone isn’t the enemy.
  4. I don’t subscribe to columnists having to be a cheerleader for the team. Unless you are a columnist covering the Patriots or the Warriors the last three years or any other dynasty, it comes with the territory that there will be some columns unflattering to a team or to a person. Jeff Schultz isn’t Terrence Moore. He writes the good about the Falcons and the bad. If you believe all he does is criticize the Falcons - then you are wrong. If you are ABSOLUTE in that all Schultz does is bag on the Falcons - then you are wrong. That’s not an opinion. That is a fact.
  5. Soooo you are in the camp to just have closed locker rooms when your team loses then?
  6. I have followed Schultz for 15-20yrs in Atlanta. He is very fair.
  7. Dimitroff 2008: got off to a flaming hot start in 2008 with FA RB Michael Turner out of the block and followed it with a great draft of Matt Ryan, Sam Baker, Curtis Lofton, Harry Douglas, Thomas DeCoud and Kris Bierrman. Not just a good 2008 but a stellar one. 2009: (Peria Jerry/ William Moore)terrible, terrible, terrible draft. William Moore was a player for a few years - nothing else. Obviously injuries were huge factor with Peria Jerry but he had injuries before and his character and desire to be great were very suspect. 2010: (Sean Weatherspoon, Corey Peters, Mike Johnson, Joe Hawley, Dom Franks) Another awful draft. I was a fan of the Spoon pick and he seemed to have a lot of moxie. Obviously injuries devastated his career. Same for Mike Johnson. Peters was well liked on the board but he was always overrated by TATF imho. Same w/ Hawley - he was garbage but had fans on the board. 2011: Julio Jones and nothing else - had a role player in Jaquizz Rogers and drafted a punter that we are still paying for some reasons unknown other than maybe he has pictures of Arthur Blank in compromising positions with small farm animals. 2012: The Peter Konz/Lamar Holmes debacle Let's not act like DIMITROFF has been consistently great because he has some major holes in his tenure in Atlanta. Started getting better in 2013/2014 and has continued to get better w/ Quinn - much better since Quinn got here - also Pioli. 2010:
  8. sounds fair to me. I'm sure there is some built in frustration on the journalist's part that he is trying to do a story that he is paid to do and the athlete's blow off the access.
  9. 10-4. Yeah if you deem yourself a classic 4-3 Defensive End, I get it. I don't know the stats on how many times in nickel we have 4 down lineman but I'm sure we do that some of the time. I mean - it makes sense if MM doesn't see the scheme fit, sees the perfect fit at Clemson plus all the success they have had developing DLinemen and sending them to the NFL.
  10. Saw Myles Murphy commitment is today. Still salty about this one.
  11. Meh. I like Schultz. I see him on both sides of Falcons positive and negative which honestly is where a columnist should be. I can go back and show you plenty of positive Falcons columns by Schultz. He is a talented writer and he’s mostly fair. He takes a shot every now and then when called for and occasionally a gratuitous one but he doesn’t have it in for the Falcons.
  12. Do you understand there are still TWO other former GMs on staff under Dimitroff? If not, let me introduce you. Phil Emery - former Bears GM Ruston Webster - former Titans GM
  13. We have been subject to pure torture by a beat writer like D Orlando Ledbetter who cannot talk, cannot spell and who thinks he is smarter than Quinn-Dimitroff-Pioli combined and you are gonna complain about Schultz?
  14. Well in fairness to me, if she is an insider, she doesn’t have a long history of being one. Her personality seems a little scattered.
  15. Did anyone else watch NFL Live today? I have it recorded and watched the first segment. In the segment the main topic was NYJ GM Mike McCagnan getting fired and the descension between him and Adam Gase and some of the reasons why, blah, blah, blah - who cares, right? How is this Falcons related? ESPN info babe Josina Anderson and Mort going back and forth of the whispers of these issues in NYJ front office before the draft and their sources and what they were hearing, etc, etc. So Josina Anderson says, “yeah I heard from my sources about possible changes in New York and the ATLANTA FALCONS. Nothing else was said nor mentioned else about the Falcons in the segment. I don’t really trust Josina nor her sources but just putting this out there - will be interesting to see if anything in the offing - if so, don’t believe it would be Dimitroff. Maybe one of those former GMs like Pioli, Emery or Ruston. Or Maybe Josina Just has terrible sources
  16. Apparently so. Won’t dismiss her so easily next time. At least I thought enough of it to mention. I wasn’t so much doubting as I was just ticked that she didn’t clarify. In hindsight it seems maybe she was connecting these two together.
  17. don't disagree - Pioli and Dimitroff have had a very chummy relationship as they were together in the beginning with Cleveland Browns, then Patriots and then Falcons - both were each other's bosses at different stints. I'm sure if we need to trade w/ Jets going foward there will be open lines of communication just like with Dimitroff/Snead who have now made two trades with each other. Snead's done a heckuva job with the Rams as well. Great coaching hire as well with McVay.
  18. that is very true - also Jets personnel needs won't be the same as ours - Jets have Leonard Williams and Quinnen Williams so they won't be needing to draft any Defensive Tackles in 2020 **** that is fierce!
  19. yeah we are in better shape overall - also added Phil Emery (former Bears GM) and Ruston Webster(former Titans GM) after we added Pioli. Those two plus Dimitroff plus Quinn and we still have a good corps at the top of college scouting/pro player personnel.