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  1. The more that is revealed, the more corrupt we see how the Obama executive branch including the FBI behaved.
  2. I understand your points and hopefully something could be done w/ guarantees to assuage him - as far as anything that would increase Julio's cap# - Falcons cannot do it - they have too many other guys due up for significant large contracts - Jake, Grady, Vic in the next two years and Debo/Keanu/DeVondre' shortly thereafter. Having to commit more monies to the salary cap for Julio at a time when so many other players are deserving - is not helpful.
  3. What thrills me beyond belief is the Falcons just had a fantastic draft and, the pre-draft roster was so good that, none of these GREAT new guys are coming in as “Day#1” starters with all the pressure. Now, do I expect Ridley, Oliver & Senat to contribute and have a role in their rookie years? YES....but for like 50-of-Falcons-franchise-existence 52 years” - rookie 1st and 2nd rounders HAD TO start rook seasons- because Falcons roster had so many holes.
  4. Kid at my son’s high school filmed girl/guy getting it in bathroom on his phone and now he is a registered sex offender. Then he air dropped it. These kids better learn quick.
  5. yep, Dan Quinn got here and suddenly the defensive drafts finally got better.
  6. In other news: believe we are looking at a Boston/Houston FINALS - of course CP3 is hurt so that could hurt the Rocket Men.
  7. This will be my Wild Azz guess: after a few years in the league, JJJ becomes a 15ppg, 10rpg, 2bpg, 2apg - that type of production would be worthy of the #3 pick - assuming we don't skip over any superstars behind the #3 pick - of course it is likely that someone behind us will turn into a huge star.
  8. I like all those players.....Holliday is really short - not even 6 feet tall. To me, #3 probably comes down to Bagley or JJJ. I do like Bamba but probably would look to trade down 1-2 spots for a future lottery pick before I would sit there and take him at #3. Wouldn't hate the Bamba pick though. Right now I am leaning towards Triple-J. Like Divecenzo a lot. He is probably a 6th man type of scorer off the bench. Holliday is a little small and will be a liability on the defensive end at 5'11" and change but good offensive player and ball distributor. Heard somewhere that Holliday is not working out for teams past #20. Wagner is intriguing as a solid role player on a team if he falls to early 2nd round.
  9. saw that JJJ is actually only 6' 9.75" without his shoes on (NBA combine measurements). Of course the 7'4" wingspan is real.
  10. I just think the upside of JJJ is worth the risk. Agree that Bagley is probably "safer" pick and the scoring is more predictable w/ him - but from all I have read and watched, sounds like Bagley will never be more than a sub-average defender on the other end of the floor and is probably only a #2 scorer on a good team. With JJJ being a great FT shooter and a good 3-point shooter for a big man, along w/ at least some workable low post moves and ability to finish at the rim - couple that with the defense - just see the likelihood of a better player......obviously I could look incredibly stupid saying that 3 years from now. I like your analogy above.
  11. Body type looks very similiar to Kevin Garnett.
  12. thanks - appreciate the clarification to me. So would it be fair to say that JJJ is your favorite prospect right now at #3 overall (assuming Ayton/Doncic gone).
  13. Julio is CLEARLY - and it is very clear - underachieving in the TD area versus the peers who you would equate to Julio's level of talent - and YES, Julio's level of talent is much higher than many guys wearing gold jackets.
  14. exactly. Eight year history of a lack of touchdowns is not just some ARBITRARY crazy g-dawg opinion. Facts are Facts. Again, I believe Matt Ryan shares in the lack of Julio TDs. There is no good reason why Julio should not have averaged 9+ TDs per season over his 8 years in the league.
  15. This is what I was referring to - sounded like from this take you weren’t that excited about JJJ. Later you posts in the other thread makes it sound like you are “all in” on JJJ. Is that real or just misinterpretation on my part. Of course we all change our opinions and I value yours - only reason I am asking. Do you like JJJ more now than when you wrote this? or still about the same. If JJJ is “Horford-esque” that is not an insult for sure!