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  1. It’s not great. Who makes it great in the 1st round? Don’t say Ed Oliver as he is not much of a sack machine. Falcons defense with a whole season of Debo, Rico and Keanu will be much better. That plus DQ pulling the levers should allow us to get back into the 10-15 range again. What makes the Falcons special is when offense hitting on all cylinders. You can win a SB with a mediocre defense if offense is special.
  2. Arm thing? Naw man, Jonah will be fine at RT. Long arms help but not a must. Several good RTs without the long arms. Heck, Belicheck plans to play former UGA C/OG Isaiah Wynn at OT when he returns from injury.
  3. What about it? Still have Takk, Beasley still on team, Crawford, Means and drafted an upgrade at DT in Saunders who has some passrush ability and the kid from TCU. Maybe we re-sign Bruce Irvin or someone else. I didn’t go into a lot of detail there. Hard to fix all deficiencies in any one offseason.
  4. You like Henderson, TDWII?
  5. Oliver was thought to be a 1st round pick in last year's draft. Your digging a hole my friend - just stop diggin!
  6. TD, when coupled w/ a strong personnel HC, is decent on finding players - but his philosophy of managing the draft is 180 degrees opposite than Belicheck fer sure.
  7. he has already been in a few of mocks and probably will be again. I think he will be one of those guys that will produce more sacks in the NFL than college if he can play in a 4-3 and SDE.
  8. Do not anticipate putting a corner in the first round. Not at all. If you are complaining about Isaiah Oliver not having experience, then what do you think the 1st or 2nd round drafted kids will have? Also you are INCORRECT. Oliver started the last two games of the season. See link below http://www.nfl.com/player/isaiaholiver/2560830/profile
  9. You do know that we drafted Isaiah Oliver in the 2nd round last year, right? Fairly certain the thought was he would move up to #2 spot as a boundary corner opposite Trufant. We will need a slot corner but if Rico is back at FS (assuming healthy) then our in-house solution to #3 corner is Damontee Kazee - or Kazee could even be the Free. Agree that we need another Corner but if Oliver is what the Falcons hope he was gonna be when they drafted him, then corner is not the 911-Emergency need you claim - we need depth though.
  10. While this isn't a top heavy offensive line draft, it has a lot of good prospects - as others have stated, college isn't producing a lot of good offensive linemen right now - if we got 40% of our offensive line covered for 10 years in the first two picks in this draft - I could feel really good regardless of how the remaining picks panned out.
  11. yeah, that was my main disappointment w/ cutting Rocky - not necessarily that it was a bad move but I just wanted to skip having to draft a corner early this year.
  12. thank you kind sir. A lot of the pure detail of each prospect is from thedraftnetwork.com so I cannot claim credit for that part of it.
  13. I will agree that Cornerback is now more of a need after DQDimiBlankOff cut Rocky. Wouldn't be surprised if we drafted a corner in first three rounds.
  14. Yeah TGA, I believe your comments will be oft-repeated by others as a criticism of this mock - I don't expect many to like my RB pick for that very reason that he is not a behemoth. Thanks for the comments - and No worries!