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  1. McLovin has a better chance being on the team 5 years from now.
  2. the current dis-respect is ESPN on the Atlanta Hawks. All the talking heads can do is lament Sixers blowing back-to-back large leads to the Hawks - no one will discuss the fact that the Hawks came back from huge double digit deficits to battle back and win. Was watching First Take today (Stephen A and Max on vaca) and had KeShawn and some generic dude lamenting the Sixers - third guy was actually Kendrick Perkins - you know a former real NBA player that knows the game - and he let those guys do their hand-wringing over Sixers and then said something to the affect "Put some respect on Tr
  3. yeah you gotta listen before hitting the rant button my friend. 😃
  4. this list cannot be right - couldn't find Dexter Lawrence on here and I have been told repeatedly that he is the messiah and much better than Chris Lindstrom.
  5. Pauline's a legit NFL writer and knows the game. He was very complimentary overall.
  6. what do you surmise the hit rate is on 3rd and 4th rounders?
  7. it's funny but not really. it's just media hype and fan wishful thinking. They are what they first appeared.
  8. yeah guys like Worrilow shouldn't be ridiculed - he came out of nowhere, made a small splash - then the hype train starts that he is something more than he is - then comes the "turd in the cheeks"
  9. Hooker came out of THE Ohio State if I recall, right? He was a good college player and wasn’t he with Colts? What has he done in NFL?
  10. I like what I have seen so far - too soon to say but I believe he should outperform his draft position at a bare minimum.
  11. bait & switch - my apologies kind sir.
  12. because of his pedigree at Denver and the one magical season and SuperBowl in Atlanta - people forget how horrid Dan Reeves was running the franchise w/ personnel control - his drafts were horrid. Also, Dan was part of the history of Falcons never having back-to-back winning seasons.
  13. you want to tell us how you feeeeeeeeeeel. "I feel like Justin Fields isn't a good quarterback". you don't want facts. not aggressive - just wanting to deal in fact and not feelings and emotion. 😉
  14. anybody can list it and not stab eyballs out - but if you listen for 27 minutes and you are a true Falcons fan - you will stab your eyeballs out fer sure. Signed, Cyclops
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