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  1. you forgot to say "please".
  2. I would say he will likely go somewhere between #8-#15 when it is all said and done. While he will continue to develop as a pass-rusher, he isn't there just yet So many QBs in this draft that real talent will get pushed down 4-5 picks. Also, generally DT is not as premium position as QB, LT, CB, DE, OLB so a little push down there as well. No doubt I believe Payne's talent and upside is worthy of top 10.
  3. it never fails though - the players that I like that are projected to go in late 1st round always move way, way up. I remember 4 years ago when many of us wanted Aaron Donald at top of 2nd round and he ended up going #13 overall.
  4. no, and if Quenton Nelson was available at our pick then I would pick him over Payne - from what I am seeing, it looks like Nelson will likely go 10 picks or so before Payne. I am not seeing a lot of good guard prospects worthy of 1st round consideration right now outside of Nelson. Believe me,I am with you on the desperate need for an OG.
  5. Payne is a game-wrecker for any team wanting to consistently run the ball - and he can get up field in passrush - at 20yrs old, he is still developing and nowhere near close to what he could be.
  6. I actually think Payne's ceiling is much higher than Vita.
  7. Look at this guy - 308lbs and that is the smallest gut I have ever seen on a man that large. His calves are bigger than 90% of grown men's thighs - he has herculean strength and rag-dolled the Georgia and Clemson offensive lines. I don't know how high he goes in the draft but if he drops into the 20's, Falcons might better think about securing him. I would much rather spend a 1st round pick on Payne than pay Dontari Poe $6-7mm per year or more.
  8. Where was the right rollout by Matt where Julio & Sanu line up on left and go right so that all the action is to the right and the Tight End lines up on right and fakes a block and slips down the left seam? Why was that play M.I.A This season?
  9. Could someone new to offensive coaching staff please show Sark 20 yrs of highlight tapes of Peyton/Brady running pick plays inside the 5yd line for easy passing TDs
  10. Good lawd! I have never seen a player with his play recognition combined with the jets to outrun every angle. Roquan is Superman!
  11. Never understood why he was even thinking of turning pro - but glad he is back!
  12. I would spring for about $30 to Stefon Diggs foundation - would be a bargain for how much entertainment value I received from that play.
  13. My first Samoan!
  14. Yeah we need two good OG’s but that is no excuse. Every unit on every team has a deficiency.