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  1. True and sad for Luke Ford. Usually you need a few outrages to affect change in the NCAA - this is one of them added to the pile. In other news, this transfer portal will hurt the best recruiting teams with depth.
  2. Michael Bennett is 104 years old (Actually 34). He is about 1/2 the player he was in 2015 - his best year statistically. Unless you are getting Bennett for peanuts on a 1 year deal, hard pass.
  3. Still cannot believe the Falcons didn't trade Hoop before the deadline - he was healthy and could have been traded before the deadline. Now that rumor is we let him walk and if we sign Fowler, we likely won't get any comp pick for him as those two contracts will offset somewhat. Stupid mistake by Dimi.
  4. Tried to tell all that re-signing Hooper wasn’t a good move given personnel on team, the salary cap issues, the defense and too much money in contracts and cap to the offensive side of the ball. That and Hooper simply isn’t worth the contract he will receive.
  5. I just have this feeling that Matt won’t play much past 40 - not because he cannot, he just won’t desire to. His two boys are like 2 yrs old now. I know the other QBs have kids as well.
  6. Falcons are gonna have to make a lot of great moves to be a SB contender again - this roster isn't close right now.
  7. at some point both Matt and Julio will be overpaid - let's hope that won't be for another 4 years! I know AB won't be too unhappy if he can get 3-4 more great years out of both these guys.
  8. yeah possibly but wanted to be conservative on number of years and the level of production - conservatively they are both "Top 5" players of all-time in yards at their positions if Matt plays 4 more years and Julio 3 more years - if they play more years or with no dropoff, it goes up from there. Bottom-Line, both these guys are likely to be somewhere in the Top 5 all-time - which is unbelievable - just wish they had the SuperBowl Victory to go with it - at this point, not confident that will ever happen.
  9. I like Andy and Randy a lot. Liked them individually before and even better together. Hard to believe the same program directors that give us Dukes&Bell and Andy&Randy also give us the trainwreck of a morning show with John&Hugh - maybe the worst sportstalk show I have ever heard - and I have heard some bad ones. John Fricke is probably the worst host I have ever heard. His thoughts and takes are so wrong as to be laughable - He believes he is a really good interviewer but asks the stupidest questions and has no insight on anything.
  10. I remember the 2015 NFL Draft the Falcons were linked heavily to Dante' Fowler. I believe there is even a connection from Dan Quinn to Fowler from his time in Florida - until Fowler started rising up the boards, Falcons were heavily linked to Fowler. Anyone else remember this?
  11. never liked the number "5" before but those uni's fonting even make "5" look cool.
  12. Matt Ryan: 1 Drew Brees 77,416 2001-2019 2TM 2 Tom Brady 74,571 2000-2019 nwe 3 Peyton Manning 71,940 1998-2015 2TM 4 Brett Favre+ 71,838 1991-2010 4TM 5 Dan Marino+ 61,361 1983-1999 mia 6 Philip Rivers 59,271 2004-2019 sdg 7 Eli Manning 57,023 2004-2019 nyg 8 Ben Roethlisberger 56,545 2004-2019 pit 9 John Elway+ 51,475 1983-1998 den 10 Matt Ryan 51,186 2008-2019 atl 11 Warren Moon+ 49,325 1984-2000 4TM 12 Fran Tarkenton+ 47,003 1961-1978 2TM 13 Aaron Rodgers 46,946 2005-2019 gnb 14 Carson Palmer 46,247 2004-2017 3TM 15 Vinny Testaverde 46,233 1987-2007 7TM 16 Drew Bledsoe 44,611 1993-2006 3TM 17 Dan Fouts+ 43,040 1973-1987 sdg 18 Matthew Stafford 41,025 2009-2019 det 19 Kerry Collins 40,922 1995-2011 6TM 20 Joe Montana+ 40,551 1979-1994 2TM Matt Ryan is already Top 10 in NFL history in passing yards at 51,186 passing yards. If he averages 4,000yds/season over the next 4 years, that would put him at 5th all-time and within sniffing distance of 4th all-time of Brett Favre. At 35yrs old to start the season, reasonable to believe he would play for at least 4 more years with continued health. Julio Jones: 1 Jerry Rice+ 22,895 1985-2004 3TM 2 Larry Fitzgerald 17,083 2004-2019 crd 3 Terrell Owens+ 15,934 1996-2010 5TM 4 Randy Moss+ 15,292 1998-2012 5TM 5 Isaac Bruce+ 15,208 1994-2009 2TM 6 Tony Gonzalez+ 15,127 1997-2013 2TM 7 Tim Brown+ 14,934 1988-2004 2TM 8 Steve Smith 14,731 2001-2016 2TM 9 Marvin Harrison+ 14,580 1996-2008 clt 10 Reggie Wayne 14,345 2001-2014 clt 11 Andre Johnson 14,185 2003-2016 3TM 12 James Lofton+ 14,004 1978-1993 5TM 13 Cris Carter+ 13,899 1987-2002 3TM 14 Anquan Boldin 13,779 2003-2016 4TM 15 Henry Ellard 13,777 1983-1998 3TM 16 Torry Holt 13,382 1999-2009 2TM 17 Andre Reed+ 13,198 1985-2000 2TM 18 Steve Largent+ 13,089 1976-1989 sea 19 Jason Witten 12,977 2003-2019 dal 20 Irving Fryar 12,785 1984-2000 4TM 21 Art Monk+ 12,721 1980-1995 3TM 22 Brandon Marshall 12,351 2006-2018 6TM 23 Jimmy Smith 12,287 1992-2005 2TM 24 Charlie Joiner+ 12,146 1969-1986 3TM 25 Julio Jones 12,125 2011- Julio (just turned 31) is about to pass a ton of guys this season if he stays healthy and has a typical Julio season. Assuming Julio averages 1,200yds/season over next three years that would put him at 4th overall in the history of the game. While it is natural to assume there will be dropoff over the next three years, I assumed an "average" off 1,200yds and would expect he could exceed that number in 2020 and 2021 - obviously injuries could factor as well. Both Matt Ryan and Julio Jones figure to be Top 5 at their positions in total passing and receiving yardage collectively before they hang it up. Fairly incredible considering the 54 year history of the franchise and no players even close to historic numbers before and now we have two - of course they help each other get to these new heights. Hope both can stay healthy!
  13. I kind of like these - would their be an alternate black helmet/black jersey as well? or just use the historical alternate jerseys we have now black - to go with the above. Also, would they be wearing pants? I could get behind these - like the stripes on top of the shoulder instead of the clown show going down the shoulder we have now. I like that color off red as well.
  14. will be hard pressed to improve upon this - back to the future!
  15. we didn't even franchise Deion Sanders - and YES the franchise tag existed then, it was in its infancy. Think about that, one of the only Hall of Famers in Falcons history - and the idiot Smiths don't even franchise him.