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  1. overpriced - you would have to pay me a lot of money to force me to watch a jets game.
  2. YES and NO..... YES, Quinn does not have the rep of rushing his players back NO, previous regime was notorious for doing so - cost us big-time with Roddy White. Possibly rushed Spoon a few times as well although I got sick of Spoon's injury prone history after awhile.
  3. obviously we all want to see the Falcons new "toy" but I am glad Falcons will be cautious w/ him - I hate bringing players back before they are ready - think it costs the team big time - Falcons rushed Roddy back after a high ankle sprain in pre-season about 4 years ago and he was ineffective almost the entire season. That shoulder injury was a big deal and we can survive a few regular season games as well if need be - let the man heal so he can start the season healthy - whenever that is. Do not want Takk to miss any significant time when we need him most.
  4. obviously UGA is better academically - and Fields did commit at one point to Penn State and was looking at other more academically renowned schools - but not sure how important it is to him now since he was also at one point considering Bama, AU and FSU. Fields is super smart guy - could be class valedictorian at #9-rated academic public high school in the state of Georgia - Harrison HS - my kids go there as well in 9th/10th grades.
  5. Yeah, I really believe that is our only advantage over FSU. They have the more accomplished head coach, tradition is better, better offense, more QB development. If Fields wanted to play baseball, FSU has that on us as well. Sad to say, but our only advantages are the ones you cited.
  6. No worries- just would be nice if you could say the name once before going to the initials
  7. Yeah was not crazy about your intel that said recruit and dad favoring FSU while mom/sis/stepmom wanting UGA.
  8. Yeah, I don't wanna complain because I appreciate the info but just a few more keystrokes please
  9. Thanks for that.....one more - who is "MC"?
  10. Thanks for info. did not hear any "Auburn" in that post? I always thought. FSU with Jimbo as the offensive mind over our underachieving OC/Cheney from last year was UGA's biggest weakness in landing Fields.
  11. What does "CB" stand for?
  12. Corral just committed to Florida
  13. Whatza matter, Corral? Can't get your own nickname?
  14. of course not but I believe the 2018 class will be better - I know Notre Dame has a good prospect if he falls to the back half that we could be interested. But of course your greater point is - you don't take one "just because" - Falcons roster is finally to the point where we should never reach for need. We are good enough everywhere to just take the best player available.