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  1. yes, but clearly those didn't capture the essence of the topic like the OP did here. I'm considering starting a few "trade for Jalen Ramsey" threads myself - think I can improve on the overall wording.
  2. yeah, until Alex Mack can no longer play effectively - he will be a Falcon.
  3. I hope it will be that long. What’s his buyout? Of course UF can pay it. The great news is Mullen is so bad at recruiting - that every year he stays, the talent gets worse which will further handicap the next Florida Head Coach.
  4. The more I watch Mullen, the less impressed I am. I know he is supposed to be an offensive genius, but he simply doesn’t have the temperament, the recruiting chops, the ability to command his players or inspire the fanbase. I just don’t see him lasting more than 4-5 years before the lack of success catches up to him.
  5. DQ and Hair gel boy discussing what to do w/ Tyler Davison beyond this year.
  6. yeah, I see that as a perfect game to do it - that game might need a little more juice if A&M loses 2-3 more games before we play them - also, won't be crazy hot in November - A&M is no slouch team and UGA shouldn't take them lightly. Maybe the black shirts is perfect for that game.
  7. Don’t think it will be AU this year - that’s a road game. Maybe Texas A&M.
  8. Better win NO MATTER WHAT!
  9. I would be shocked if it was anything different than Bulldog Red.
  10. Falcons would do better on receiving punts if they just told all the 10 guys rushing/blocking to sit down on the ground indian style and tell the punt returner just to far catch. It's 10yds for holding or block in the back every single time.
  11. Yeah, the B+ for Matt was much too generous. Hard to give a QB a grade much above a C with 3 INTs in one game. Two of the Three INTs were clear mistakes on Matt's part. One factor though when grading Matt is Philly was in "Cover Zero - All out Blitz" for most of the game - so with that much selling out and pressures, the QB would figure to make more mistakes than usual.
  12. Next year. Save like $3mm against the cap if Falcons cut Free in 2020.
  13. I like that UGA is basically continually recruiting to the end. Dell and Kirbster aren’t just gonna sit around passively and hope Evans commits. I suspect UGA will actively recruit all to the end, no matter what, just in case.
  14. Simms isn’t biased “against” the Falcons. You know his younger brother has played on Falcons practice squad for a few years, right?