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  1. Rusty Mansell said on a 247 interview w/ Kip that - IF - Justin Fields goes to the Miss State game this weekend (he was just in Athens last week for Samford game) that would be FIVE - count'em FIVE visits to Athens and UGA since July - and that would be just the visits we know about - would be hard to believe the DAWGS aren't the favorites if Justin goes back this week. I know Georgia is just a 1 1/2 hour commute from Kennesaw - but why keep going back if you are more interested in FSU, LSU or Auburn? Starting to get a warm fuzzy that Fields might be a DAWG!
  2. he showed flashes w/ Saints though. And from my recollection, Hicks was very raw and had only been playing football for a few years.
  3. Stafford is underrated and improving. He might have more arm talent than anyone in NFL this side of Aaron Rodgers. Stafford could throw a football through a carwash and it would come out dry on the other side.
  4. Falcons are the better team but anyone who thinks "we have better players at 15-of-22 starting positions" - means we win a tough road game against a 2-0/undefeated opponent - it doesn't work that way. We should win and we are favored - but upsets happen every week and the home team has an advantage as well - hard to win NFL road games and the goal/formula for most good NFL teams is to win all your home games and split on the road - 12-4. I will take it every year.
  5. this is the FALCONS cap manager - his name is Nick Polk and his primary job is managing the cap - he never gets credit though. You know how much Rich McKay has to do w/ the cap? ZERO. TD is Polk's boss but Polk is the one with the strategy for managing the cap and structuring contracts accordingly - obviously TD is heavily involved but he is not the brains behind the cap mgmt. NICKPOLK DIRECTOR OF FOOTBALL OPERATIONS BIOGRAPHY Nick Polk enters his ninth season as director of football operations in 2016. He spent five seasons as the club’s director of football administration and enters his 14th year overall with the team. He works closely with General Manager Thomas Dimitroff on all contract proposals, negotiations, and salary cap management. Polk also helps coordinate the Falcons compliance with the NFL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement and labor related issues. Aside from his football operations duties with the Falcons, Polk was responsible for all aspects of the football operations of the Georgia Force, namely; scouting, player selection and development, coach, and player contracts. The Force won the Southern Division title, the National Conference Championship and advanced to Arena Bowl XIX in 2005. Prior to arriving in Atlanta, Polk served as the director of football operations for NFL Europe for four years where he directed all of the NFL Europe League Football Operations. Polk’s time at the League included serving on the NFL Diversity Committee, assisting in football operations at Super Bowl XXXVII and Super Bowl XXXVIII, as well as working as an NFL instant replay communicator for two seasons. He also participated in the inaugural class of the NFL Managers Training program at the Stanford Executive Education Graduate School of Business and in the NFL’s Career Development Symposium at Wharton Business school in 2014 . Polk was previously head football coach at his alma mater, Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania, for four years. He earned a degree in health and physical education and went on to gain a master’s degree in physical education/higher education from James Madison University. He spent five years at JMU as a graduate assistant/restricted earnings coach in the secondary, defensive line, and linebacker positions. He also served in different coaching roles at Brown University, Delaware State University and Southern Connecticut State University. Born in Mineola, New York and raised in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, Polk and his wife, Michelle, live in Braselton, Georgia, with their two daughters, Maddie and Michaela.
  6. I actually liked Akeem Hicks when he was w/ the Saints. Always thought he was good - did not understand why New England did not hang onto him either. He wreaks havoc in the middle of the line.
  7. yeah, for Miami.
  8. Ownership is in disarray as well with the family squabbles and Benson possibly with dementia. If ownership purges team but leaves Loomis in charge, they are asking for another decade of misery. They flat out lucked into Brees as he wanted to go to Miami and Saban wanted Daunte Culpepper instead.
  9. Wow, 19yrs of picks and we can only definitely say Cam Jordan and Brandon Cooks were legit studs..... I have been telling people for years, if you takeaway Bree's and just put an average QB on there, Saints would have worst roster in NFL. THEY SUCK!!!!!
  10. If you are gonna tank, why not trade FaceStain now for whatever you can get for him? Only issue would be the phat contract and would receiving team and/or trading team be able to move it.
  11. Don't see Houston as they drafted Deshaun Watson - Vikings seem a more likely fit.
  12. Not sure who is in charge in the sewer that is called New Orleans but looks like they are purging and cleaning house. Saints traded another BUST first rounder - Stephane Anthony(LB, Clemson) to Miami for a 5th round pick. It also appears Kenny Vaccaro is on the trade block and being held out of games. Don't be surprised if Saints shop Adrian Peterson as well. Further, with Breejesus at end of his reign and this being considered a very good QB draft, I see the full on TANK as the best strategy right now - the problem if you are a Saints fan is they still have Mickey Loomis as GM and Vicodin man as Head Coach.
  13. certainly Beasley could end up staying out 4 weeks - but gotta take DQ at his word right now - he does not play a lot of games w/ injuries like Belicheck and Mike Smith. who knows?
  14. nah.....same guy. press conference is more analysis though.
  15. GMF always gives Falcons props - the whole crew likes Falcons.