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  1. I know Justin Fields was in Athens yesterday as well - I am sure he was looking to lock down a few more hosses up front
  2. Brian Finneran on 680-the-fan said this morning he thinks Freeman should be out for remainder of year as he had concussion in pre-season, likely had a concussion last week even though it was not diagnosed and now he just had one which would basically be three concussions in one season. This is why you get your money when you can as a player. Hope Free isn't out for year, but if he needs to be - then I hope he is. Gotta protect your brain!
  3. Clay Webb is the kid's name I was referring to.
  4. Who wouldn’t do that deal? Beside we are in the mix for a 5-Star OG from Oxford, AL in 2019. Grab Salyer this year and Mays and this Oxford kid next year.
  5. Strongly disagree. UGA has shown what they needed to show already to the recruits. Let’s not make this loss more than it really was. Trey Hill was probably an AU lean all along. We are not going to win every recruiting battle - we have just been so hot that it seems like it.
  6. Wow....
  7. Still ready to run the GUS Bus outta town?
  8. When you play a top defense and you cut the passing offense playbook in half, you are assisting the opposing defensive coordinator. Fromm has gotten better as the season has gone along but he could be even further along. Let me tell you, you have to give your QB more opportunities in a big game like AU and let him pass on first down - while game is close enough. It became obvious quickly that we were not going to impose our will on AU front 7.
  9. The coaches had a bad game. No one is disputing this. Those trying to make it something bigger is what I have an issue. Need a much larger sample size before I am going to lose confidence . Yesterday was a coaching clusterfu#k no doubt!
  10. You do understand Kirby only has two recruiting classes on campus. In Year#2 we got to 9-0. #progress
  11. Yep but Kirby had never been a head coach - he made a ton of mistakes in his rookie year and is much better this year - he will learn from this. Saban had a losing record at Michigan State. Battle scars are not fun but great coaches learn from them. I believe Kirby has potential to be great.
  12. YES and that was coaching more so than anything. I really don’t understand Chaney/Kirby’s reluctance after nine games to open up the passing game. It is fair to say nobody anticipated a complete shutdown of the dawgsrun game - but the coaches should have had contingency for this possibility. They had no answers. Time to open up playbook against Kentucky and Tech as dress rehearsal for SECCG
  13. Yeah, I was suprised that Kirby and Chaney did not anticipate AU’s ability to take away the run given their vaunted reputation. If you want to run against a team like AU, Clemson or Bama, you gotta do it with the lead - not down two scores. Georgia ‘s running game did not come close to wearing down Auburn defense. On the opposite side, Georgia ‘s stubborn play calling and inability to stay on field on offense left our defense on the field too long and they broke in the 3rd qtr.
  14. The fans - Yes The team - No Hopefully this will bring the team together and force the coaching staff to focus on a more balanced attack. You can run through 70% of your schedule year in and year out - but you cannot run through everybody. Look at Bama last night- when the game was on the line, they had to pass to beat Miss State.
  15. I agree with this assessment but it really has nothing to do with Jake Fromm like @Rise tried to make it out to be. Georgia has had plenty of blowouts to try and more effectively establish the pass and did not do so. Our O-Line needed more live action doing so. This team was not prepared to play a different game and/or to come from behind by more than one score. I saw too few adjustments