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  1. sounds like we have lost some momentum w/ Ferguson, Mondon and James Williams.
  2. from SoFL Dawg: SoFL_Dawg Posts: 10,014 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate 1:50PM edited 1:58PM Just checking in...hopefully you Dawgs are having a great weekend. Mentioned TID previously and what we were hearing there. Dropped lil Major there previously and feel great about that today. Also mentioned that Bowers was coming in for Wednesday-weekend. BV and Bowers hooked up yesterday. Dawg. He still is visiting UW, but without Chris Peterson there, I doubt they have enough even with last visit. Significant win by staff to yet again pull an elite player from across the country, this time without an OV. Monken is spinning Gold. Saw @Copedawg16 post above on James Williams. Yes we still feel UGA will be the choice, but unfortunately updated news on Williams is that he is one of the players I’ve alluded to that all football questions have been answered. His hesitations have nothing to do with football at this point. Unfortunate for staff but we have confidence they’ll overcome; and if they don’t, sign of the times. The safety that the U just picked up is the first domino on a run on these Miami kids. If they all choose to stay home, **** of a haul there including four 5 star caliber players. More pointed, that S will not prevent Williams from choosing them as well. If they show it on the field we’ve got a battle that we could easily lose. Williams is another we thought would be public by now. Can’t continue to ignore those not announcing when they’ve seen everything we have to offer. Keep Noah Josey on your radars. FSU is making a strong move on Terrence Ferguson who favors playing T. If he becomes a depth chart casualty, Josey is next up. This has no impact on A. Mims, but don’t tell AtlVol that. If I had to make a choice today, I still would say Ferguson chooses the good guys but he’s another we thought would be public by now. I do believe this is exclusively football related looking at the guys in front of him. On WR, we can’t sit any better with MJJ and Marcus Burke. I won’t project them into the class until they’re on campus but without visits, the chatter couldn’t be more positive. Ceiling is incredibly high on MJJ and Burke is a legit WR already. Revisiting an older name, have gotten word that staff is still communicating Demeioun Robinson. Along with Shemar Turner, both are names to continue to watch if visits resume. Work to be done with both. Korey Foreman is the third name to know there obviously, nothing new there. I’d guess all 3 will be prioritized. Again, Dallas Turner is not likely to flip to UGA. On CB, Nyland Green has been reprioritized following the reclassification for Grimes. AU sits the best here. Based on today, wouldn’t project Green to the class right now but the longer it goes, the better for us. ILB, we lead on Sorey. I’m hesitant to say that on Mondon. He’s another that football questions have been answered. TWill at au is winning the relationship/relatability battle. There is a school of thought that Mondon is attempting to keep folks guessing on where he’s leaning, but it’s starting to feel that it’s more than that. Again, assuming there’s a season, the longer this goes the better for us imo. So good times on Bowers, more of the same on Mims, but we have some battles ahead. We’ll win more of those than we’ll lose. Probably should post in 22 thread but I’m being lazy. 22 is going to be Kirby’s best class on paper assuming these juniors continue their progression. Going to be huge on instate as well. Thinking 6 five star players in 22 right now. Continue to enjoy y’all weekend ✌️.
  3. this is why I am not enthusiastic about Falcons offense. How many times have we seen/heard "linebacker/saftey" on opposing teams calling out the upcoming play based on offensive alignment. The entire purpose of motion and movement pre-snap is to show one thing and then do another. Shannahan not only had pre-snap motion but also had several variations of plays, options and could make a run play look like a pass and vice-versa. Falcons lack of pre-snap and lack of ability to disguise plays makes it easier on defenses - and that is just plain dumb.
  4. Falcons already are paying a ton of money for OG position in Carpenter & Brown and have Lindstrom holding down the RG position and entrenched in ink. Falcons have Matt Gono who is a swing guard/tackle and just drafted Matt Hennessy who will compete for starting LG as well. There ain't a chance in H#LL the Falcons are spending money on another guard.
  5. agreed for continued prayer - the medical prognosis wasn't encouraging.
  6. https://247sports.com/Article/Elite-11-Top-Performers-Day-One-148678242/
  7. uggh - hate to hear that. She is an absolutely beautiful woman as well. Do you have a link to story or did he just mention on twitter or something?
  8. what happened to Ringo's mom?
  9. if you recall, the kid was coming off some type of leg injury and couldn't run at the combine. Throw in the transfer from Bama to Ohio State which probably cost him some standing/playing time at both schools and you have the recipe' for a sleeper/hidden gem.
  10. So_Fl Dawg says we are about to go back-to-back misses w/ Dallas Turner(Bama) and Tony Grimes(UNC). Still seems confident we will overtake UNC at some point for Grimes. Turner is gone and will stay gone. Brock Bowers and family visiting Athens on their own dime just to get a sense of the city. Not allowed to meet w/ coaches since dead period but a $2,000 trip paid by the family on their own dime is a strong indication the Dawgs sit well here. Knowing Kirby, he has a few silent commits that will pop right around the time we miss on Turner and Grimes.
  11. McGary could be the key to the entire offiense - he simply has to get better in pass pro. Last year he was a rook so we will cut him some slack - this year he has to produce in pass pro.
  12. all those hoping for Jamal Adams trade need to start coming to terms w/ reality. Falcons are not going to make moves like that for another 2-3 years as they just have too many big contracts. They showed you this off-season how they need to operate given the salary cap contraints.
  13. SoFl seems to be saying w/ Kipp, he now believes the initial word will be that Grimes commits to UNC - but he adds he still thinks Grimes will ultimately sign w/ UGA.
  14. And it’s so selfless as UGA isn’t even your team. We appreciate you, Youngblood’s! If you’re a Dad, hope you have a terrific Father’s Day. Same to all my other father brothers in this forum.
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