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  1. Ok - granted but do you want to win ONE SuperBowl or multiple? Packers and Seahawks have won one - but generally in the mix every year. Brady the GOAT. Manning won 2. You know the list of QBs w/ multiple SBs - none of them were just adequate/good. To be in the mix year after year after Motherloving year - you need an elite QB - a Top 5 QB. This is the most consitent way to be a perennial contender. The problem with building other ways is you cannot keep all the talent that makes an elite defense - every elite defense that wins a SB is pilfered through free agency. This i
  2. Goff isn't good enough - don't ever see them winning a SB with him. Who was the last team to win a SB w/o an elite QB? Ravens and Dilfer in 2000? Tamp and Brad Johnson a few years later? Not many...
  3. I had so many telling me how "you gotta re-sign Hooper". I was MEH. Hooper isn't a star at TE. He is a competant TE that benefitted from a team last year who was throwing 40 times in 2nd half during garbage time when teams were doubling Julio. Dumb signing by Browns and thank God we didn't re-sign him.
  4. another example of how utterly STUPID it was for Falcons to give into Julio to re-do his contract. They had him on a contract through Julio's "age 32" season. Blank's "Falcon for Life" mentality bit him in the buttocks - or Julio would be easy to move w/ very little cap ramifications.
  5. B-I-N-G-O! I know it's college but my Georgia Bulldogs are a perfect example #2-85 they have arguably the best roster in college football - it's close w/ Bama, Clemson and Ohio State - but probably true. Regardless, Dawgs cannot sniff a Natty because they suck at the QB position. This "build the roster" and then get your QB - well, it would be great if it worked out like that but this year you might have two of the better prospects that have come to the draft for awhile - not every year is a good QB draft year - sometimes it's 2-3 years in between a decent QB coming out - and you
  6. I believe the NFL likely views LAWRENCE as the best QB prospect since Luck. Teams like JETS - who haven't had a great QB since Joe Namath in 1968 - that's 50+ years for those that struggle w/ algebra (not you Sidecar) - Jets I seriously doubt would hesitate to take him and trade off Darnold similar to what the Cards did when they drafted Kyler Murray and jettisoned the UCLA kid whose name escapes me now. Minshew? again no. Jags have nothing invested in him and he hasn't shown that much Giants? Redskins? As far as it relates to Trevor Lawrence - believe all would take T-Law
  7. You don't think the Colts "Sucked for Luck"? Because I sure believe they did.
  8. value proposition with regards to star players also has to be "forward looking" - i.e. Julio may be worth his salary now but be worth 1/2 his salary in two years. Moreover, a big salary versus the salary cap could mean 2-3 other significant players - OR - 5-6 more slight roster upgrade players that helps overall depth of the team. The "Falcon for Life" mentality needs to go out the door. If Joe Montana wasn't a "Niner for life" and Tom Brady wasn't a "Patriot for Life" - two franchises with 4+ SB trophies each - then why should Matt Ryan or Julio Jones be a "Falcon for Life"? I c
  9. none of it matters until you get THE QUARTERBACK. You get said QB whenever he becomes available or within striking distance. The theory about "build rest of roster first" - it just doesn't work that way. For example: If you are convinced that Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields or whoever else is a Next Level Star - and you have the draft position and/or position plus trade assets to "get him" you do it.
  10. yes that is what I said if you read my original email - it's only complicated for some people - NO ONE thinks nor expects players to do anything but there best. Organizations employ the strategy often in many sports though - not the players. this is simple.
  11. I am very aware of the differences. MLB - no salary cap and you have the "haves" and the "have nots" - also have the farm systems where you trade for future stars(which can be speculative) NBA - only takes ONE star player to turn a franchise NFL - salary cap league and stars with big contracts and over age of 30 don't have a lot of value in trade market Lots of other differences as well but those are the biggies - bottom-line, Falcons need a re-set and a roster shake-up to go along w/ coaching shake-up. I would certainly keep most of the young talent Defense-
  12. i feel ya brotha. Braves and Hawks tanked and you could make strong argument that it was done intentionally. Hawks aren't there yet but are amassing talent. Braves just missed the World Series but are very close. I know Players don't tank - but organizations do all the time and do so strategically. If I was GM, I would do so if I could. I would take whatever hit I had to take to trade Matt and Julio if it was even possible to do so. If I could get 2nd round picks, I would do it. People will argue you should get more but the salary is a big detriment to getting other NFL
  13. Guys, don't get your hopes up for the #1 overall pick - or even a Top 3 pick. There are 7 other teams with a record as bad (or worse) than Falcons 1-5 record. Falcons are better than all those teams and now that "Coach Buddy" is gone, we are going to win more games. I would love nothing more than to draft Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields with a Top 3 pick but it just isn't likely to happen. NFL Records right now: NY Jets (0-6) - could draft a QB, Darnold just isn't getting it done Jacksonville Jaguars (1-5) - Garner P-U Minnesota Vikings (1-5) - "Mediocre" is C
  14. It really is that simple. We have had the worst QB in every matchup. Dawgs probably have better overall roster - but Bama has better QB and receivers
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