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  1. I don’t need to “hear anything” - and most everyone does agree Justin needs more playing time - but when Bdawg, TurkeyDawg, etc. invent all these reasons why Justin may be missing the mark - I will push back on it - just want everyone to Judge Fields based on what they have seen - not what they haven’t seen. I am UGA alum(‘88) and I ride with Dawgs no matter what - UGA fan first and foremost over any individual player - I am huge KIRBY guy as well - but it doesn’t mean Kirby is perfect - and he’s not. I believe he has done a poor job handling these QBs overall.
  2. For someone trying to be King Solomon and split the baby, you sure seem intent on coming down on me. In your analysis above, I see no account for coaching error. The greatest coach in the history of college football - Nick Saban - watched practices every day and concluded Jalen Hurts was the right QB just one year ago - had he not changed course in 2nd half of the Natty and inserted Tua - UGA would be the reigning national champs. I am not “Fields or Bust” but I do see coaching errors that have already been made in this QB rotation and development of Justin. If Saban can make those errors, then certainly Kirby can as well.
  3. Agreed and thank you, kind sir.
  4. I wanted to do it before you died.
  5. It’s not a narrative. Dawgs defense isn’t championship level this year and UGA has to squeeze every bit of talent out of its offensive weaponry available. I don’t care if Fields “starts” - makes no difference to me this year- but for Dawgs offense to be as good as it can be, Chaney has to squeeze the playmaking abilities that Fields possesses so it can be converted into points. People like yourself and Turkeydawg need to get over last year - last year was last year - it’s like the Sopranos, “it’s over”.
  6. Fields can be successful just like Fromm, Lawrence, DeShaun Watson and other Freshman QBs have been successful. This is a Chicken/Egg argument.
  7. Can we still win the SB? No
  8. More meaningful snaps? Actually the opposite is true. Fields has gotten less meaningful snaps versus better competition. YES, Fields has to earn his time but from what some have said Fields has looked good in practice. Is he not reading the defense as quick as Fromm? Most likely, the answer is YES - Fields doesn’t have the in-game experience at this level as Fromm - but to get it, you gotta play him. To be ready to compete with Fromm in 2019 for starters position and to help the team in 2018 - Fields has to be used much better and given opportunities to read defenses, go through progressions and make throws. Right now, Kirby is bringing him in as basically an extra runner on field.
  9. 2018 Atlanta Falcons Draft Class 1st rd) Calvin Ridley, WR-Alabama - Fantastic new weapon, precision route runner and red zone threat. Ridley is the magic elixir the team needed to make opposing defenses pay dearly for all the bracket coverage Julio gets in the red zone. Should be a 8-10yr player for Falcons capable of 80+ receptions per year, 1,000+yds per year and 8+ TDs per year - and that as a #2 option. Once Julio retires he could do more. Grade: A 2nd rd) Isaiah Oliver, CB - Colorado - Right now, Oliver is taking his lumps and is struggling. Not sure if Oliver is going to make it as a corner in the NFL - he looks more like a free safety to me on this level. Now, the light may come on next year and that wouldn’t surprise me but for now, this pick looks suspect. Grade: C- 3rd rd) Deadrin Senat, DT-USF - Senat seems to improve little by little as the season goes on and is already contributing piece in the rotation. At worst, he will be what he already is - a contributing rotational player. At best, he could develop into a starter with upside. Grade: B 4th rd) Ito Smith, RB-Southern Miss - Smith has big play ability but not sure he will ever be more than a #2RB and 3rd down weapon. Even if that is all he is, getting a contributor with a carve-out role and some special teams ability is not bad for end of 4th rd. Grade: B 6th rd) Foye Olokun, OLB-Yale - I must admit I was skeptical of this pick when it happened- I was wrong. Olokun has starter ability and fits the nickel LB role to a “T”. I could see him develop very much the way DeVondre Campbell did, Grade: A 6th rd) Russell Gage, WR-LSU - He was drafted for his special teams ability but I actually believe he has a higher upside as a #3-type ability receiver. Pressed into duty last week, I thought he looked decent and made a catch - very athletic. Grade: B Overall Draft Grade: B+ I really like this class and it has exceeded my expectations. The only real disappointment is Isaiah Oliver but it takes cornerbacks longer to develop. I expect Ridley to develop into the best #2 WR in all the NFL and better than 1/3 of the teams #1 WRs
  10. Do you guys remember that one year where UGA was heavily favored over Florida and UF just ran it down our throats over and over and over again and the Dawgs defense seemed powerless to stop it? I believe that is fully what Dan Mullen intends to do - he won't abandon the pass but he will save the pass plays for after the run is well established and then try to hit us with big plays over the top - you better believe that is the game plan. On defense, Todd Grantham is going to run a lot of run blitzes at us to put us in 3rd and longs.
  11. Fields is not a dumb kid/player either - he made a 29 on his ACT and was top 20 in his class at Harrison HS which is one of the better public high schools in Georgia. The kid is very smart. I am not buying the fact that Fields would be struggling w/ the playbook, etc - he may not have it down cold like Fromm does - but I'm sure he is not "deer in headlights" overwhelmed, either. If Kirby/Chaney are not willing to let Fields play and allow him to learn in game atmosphere, make a mistake or two/learn from it and overcome it by making great plays - then the team will suffer in the long run and Justin will leave. If Jake Fromm's ego is so fragile that he cannot handle Justin playing a little more (and I don't believe that to be the case), then that would be a problem as well. Let Jake and Justin go in the game and cut it loose - I actually think it would be good for the team overall and probably would increase confidence in both players. Right now, I think Jake is pressing and Justin is probably very frustrated - neither of those are good things and you don't get the most out of your QBs when both feeling that type of anxiety.
  12. It’s not really an overreaction though. Even Vandy and Mizzou ran well against our defense. The difference is those teams got behind early. Dawgs have been fortunate in previous games to get up on teams which forced them to not run as much as they would like. The LSU game is only an outlier in respect that they had the lead so they could keep running and running.
  13. Don’t want to talk about transfer stuff too much because don’t believe Kirby would let it get that far. Would be a bitter pill to swallow though to see Fields go to LSU, ATM, OSU, OK, or PSU and see that school Win a Natty. We have the second coming of DeShaun Watson wearing the Fancy G on his helmet, all we have to do is let him play.
  14. Yeah, I don’t really care what Kirby says to the media - what is said is a throwaway. Kirby isn’t going to give us anything on the QB situation and that’s OK - usually on a bye week coaches do a lot of self scouting in all areas and I am sure they are working overtime on the QB situation as well as run defense, pass blocking, etc - all the personnel and scheme, etc. The QB situation is an easy fix. Just divide up the drives more and give Justin more of the offensive playbook. Give these kids entire drives to get in a groove. Ride the hot hand after both have gotten into the flow of the game.
  15. Turkey dawg, if you don’t believe Fields would transfer if things stayed the same for rest of the year, then you are incredibly naive. He was the #1 HS player in the nation and the best QB prospect to come out in at least the last 5 years. You think FIELDS would give a rat’s *** about it being Fromm’s junior year? Fields is not DJ Shockley. If Fields doesn’t play much the rest of the way this year and is just used as a designated runner, why should he feel confident in this coaching staff in 2019 that they will use him correctly? I believe a change in course will happen because I don’t believe Kirby is that stubborn not to see his past mistakes handling this - and I believe he will alter course - but make no mistake- if he doesn’t, Justin will transfer and rightfully so.