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  1. not really because when you make a big dollar free agent mistake - it costs you more than just the draft pick
  2. the head coach of the 65lb Ellijay Anteaters team.
  3. he runs the offense that he is given - as did the other Ohio State QBs that didn't have 70% of Justin's talent.
  4. Niners if they want him. Alex Mack played for Cal and I assume he is from there. Alex Mack played for Kyle Shannahan in the ATL and I assume he likes him. Don't think Niners have a great center Add it all up - and Mack is a 69-er.
  5. Fields runs the offense as Ryan Day and Ohio State want it run. Your problem is with Ohio State offense, not Fields - you just don't know it.
  6. I have posted maybe one mock in 2021. free agency is not a get rich quick. The huge impact guys from free agency are a very small percentage. You bring up Turner and another Brady and those are extreme examples of success. For every big dollar free agent success story there are 7-8 that are failures.
  7. As old as you are Methuselah, if you haven’t seen by now that free agency is a train ticket to nowhere, then you don’t have the capability to learn from history.
  8. Gilbert is starting to feel more and more like Zach Evans.
  9. After watching NFL free agency now for decades, these results are conclusive. Heavy Free Agent spending on other teams free agents simply isn't a recipe for success and it really is as simple as this: The team w/ the player they are letting go to free agency - there is a good reason they let them go - if they were truly worth the market bearing contract the current team would simply retain the player. Mistakes generally aren't made by teams when they let these players go to free agency - especially the players that will get a top of their position type of contract. No team knows
  10. restructuring our top 4 contracts is a recipe for disaster. you cannot restructure Matt & Julio - kicking that can down the road and increasing future cap hits with players that are already on the backside now and will get worse later - will guarantee even worse problems in the future when you need to move on from these players.
  11. The “impact rookie season” is sooooo overrated. So many on TATF build their entire draft strategy over players they believe make the huge impact rookie season - like that is the most important analysis on earth. Of course you want rookies to be as successful as possible but you don’t draft players for a one year investment.
  12. but our defense that has to replace or needs to replace 3/4 of our secondary and still doesn't have a passrush and needs to replace 50% of the roster - is going to be able to contend for a SuperBowl in 2021 or 2022 if they don't draft a QB. okaaaaaay.
  13. To me it is as simple as this: Is the Falcons roster going to be good enough in next two years to win a SB? If the answer to that is “NO” then Matt & Julio being dealt as soon as economically feasible(probably 2022) is the way to go - regardless of what you do at #4. I have made no bones about it that Justin Fields will be elite and a star in the NFL. I am “putting it out there” into the TATF ecosphere. If I am wrong, I am wrong - but strongly believe it to be correct. I see the opportunity to draft Justin as a long-term game changer for the Falcons. Not worried about
  14. "don't have the luxury to pick up at back-up QB at #4" with so many holes on the roster." part of why they have so many holes is a $40mm QB cap hit. just more proof you and others like you think about Falcons in a one year increment only. Imagine in 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025 when your starting QB cap hits are around $5-6mm per year versus $40mm.
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