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  1. Don’t think Chubb was ever better than he was before. He was better his Senior Yr than Junior but both years were after injury. I believe he was better before the injury- quicker and more explosive. Chubb was probably stronger after injury - but not a better running back
  2. So two tears but on two different knees? I guess that is better. I wonder if coming back from one year puts more pressure on the good knee. Even though athletes can come back now in 8-10 mos, still think you really need 14-18 mos to really be 100%.
  3. Well at least now Zamir will have a full calendar year to come back. Sucks though! Now we likely only get him for 2 years versus 3 years if he goes to Draft early. At least this happened at arguably the Dawgs deepest position. Swift, Holyfield, Herrien & Cook. We should be alright.
  4. I am about convinced Duke Riley just is what we are seeing - maybe a backup and special teams guy and no more. Doesn’t look tough, reacts slowly/no instincts. Foye looks better in two preseason games than Riley has in 6 preseason games and an entire NFL season. The Fat Lady is doing her vocal exercises.
  5. there really aren't any excuses for last year falconidae and the sooner you stop making them the better. Packers won the SuperBowl with about 25% of their starters on IR. Eagles won the SuperBowl with their MVP-leading QB on IR. You are telling me the Falcons grip on dominance is so fragile that they cannot handle losing their 5th best Offensive Lineman to retirement (who was the weak link in SB year) and a Fullback that played 20% of the time? If the Falcons cannot weather those losses, then they literally have ZERO chance going forward. #lameassexcuses
  6. yeah it was exactly 65% of the same offensive team as far as production . As far as personnel on the field, it was about 90%+ the same (when take into account the fullback plays about 20% of the snaps, Chester/Schweitzer was a wash and no major injuries). You do the math.
  7. I'll pay the DEVIL to replace her...
  8. and it won't matter if those guys do well if Senat does the same. I like our odds as Dan Quinn is a defensive line expert.
  9. I wanted him. Isaiah Wynn is gonna be a stud in the NFL - unfortunately for him and Pats, it won't be until 2019 now.
  10. You need to take a deep breath, Peyton. Deadrin Senat is looking good - if he does what Falcons need him to do, it won't matter what Settle nor Phillips do behind him. It's the NFL, Falcons cannot have every great player - we needed a really good run-stuffing DT - and it looks like we probably got one.
  11. 33.8 PPG in 2016 (1st / 32) 22.1 PPG in 2017 (15th /32) Sorry, you don't lose a Touchdown, a Field Goal and over 1/2 of another Field Goal a game based on what you reference above, which is also very exaggerated. With the freakishly great season in 2016, a new OC, and some middling injuries/personnel changes, I would have expected the Points Per Game to decline to about 27-28 points per game. Falcons lost 35% of their offense in one season with no major injuries nor personnel losses. That is GAWD awful.
  12. It's the NFL = Not For Long. Players careers are short - as a coordinator, you don't get 2-3 years to slide into your job. So if Sark sucks and we "can him", we gonna give the next OC 2-3 years to produce as well? Think about it. Three years from now Julio will be 32 and Ryan 36yrs old. I understand being thrown into a job. I know it isn't an easy transition. I know Sark was trying to run Shannahan's offense. Frankly it was kind of stupid to bring in a new OC and tell him to run someone else's system - Did you think the Falcons offense looked the same? I didn't - and it wasn't just those handful of crucial drops, either. Outside of week#1, cannot think of one time they ran that Tight End clearing route where the receivers all go one way and the Tight End fakes a block and goes the other and gets loose by 10-20yards. I think the Falcons offensive playbook is changing a little this offseason to work in more of Sark's concepts. Also, you keep saying "summer" above but Sark was hired on February 7th so he did have a full offseason in the job before the summer.
  13. Nobody thought the Points Per Game wouldn’t drop - that was conceded by ALL. Points Per Game dropping 4-5ppg was acceptable - dropping 10+ ppg is ridiculous.
  14. I agree. If LaFleur jumpstarts Tennessee Titans offense and we burn another year of Julio and Matt in their prime that will be an unforgivable sin. I will remain hopeful heading into this year but losing over 10ppg with all the same personnel - should have never happened!
  15. That would be epic but never thought he would commit this early