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  1. Thank you. I can assure you Justin Fields is not following anyone to any school - FSU or UGA. Kenyatta my azz
  2. If he holds out and misses preseason but is back by game#1, all will be quickly forgiven - as long as he plays well
  3. hope you are right but RB holdouts are the norm because of their shortened careers.
  4. Freeman's only card to play is holding out. Given that his agent got it out there about his deal at SuperBowl - this will setup even more bad PR if Free holds out - with the new stadium, needing to get off to a fast start, etc. w/ new season. If Free's representation decides to push a holdout, Free could hurt his brand - which is very good right now.
  5. I want Free to get a fair deal and be happy - he deserves it. Here is the problem - Freeman has ZERO leverage and if he wants more than $9mm/yr, then Falcons would be kind of dumb to give him that. Free's likely best two years left in his career are the next two years. $1.8mm - Free's contract this year(2017) $12.2mm - **Projected** Franchise tag next year (assumed it stays the same as now) So Falcons could make Free play out his contract and franchise him next year and that is $14mm and he would risk injury this year so he is only guaranteed $1.8mm. He could regress and not be injured and lose money. If the above played out, he would average $7mm per/yr. I believe the fair deal is to give Freeman something like 4years, $40mm with first $27mm guaranteed and a last year salary of $13mm that he might not get unless he is still a top player - in effect, a 3 year, $27mm deal averaging $9mm per/yr. If Free wants $10-12mm/yr (or more) and guarantees north of $30mm - it just won't happen - no matter how much the Falcons love him - it would be GM malpractice to do more than what I suggested above. It sucks for RBs but the truth is their best years physically are from 22-28yrs old and DeVonta at age 25 is square in the middle of his prime years already with only three more prime years to go - if you believe history.
  6. seems that way - can you blame him really? Jimbo Fisher is an offensive guy anyway and that always helps a QB when the HC is an offensive guru as opposed to defensive. Our OC seemed to underachieve dramatically last year - not saying it is all his fault but it is fair to say "the jury is out" on Chaney. Of course I am a Dawg (and a Harrison Hoya!) but the combination of tradition, head coach and his history w/ QBs, less young talent in front of him at QB position - I hope/pray Fields becomes a dawg - but if he goes to FSU, there will be understandable reasons why he would have chosen FSU over the Dawgs. If you are Justin's dad, I am sure you are most concerned about getting your son to a place where he will be developed the best to reach his full potential so he can play at the next level.
  7. Based on what? Just read two pages of this thread with feelings and Bulldog Bob and FSU boosters saying they are behind and you are undoing it based on stinking thinking?
  8. if it happens, let us know asap..that would be a nice way to start the week.
  9. first off.....I am not watching it - the title tells me all I need to know. secondly, if I was a mod, this thread would be gone. As to the OP, go post this on Saintsreport - I am sure they will appreciate it more.
  10. overpriced - you would have to pay me a lot of money to force me to watch a jets game.
  11. YES and NO..... YES, Quinn does not have the rep of rushing his players back NO, previous regime was notorious for doing so - cost us big-time with Roddy White. Possibly rushed Spoon a few times as well although I got sick of Spoon's injury prone history after awhile.
  12. obviously we all want to see the Falcons new "toy" but I am glad Falcons will be cautious w/ him - I hate bringing players back before they are ready - think it costs the team big time - Falcons rushed Roddy back after a high ankle sprain in pre-season about 4 years ago and he was ineffective almost the entire season. That shoulder injury was a big deal and we can survive a few regular season games as well if need be - let the man heal so he can start the season healthy - whenever that is. Do not want Takk to miss any significant time when we need him most.
  13. obviously UGA is better academically - and Fields did commit at one point to Penn State and was looking at other more academically renowned schools - but not sure how important it is to him now since he was also at one point considering Bama, AU and FSU. Fields is super smart guy - could be class valedictorian at #9-rated academic public high school in the state of Georgia - Harrison HS - my kids go there as well in 9th/10th grades.
  14. Yeah, I really believe that is our only advantage over FSU. They have the more accomplished head coach, tradition is better, better offense, more QB development. If Fields wanted to play baseball, FSU has that on us as well. Sad to say, but our only advantages are the ones you cited.
  15. No worries- just would be nice if you could say the name once before going to the initials