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  1. LG1, Americus & Bulldog Bob = Father, Son & Holy Ghost
  2. No coincidence that Bama’s lack of closing skill and Kirby being gone happened at same time.
  3. If Dawgs sweep Dean, Sanders & Neal after they lose Thibs today - Bama messageboards Will spontaneously combust at the same time. Molten lava melt
  4. @Carter it’s hard to picture Sam Pittman going Ofer 2 on Neal/Wright even if he is starting a little late and having a high school coach in the tank for one. I don’t know which one we get but if Wright doesn’t get talked into committing early and we miss on Neal - I bet Pittman closes on Wright. Hopefully we just get Neal and be done with it.
  5. That Bama stranglehold on #1 class just got a little looser. If Dawgs can get commits from Haselwood and beat Bama for Dean, Sanders and Neal - we might go Back-to-Back #1 classes.
  6. Ha The Bama Melt starts early Once again, Bama fans think they have a recruit in the bag - and they don’t. Nations #2 prospect DE Kayvon Thibodeaux a DUCK!
  7. Nations #2 overall prospect and #2 DE Kayvon Thibodeaux announcing between Bama, Oregon, FSU or Florida any minute now - supposed to be 3:30pm at halftime of Utah State/North Texas. Most think it’s Bama with Oregon with outside chance. Would be a glorious Bama melt if he picked anyone but Bama. Not expecting it - supposedly Kayvon started following a lot of Bama prospects and commits.
  8. After first day of practice, Clay Webb said he had never had so much fun and couldn’t wait until the next day!
  9. Thinks Dawgs recruiting department has a high tech graphics design department with ability to take photos from internet and transpose them onto a poster.
  10. I am not claiming to know which way he will feel - I made that very clear. Sheesh
  11. Well Jadon will probably love it , but he will either love it or hate it and there won’t be any in between.
  12. Saw on SECRant in UGA section that UGA decorating Haselwood’s hotel room had some type of tribute poster or something with Jadon and his friend that was killed. Seems a weird thing to do.
  13. UT’s pitch is come play big boy SEC ball and ball out and you could start as a Freshman. You sell what you have on the shelf.