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  1. and to add, I believe our front office does like to look ahead a year as well - in 2011, we traded up for Julio and the 2012 1st round was putrid - was a good year to trade up. not talking about trades here - just taking a sneak peak to see what is coming down the pike.
  2. given what @Kayoh said w/ 2019 class being a deep class of DTs as well - I really don't see us double-dipping unless the 2nd guy just falls into our lap at great value.
  3. Duke doesn’t exactly look ripped to be 23 yr old pro athlete.
  4. some times teams just are looking at different positions and teams bypass value at one position to take a less talented player at another position.....not saying it will happen w/ Moore but it might.
  5. maybe to satisfy those that don't believe DJ Moore would fall - Falcons could trade 2nd/3rd rounder to move up and take DJ Moore in mid 2nd round - then maybe Griffin falls to 4th rounder - we still get the top three - we lose the FB that nobody likes - and still get those top three picks - done!
  6. seems kind of a red flag as well that NY Giants let him go to free agency, Colts sign him to a 3 yr deal at $27mm, and then they pull the rip cord on Hankins after one year. Is he some type of locker room cancer or something? Seems to have a lot of talent for someone that appears to be so unloved by teams that have had him for awhile.
  7. agreed and 4th and 5th round draft picks are nothing to sneeze at - you don't want to just pizz those away because you couldn't wait 6 weeks......but, like you said, we could go ahead and sign Hankins now and that would not factor in since he was cut, right? Not sure if Falcons would spend any money on a 1-yr deal for Hankins but guessing we can't until Matt signs his deal? Falcons don't seem to be interested right now at top of the market DTs.
  8. Ok, I thought maybe that is what you meant but I was unfamiliar with the rule. Good to know. Thanks!
  9. I believe we will just draft one DT and fill out the rest in FA with bodies. I know he is a little bit of a tweener but DT/DE Jack Crawford is coming back - if we re-sign Rubin - there is three and we draft one early makes four. Has anyone thought of this? Garland has played sparingly in special situations at DT. Could DQ be planning on using him some as depth and rotation given the depth at OG now? Garland is a chess piece playing OG, C, NT.
  10. I am not assembling an entire roster. Falcons will probably sign a DT, TE, FB in free agency at some point.
  11. What do you mean by that last paragraph? Translation please
  12. You haven’t forgotten about Jack Crawford have you? I suspect he will be ready to go coming off injury.
  13. I just don’t believe he is going near as high as you do, but kudos to you DJ goes that early.
  14. Sun Tzu, don’t worry my friend- you know DQ being a former DL coach will fill out the DT rotation when it is all said and done.
  15. Since you are DJ Moore’s biggest fan, would you like it if Falcons took him at #26?