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  1. Been a minute. I have been over on Reddit. Believe it or not, this board still comes up with better posts and news. I still miss the Gritz artwork and the hickory stick and all that. Tandy still here?
  2. Every year people want our first pick traded up or down. It does happen, but not nearly as "crazy" as people think. The Julio trade was a once in a generation thing, and I think we did a more subtle trade for Tru and Alford. But overall, its just not that common.
  3. Jake has been a pretty solid LT. Glad to know we have a chance to keep him over the next couple of years.
  4. Good question. I would put Juilo top three. I personally think that group fluctuates a bit. I would rank him higher than Adams, Diggs, Thomas, AB, etc. most of the time. But I understand the injuries can drop him. Ridley, I think he is top ten, but at number ten. I would take him over guys like Metcalf or and maybe even Evans or Hill. Ryan. Even a harder one to rank. Number four in yards, number 12 in TDs. So he did well in those glamour stats. But his completion percentage was a little meh, INTs were not the worst, but not the best. But, then you have to look at how many times he was sacked and pressured (top five). That puts him, in my opinion just inside or just outside the top ten. If I had to list them: 1. Mahomes 2. Rogers 3. Allen 4. Brady 5. Wilson 6. Watson 7. Herbert 8. Stafford 9. Ryan You might notice I dont have Breese on there. Not a bias thing, but I think he is done. Also, I think Mayfield will be top ten next year. Lamar Jackson I like, but I think next year is going to be his make or break for me. Just want to say, this is somewhat off the cuff. If I thought more about it, I might change things.
  5. Look at the numbers. He is not far outside the top. Kelce and Waller and Kittle are freaks. Then there are a lot of guys (middle of the road, as you say). But look at his stats compared to hooper. Austin had more opportunities than Hurst had. But they are closer than you think. And, many thought Austin was the fifth best TE in 2019.
  6. He is a third year player who was a former first rounder. He increased in all areas and now has a rhythm with MR. He could put up 900 yards next year and hit 7-10 TDs. That would put him right behind Kelce and Waller and a possible uninjured Kittle.
  7. Yeah, it just seems so many think "the ATL way" is to get re-treaded players. Im cool with it, especially some guys I have seen released already.
  8. Not to sound cynical, but I would look at any released Titans as potential targets.
  9. The Hurst trade was unique. One, he was a first rounder who was being pushed out due to Bal. having a lot of talent at that position. He is still young, developed nicely, and has top 5 TE potential. Honestly, I feel he is actually an upgrade for Hooper (and I loved Hoop). That being said, if we ran into another position like this, I would be all for it. Trade a 2nd (or a third) to a young talent on a rookie contract. Yup. I would.
  10. Man. He was such a good reporter. He was a throwback in this age of clickbait and poorly written articles. He was the kind of reporter I wish we had more of. May he RIP.
  11. That was a completely different team at the time. Different personal, etc.
  12. 1. Jim G. Was benched because he was still injured and not ready to come back. He was in the Super Bowl last year. Shanny is not trading him. 2. If you don’t want Ryan, but want a new QB, why would you trade the first overall pick? You just draft your guy. 3. Matt’s contract all but makes him untradeable. 4. why would San Fran go for an older QB at the end of his career? The entire scenario is ludicrous.
  13. Go back to Madden. This is the most pathetic garbage this board has produced. And I’ve been here since the Vick days.
  14. I’ve noticed that. But I think this is more to do with him not caring enough to play for Quinn than a concussion. Or maybe it is both.
  15. Does anyone know what the passrush market is going to look like between FA and the draft? I dont think he is worth a lot more then a rotational player at this point. Sounds like TD might think the same?
  16. Exactly! It wont hurt us anymore this year. Maybe get a PS guy to take his place and we could actually get some sacks.
  17. Oh man, I am so sorry to hear that. Thanks for letting me know.
  18. Wait, I have been on hiatus. What happened to Tandy?
  19. Looks like he can be quick to come off a block during some stunts and blitzes, but number 68 was bad and nullified anything good. He does well against the four man rush and at times got into the second level. Really, seemed like an average guy on a below average line. He got a little overpowered at times, but I think he, surprisingly, had his best game vs. the Bears. Also noticed he can move. Has some speed for a big guy.
  20. "Get set, Get set!" Something was missing there. I can't put my finger on it.
  21. Remember when we raised money to pay the fine and made the news?
  22. I hope his attitude rubs off on the rest of the D.
  23. Do you root for the same Falcons team I do? The team that has not had a losing record since DQ got here? The team that had a really good defence that was hurt by injuries? The one that has had a record breaking offence that only had one year off (as far as we can tell so far this year)? You are probably one of the people who was mad when Mike Smith started Matt Ryan over Shockly.
  24. I think the Saints will lock in against us. Their D will play better than they have and the score will be lower than you think. I am guessing its a 24-17 kind of affair. That being said, I think Brees will be under a lot of pressure and that might mean a lot of screens to Kamara.
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