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  1. Man. He was such a good reporter. He was a throwback in this age of clickbait and poorly written articles. He was the kind of reporter I wish we had more of. May he RIP.
  2. That was a completely different team at the time. Different personal, etc.
  3. 1. Jim G. Was benched because he was still injured and not ready to come back. He was in the Super Bowl last year. Shanny is not trading him. 2. If you don’t want Ryan, but want a new QB, why would you trade the first overall pick? You just draft your guy. 3. Matt’s contract all but makes him untradeable. 4. why would San Fran go for an older QB at the end of his career? The entire scenario is ludicrous.
  4. Go back to Madden. This is the most pathetic garbage this board has produced. And I’ve been here since the Vick days.
  5. I’ve noticed that. But I think this is more to do with him not caring enough to play for Quinn than a concussion. Or maybe it is both.
  6. Does anyone know what the passrush market is going to look like between FA and the draft? I dont think he is worth a lot more then a rotational player at this point. Sounds like TD might think the same?
  7. Exactly! It wont hurt us anymore this year. Maybe get a PS guy to take his place and we could actually get some sacks.
  8. My student loans are at $30k if you feel like helping a brother out. Costs less than the PSL....
  9. just call me a throwback.

  10. Is it football season yet?

  11. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal.

  12. Yea, I have to agree. I don't think Dalton or Gradkowski (sp?) are going to throw that many touchdowns. Period.
  13. Anyone care to wager a guess on whether or not Julio can break Moss' rookie season TD record?
  14. Thanks for all the information. And I fixed Deion...dang it.
  15. Hey all, I am pleased to announce that October 16th (I believe) my wife and I will be making a pilgrimage to the Dome to watch the Falcon's whoop up on the Carolina Kittens. I have some questions: 1) best place to buy tickets (is stub hub ok? Would love to get a good price without getting ripped off. I am willing to take donations ) 2) average cost of parking (we are dave ramsey fans, we have to budget this stuff accordingly) 3) best section(s) to sit in (I mean, I know the 50 yard line would be sweet, but hey, what other sections do you all recommend?) 4)Should I wear my throwback Deion
  16. Hmm, Wonder if the plan is to groom Beirman to replace Abe sine he (abe) is getting older.
  17. DUDE! What is up with every player we cut potentially going to the Rams? We should nickname the Rams the "Jr. Falcons" or something. Dang.
  18. Tandy, You said it perfectly. Thanks. Gonna miss Jenkins. I mean, after all, he caught Ryan's first touchdown pass. :unsure:
  19. I would love to see SOMETHING in FA (besides our 22 UDFA's and our re-signing). But, I don't want us breaking the bank for now reason. Its a tough balance. Hope something cool happens today.
  20. NEVER! We shall let this thread live in INFAMY! (ok, sorry, on rare occasion I think I am funny. Won't happen again...for awhile.)
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