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  1. Sherman is out for the season. So I guess it will be "next man up" to hold Julio
  2. Who knew the Rams would be in the discussion? Wow.
  3. Not sure what is up with the tooth. I knocked out large chunks of my two fronts, had them root canaled and replaced with crowns in an afternoon. I was back to normal by evening. Hope dude doesnt have something worse going on.
  4. I love all the youngsters who do not know who Emmit is. Come on, kids, this is Harry Douglas' personal promoter!
  5. He did one last year. But I often wonder how many on this board remember those from back in the day, and are probably looking for Harry Douglas' latest movie on DVD.
  6. Cincy and Cleveland...cant wait
  7. I'm with you. But hey, we still read about dog fighting every once in awhile. So I hope I become immune to this like I did to that.
  8. Honestly, if there is not a lot of change, then the two teams from the Super Bowl should be numbers one and two. Currently there are no major injuries or FA losses. The team should be number 2 until they prove otherwise, as the Pats should be number 1 until they prove otherwise.
  9. This is good to read. It seems Hageman has a higher ceiling, but just could not seem to reach it.
  10. I think Gerald secretly wants to be a Falcon.
  11. There are a lot of bleeps. He should fit right in.
  12. That is good journalism right there. Good read, thanks OP
  13. Forbes allows "bloggers" now. Most of them have no training or expertise anymore. When I was attempting to get my masters, we were no longer allowed to use forbes as a credible publication.
  14. Is that the ghost of pre-Madden cover Peyton Hillis? Violent.
  15. I remember back when you first got on these boards. You have been a great fan ever since. Keep reppin us up north! I got the Ohio chapter locked down! Dirty Bird Nation.