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  1. I think the Saints will lock in against us. Their D will play better than they have and the score will be lower than you think. I am guessing its a 24-17 kind of affair. That being said, I think Brees will be under a lot of pressure and that might mean a lot of screens to Kamara.
  2. "If a coach starts listening to the fans, he will probably end up sitting with them"
  3. If you don't dominate the NFC, you might as well forget playing the AFC in February.
  4. Oh, he can sack Dak. That must be why we signed him. #AJCLAY #NEVERFORGET
  5. Hey all, I don't know if you remember the old Falco art that used to be made by Supes and grits here on the boards, but I think their art has been stolen. Does anyone know how to get ahold of either of them? I have not seen them around and I tried to email Supes. Here is Oakland A's catcher wearing a shirt featuring the art: EDIT: Here is the original piece by Supes: 353d30m.jpg
  6. He isn't alone. The entire NFL has had issues with getting good O-line talent. The old Big Ten style offence is almost dead now. Very few teams even care to have a road grating attack (in college). That leaves a bunch of undersized O-linemen going into the NFL where they are getting bullied by larger D-lines.
  7. On the Seattle gif, I don't see why he grabbed the WR. He wasn't beat and he had good position. That must have just been a bad habit or something. All that said, I love these reviews.
  8. "I thought coach was kidding about his narcolepsy"
  9. If we can't roast our own. :-p
  10. I want to say 2000 ish? So old I fear I am losing my memory.
  11. Im with the others here who say we could have beaten the Vikes. I think they had too much going against them. No experience, massive letdown after a big win, etc. Now, against the Pats, I am glad I did not have to watch that. I know it was a neutral field, etc. But I think we would have started out with a defensive standoff (a 7-3 kind of game) and then watched the Pats pull away in the third.
  12. Extend him and free up a little space. He is solid. Not a world beater, but better than anyone out there and has remained healthy. Plus, breaking up an o-line can be a really bad idea.
  13. I think Sark likes the three tight end sets. We might end up with a third guy. But I think developing Hooper is the primary idea.
  14. I think this is the newer fans who had not been part of the legacy of losing. I became a fan in 1992 and I cannot even imagine some of the older fans. We went through years of never seeing back to back winning seasons. They only know the Matt Ryan years as opposed Chris Chandler years.
  15. They allowed a lot of yards, but still fifth in points per game and points allowed total.