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  1. Hard to argue with that.
  2. Jessie "the Hammer"Tuggle,followed by Tommy Nobis
  3. Two MAJOR reasons we got spanked:the Viking D and their running game.
  4. Watch the rest of the games.If at the end of the season and we didn't make the playoffs,its time for some changes by AB.
  5. Anyone?
  6. May God be with you.If I lost my better half,I wouldn't be very good to anyone.
  7. I can describe his running style,which doesn't make for a long career,as violent.
  8. The NFL doesn't want any competitors,even if they're"working with them".They didn't like the USFL,who they lost to in court.
  9. I think this should be TDs make or break year.
  10. Who you got in mind, seriously, to replace him?
  11. You just figured that out?
  12. I've said this for a long time,and I'm sure I'll get a lot of negative comments.I really like JJ's talents and the other team's D has to double team him,and know where he is all the time.But as a LONG time fan,I want them to win,and I feel they're not going to be able to afford what he and his agent are going to ask for.I'd like to keep him,but I don't think so.The only option I can come up with,unless the NFL changes how the cap works,is to put him up for trade.Serious offers only,a couple of 1sts,a major pass rusher,etc.I want the TEAM to win a couple or more Super Bowls,and if this is what it takes,so be it.
  13. I wonder if Benson's widow thinks about moving the team to OKC like he did.Cause when attendance goes down,I could almost guarantee that it's in the lease she can move the team.