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  1. I thought it was for after the season,no trade deadline then.
  2. I just saw this rumor ,but it didn't what they offered.
  3. The same people most likely wanted MV over Ryan also.They most likely were some of the ones that that were happy when Chris Chandler got hurt.
  4. Not asking players/coaches to lose on purpose,just to keep playing in a way to get as high a draft pick as possible.What would finishing middle of the pack do?I know some players are playing for their careers,but why would you want to play for a team with NO chance of winning a ring?Put anyone up for trade,except Ridley and Jarrett,get a new GM,maybe a new coach depending on how the IHC does,get a new way of doing things(slogans didnt work)and MAYBE the fans'll come back.It reminds me of when RSsr. was the owner.
  5. Dump salary,fire the GM and HC,hire a former OC as HC,draft smart,and play for next season
  6. What'll happen,these being the AFs,they be in the running for a top two pick,then they'll go on a winning streak to mess up their picking high,and to save DQs job.Oh well
  7. We dont need a QB.Giving up leads and over 100 points in three games is a DC and a Defensive problem.
  8. Some people are really good DC,they just arent good HCs.Weve seen that with DC,its time to move on.But no more former HCs from Tampa/Jville!
  9. If he wants to keep selling seats for his new stadium,he'll fire DQ and TD
  10. I think being a fan for over 30 years makes my view worth something,watching 28-3,watching them coming up with new ways to lose games,seeing them draft players that make you go "huh"? shows this franchise doesn't want to win.Which is what the founder and first owner wanted.
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