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  1. Born in Ohio in '66,came to South Ga. in '77,be here,minus a year,since(air force).Been a fan since '85,my father in law has been watching since they were formed.
  2. If I had to choose between getting the MVP,or getting the Lombardi trophy,guess which I'd choose.
  3. Anybody know where I can get copies of the 1966-76 seasons,cause the only place I found is NFL films ,and i'd really rather not pay $50,plus shipping apiece.
  4. When I hear this or that team needs to win for their long suffering fan base,it kinda makes me laugh.Cause this team has,unlike say the Browns(first version)won the NFL championship in "64,but this franchise has NEVER (came close in 98)won a Super bowl.
  5. This will be the first time EVER i'll be rooting for the Cowgirls when they play the Bucs.
  6. Losing,I'm kinda used to,but to lose like that.If they lose the division,and don't make the playoffs,they didn't deserve to win.How can you beat he Raiders and the defending Super Bowl champs,and lose to the Chargers and the Eagles!When the Bucs(who we may have given the division to)plays the Cowboys,I'll hope for a 5 quarter tie,because I dont want either one to win.
  7. It'll depend on the turnovers and if the refs decide the game.But,we got to get the playoffs first,which this team is very capable of,but you gotta watch Tampa Bay.
  8. Yeah,I hope this season ends with MR,or any Falcon player holding up the Lombardi trophy.
  9. If KS is offered a head coaching job,who would you want to replace him?
  10. Anybody know where I can get copies of the 1967-76 seasons highlights,besides NFL films? thanks
  11. If so,please PM me,I have some questions.