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  1. Who's playing in the NFL and who's not?
  2. MR all day,not the one year wonder who hasnt played an NFL down yet.
  3. What SB winning QB has won another SB when they went to another team?And no dynasty,except the ugh49ers did anything when their winning QB left,some did,some never have!
  4. TB's gonna get get hit and sacked more then hes used to.Thats BAs offense,plus their O line isnt that good.
  5. Not comparing them,but Jerry Rice ran a 4.7 40
  6. If this happens,Bucs fans will say theyre going to win the SuperBowl
  7. Depends on how much his agent's asking for
  8. I have to say,TB has the UGLIEST unis Ive ever seen!
  9. 2 reasons I want the Chiefs to win:I got tired of them beating the Falcons,and their head coach.
  10. You're most likely right,with this FO.
  11. I have read more than one
  12. Stephen A. Smith on First Take said "anyone named to a all decade team should be in the HOF".I agree with him!
  13. Looks really great,except for that MV jersey!
  14. Did you know,in the time he played,the AF had a winning record against the Chicago Bears and **** Butkus?Once again,proving bias against the Falcons by the media.DB himself said more than once,that Nobis was one of the best MLBs ever!Next,they should put in Jessie"hammer"Tuggle,who retired with 3 NFL records.How many HOFers can claim that?