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  1. The thing about the Aints is when Brees retires, is cut or whatever is the thought of them going back to being 3-13,etc.
  2. By winning those games, we may still have the same problems next season .
  3. The main thing I remember is I thought he was NUTS the way he hit people.He fit right in with Glanville.
  4. Again,you'd replace him with who?Please don't say MV
  5. Why are some people stuck on MV?He almost destroyed this franchise.He lied to both the Owner and the Commish.
  6. As a long time fan,I watched/listened to a lot of Falcon games.But I want what best for the TEAM,even if it means firing the O/D coordinators,firing the HC/GM,or cutting /trading certain players.The only exception would be MR,where would you get a QB that plays like him?Hopefully AB will make decisions that are best for the TEAM.
  7. I thought I was the only one who saw it.
  8. I saw a sign at a Colts game awhile back"SU** for Luck"And what have they done since?When he played.
  9. What's DF cap number,what would the number be if they cut him and what are JJ's numbers?
  10. I think right now it's in the top 7,but...
  11. I want this TEAM to win,and if that means trading one of the best WRs in the league,so be it.When's his contract up?They should trade him before it's up,cause he'll be asking for alot of money.As long as they get a really good deal for him.There's only been one player I would have hated to see go,but he retired YEARS ago.
  12. As hard as it is to say this,the best thing this team can do is lose out.No athlete wants to lose,but this team will not do anything by winning anymore this year.Get everybody healed up,fix the roster,FA/draft a MAJOR pass rusher,new D/O playcallers,improve the O line,and strengthen the Dline
  13. Being positive and being realistic are two different things.