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  1. Welcome to the new world. It's seems like a lot of coaches run some for of his offense, don't they? Strange how UF and Oregan are so good. I would include WVU but now it's going to be Michigan.
  2. When was the last time UGA won a NC? HUMMMM....28 years. UF and LSU are SEC powerhouses. Get it straight.
  3. where do you see that? no it's called facts.. you know uga owns gt right now.. 7 in a row is ownage.. heck even our rival uf fans see how delusional your fan base is. please show me where your comment above is stated.. It's easy to get players when you dumb down the school.
  4. It's okay to obsess, as long as you regularly whoop tail on the field. Change is in the wind my friend. Don't take CPJ and GT lightly.
  5. From what I've heard about CPJ, he's nothing like Gailey. He won't role over for no one, especially UGA.
  6. He's the man. He's going to be dangerous in CPJ's offense along with Drywer.
  7. Petrino knows he'll get his ##### handed to him!!!!!
  8. :hehe::hehe: nice try, but wouldn't be able to stay on the field with the above teams. Definitely NOT the 1980 UGA team.
  9. I guess you have nothing else to do. I don't see the humor. Is this venture similar to UGA's bring a convict to campus day. Now that's funny:P:P:P]Tech fans. Did my sig give me away? Yep. Still think Georgia is gonna lose 3 or 4 games this year? Yep. It's kills me but I do like Knowshon though.
  10. Not by his lonesome. His defense and running attack did most of the work. If he didn't have Knowshon last year he wouldn't got any hype. 19 tds and 10 ints compared to 32 tds and 6 ints for Tebow. Who's better? Apples to oranges. Two totally different offenses. The spread option allows Tebow's stats to be somewhat inflated b/c it's a wide-open offfense.UF's offense is designed around the QB of course. He's the most important person on the field. If all UGA did was run the ball would you say Knowshon's stats were inflated, I bet not.
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