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  1. Hageman could own the middle and then block a kick and get the MVP.
  2. There's never been a Super Bowl in the Brady era decided by more than 4 points one way or another. If we blew them out or vice versa, it'd be a shock to every rational human.
  3. If Upshaw is #91...he's out of order too unless he's white
  4. I should have been more clear. i meant who all is in front of him? Shelby, Upshaw.
  5. Anybody wanna explain this one?
  6. I want to believe 538 but they lost all credibility November 9th.
  7. I literally got chills watching the first 10 minutes. The nostalgia. I haven't watched this since it originally aired. It's not just the Falcons but the graphics and announcers and everything, wow. Mathis was so smooth
  8. I think the filter has shifted from choir boys (so Smitty could handle them) to turning it down a notch to try and get talent because we weren't bringing in enough talent (Shembo/Hageman). Now I think the Falcons filter is about team fit, culture and toughness more than choir boys. Jalen Collins probably wouldn't have gotten past the old Falcons filter...but he seems like a good kid who made some mistakes and he's tough. If he was evaluated as a difficult jerk who caused problems, we wouldn't have picked him.
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