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  1. ive seen defenses with worse players play better defense than us, i think our need in change is in scheme or playcalling which we are going to have finally. i think decoud is a fine player. but i think our strength is definitely going to be our offense.
  2. Their whole team may collapse. ha ha If Goodell is as serious as he is about player safety, he's going to have to set an example here and go after the saints HARD. I've disagreed one some of these changes made by Goodell, but he better follow up on this and just go ahead and fire greg, payton, and fine them as well as take away draft picks. Incentives to injure fellow football players and possibly ruin their lives and health... For once I'm on Roger's team. I'll go and get some pom poms.
  3. I'm pretty sure quizz gets the 3rd spot over antoine. IMO i think the depth chart is as because hes a kind of late round rookie and it 1. shows respect to antoine and 2. motivates quizz.
  4. Jay Cutler gets booed, Devin Hester's getting schooled, At least they have Gould.
  5. Cutler throws it deep Wow! Unreal catch, what a leap! Grimes laughs, Cutler weeps.
  6. for multiple reasons i think thats a horrible idea 1. hes a rookie WR 2. he doesnt have the body for it, hes tall and lean for that height 3. hes too good not to play WR in a 2 WR set
  7. ive seen weems line up outside many of the times ive noticed him in the games i dont think thats where he belongs. i think with big guys like roddy and julio and tony, smaller guys like douglas and weems would really compliment in the slots
  8. i think its even possible if that our nickelbacks struggle, that sanders could get a look there. but hes on a 1 year deal so idk if thatd be good for him.
  9. curtis seems like a smart dude this is something that could really help our D
  10. Even if Ryan did get injured, they're not getting the #1 pick. Redman is no chump
  11. should be fine not til sunday i believe and pittsburgh is western penn so i dont think itll be much effected
  12. this is the only message board im on so i am also confused on what the plus and neg is for i usually never neg unless its just obviously trolling i do think its odd that people neg for things they disagree with. I dont think thats what its for, but then again, i dont know much about the mb world
  13. [quote name=Julio+Roddy+Harry=' timestamp='1313823621' post='6284666] minus the one play to douglas that obviously shouldnt be factored in to get a better idea of our offensive norms, in a half of work against the bottom of the barrel JAX JAGS Matt Ryan was 6 of 14 for 40 yds and an avg of 6.7 yds per completion Turner averaged 2 yds per carry hence my poll on trading him, considering snelling had 11 yds per carry and rogers avg was almost 6 ypc Ps turner had a 9 yd carry so remove that one and he rushed 6 times for 5 yds a stellar .8 yds per carry....at that rate turner would have to beg the commissioner to let our team have 13 downs and then he would finally get a first down on 13th down with a half yd to go Dom Franks led the team in tackles on Defense, but thats just because they completed every pass to his receiver and then he eventually caught up to half of them. 3 of 12 on 3rd down completions, terrible and 0 for 1 in the red zone Not very good stats, Thank god its preseason but should we worry even a little bit? I mean our starters did play the entire half, most are veterans that should be in tune with the offense, doesnt that give us an advantage? Im a little worried, not much though I think we held them to 3 points
  14. hall likes to gamble. on a good team, he wouldnt be gambling nearly as much when the offense cant score, he gambles alot more
  15. wow i didnt know that existed thanks, im buying it now.
  16. Was he injured? Does anyone know if hes playing tommorrow?
  17. That's kind of lame. I've also been using the word "gay" to mean lame since I was like 12 years old. I however stopped using it when a friend's friend of mine said to me that he does get offended because "gay" DOES refer to homosexuals whether you believe it or not. So if that means something to him, and it means nothing to me, doesnt it make sense for me to just be considerate and not use that word in that context? It's not like his premise is wrong... It's not easy being gay. They experience alot of discrimination. Why can't you throw them a bone and just not use the word? How does it in ANY way effect your life to throw out a word in your vocabulary that offends an entire group of people. PS. I dont understand your reference to black people using the word nigga. Black people typically dont like other races using that word at all. So you saying a gay person used the word gay doesnt mean he likes non-gay people using that word. So I don't understand that point.
  18. Since when did the N word mean "brother/homie/friend"? It depends on the context. The N word being used the way you referred to is basically a neutral noun when used by black people. If the N word is being used in negative context, it's not used to mean "brother/homie/friend". eg. "That N***** betta watch his back cause if i see that n**** again I'm gonna kill that N****"... I dont think that's a very close "homie" of his.
  19. McClure: Man, you're taking a lot more breaks from practice this year. Is it 'cause of the lockout? You haven't been conditioning in the offseason? Is your body breaking down from aging? What's going on man? You used to NEVER take breaks. Clabo: I'm in the best shape of my life, it's just the first time in a while I'm going up against someone other than Jamaal.
  20. lol are they leaving leshoure in there, i think hes out for the season
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