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  1. The Chinese Army could pull another Tiannemen Square stunt in the middle of the games and the IOC would still dutifully announce at the end of the games that "These were the greatest Summer Olympics ever!" Somebody at the IOC got paid off big time to get these games in Beijing. I guess Johannesburg, South Africa didn't have enough money during apartheid to pay off Juan Antonio Samaranch or they would have been held in SA while Mandela was still in prison.
  2. Honestly, I count less than ten that I find genuinely attractive. But I have high standards! LOL like you would run away from any of them if they were hitting on you in a bar.....
  3. lol Most everyone makes sense to themselves most of the time, but with others it's a little different story. To be honest, probably even brutally honest to you, you sound a LOT like Al Gore in this thread. LOL I have been called a lot of things in my life, but NEVER has anyone compared me to Al Gore:)
  4. marvinthemartian (7/20/2008) We are no longer the largest users. WTH?? B.S. we're not. Our total percentage of worldwide usage compared with the combined increasing usage by China and India is less as a percentage of the total demand than it used to be. At one point we could say "Well we just wont use it" or something to that effect, and the demand side of the equation would go down significantly. Now, there are more customers and as such, more demand. We do not hold the sway that we used to hold. Those are the hard, cold facts.
  5. You're making more sense than I've ever heard you make before LOL. I always make sense. I just cant always get you or my wife to accept that fact:)
  6. And we, The United States of America, have to lead on this issue. Right now we aren't even close to being the leader in energy independence. We are the country that discovered electricity, invented the light bulb, the telephone, the automobile... it's time to put American ingenuity back into high gear and take the lead in the world once again to solving the energy crisis for ourselves, and the rest of the planet can follow us. That's some CHANGE I CAN BELIEVE IN! I agree completely. Regardless of who gets elected this time, energy independence done quickly needs to be a top priority, if not
  7. I am a conservative who usually leans Republican, but this is not a Democratic or a Republican issue. This is an AMERICAN issue and we better start treating it as such. There is plenty of blame to go around for both parties over the past 30 or 40 years. As much as I dislike President Carter, one thing he was smart enough to do was to at least TRY to have a forward thinking energy policy. Nobody else, Republican or Democrat, has done it since.
  8. The economy can not support the changes necessary to be 100% free of crude oil. We do need to all come together to change our dependency on foreign fuel. But first we need to get our azzes back from china. The economy also cannot continue to transfer wealth overseas in huge oil payments nor can it continue to support increased gas prices here. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever for them to lower prices. This is a free market and the market is allowing the prices to go up. We do not have the control over the demand side of the equation that we used to have with China and India using s
  9. There is no reason right now to be weened off oil. I completely disagree with your statement. Look around you my friend. The reasons to be weened off of oil are too numerous to begin to describe here.
  10. There's no way we can be weened off oil in ten years, maybe thirty years. Although I agree it will be a challenge, I do believe it can be done. Here is why I believe that. In 1961 when we had rockets blowing up on the pad at Cape Canaveral, President Kennedy challenged the American people to put a man on the moon and bring him back safely within 10 years. We did that. We were able to do it because the entire nation got behind the idea and made it happen. We saw the Soviets as a threat to us and we viewed this as needed to both protect us as well as win the propaganda war. We were no clos
  11. The biggest single threat to our future is not terrorists with bombs but countries who dont like us holding us hostage by limiting oil supply and charging whatever they want for it. We will crumble economically like the USSR did in the late 80's because we simply cannot continue to go this way financially. Whatever it takes, we need to be 100% off of foreign oil and on to a supply produced here in the US by Americans within 10 years. People like T. Boone Pickens have the right idea. Get off of oil and go to something cleaner, cheaper, more abundant and something to which we cannot be held h
  12. Anybody heard anything about potential personnel moves by the Braves before the trade deadline?
  13. I live in Paulding County pretty close to that sign and this guy and his antics are well known and have been going on for many, many years. While I agree fully with his RIGHT to FREE SPEECH, I also very much disagree with his methods and his choices of how to express it as well as what he actually says. A little history on this guy is in order: First, he tried to open a strip club in that location years ago and was not given a liquor license by the County Commissioners. He got mad at that and opened it anyway without liquor. It failed. He later decided that the KKK needed to be able to en
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