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  1. If he's already made it through the last 42 years of ups, downs and disappointments, would Julio leaving really be the straw that broke the camel's back? While I would definitely agree that Julio leaving would be on par with Deion's departure, I would have to argue that the Vick dogfighting debacle was much more troubling and had a much more profound effect on the organization. I mean it's one thing to lose a superstar player in his prime (or primetime) to Free Agency, but to lose your superstar QB for what basically amounted to the rest of his Falcon career and still be on the hook for his pa
  2. Was Daryl Smith a June 1st cut? He didn't sign with BAL until after June 1st. Figures the one ex Jaguar worth signing didn't even get a look.
  3. I would guess Morgan is headed to Dallas to hear their offer next. Got to give the guy (or his agent) credit. Regardless of his overall ranking as a pass rusher in the NFL, he is one of the top remaining FA pass rushers and there is no need for him to jump at the first offer or pile of money thrown in his lap.
  4. Alualu from JAX and Klug from TEN would be great additions. Both have DT and DE flexibility and have shown the ability to get inside pressure. Plus they wouldn't break the bank to sign. The Falcons defense doesn't need 3-4 high priced impact players. It needs 5-6 solid contributors to go with 1-2 marquee additions. The Redskins have proven for years that you don't solve your defensive issues by buying 2 big name players and forcing them into whatever scheme is being run by the DC.
  5. Del Rio and Tice have a lot of history. They were even teammates at one point. If Tice requested a release and the coaching candidates have their own OL coach lined up, I can't see the Falcons forcing Tice to stay. For all the talk on the boards about coaches not wanting to work here, a sure-fire way to make that a reality is to force someone to stay here if they don't want to. All these NFL coaches know one another to some degree and word travels fast about toxic work environments.
  6. Looks like San Fran is closing in on Gase. One less competitor for Quinn if he is indeed the choice. https://twitter.com/natelundy/status/555362116367290368
  7. Maybe the Falcons soured on Rex when his answer to "who would you hire as OC?" was "Greg Roman".
  8. Um, the Ravens have the same structure in place. In this instance, Dimitroff is Newsome, Pioli is DeCosta.
  9. Only 3 wins. 4th came after Pig sooey fled the pigsty. Remember, being a smartass requires a little smart to balance out being an ***.
  10. Love that the other anchors put Evans on the spot and made him do the recap of the Saints loss. He delivered his commentary like he lost a bet and was having to pay up. The perfect cherry on am awesome win.
  11. I don't tune in to the falcons game (or sports in general) to be "realistic" or accept what has been put forth as the acceptable truth. I tune in each week to watch a team of people I am emotionally invested in compete for an opportunity to play for the highest prize of their profession. Let's reserve being realistic for things like finance rates and enjoy these relevant December games that were truly unexpected less than a month ago.
  12. Sounds like OP is bitter over a fantasy football loss and blaming Julio.
  13. A win is a win is a win. It was only the Bucs, you say? Well you succeed in the NFL by beating the teams you are "supposed" to beat and finding ways to win against the teams that are considered your superiors. Was this victory cause for boundless optimism and celebration? Probably not, but it was business that needed taking care of, got the team off of a 5 game slide and put us squarely back into the hunt for the division after losses by the Saints and the currently abysmal showing by the Panthers. So what if the division is won with a 7-9 record? A 7-9 division winner is guaranteed at least
  14. Funny, I live in Nashville and while the team and local media are pleased with Lewan's potential they are not happy with his sloppy preparation and he has already had a few scrapes around town. Nothing serious yet but its beginning to show a pattern of behavior and he came into the league with legal issues hanging over him. The term "time bomb" would be too strong to label him with, but with the new culture of anti- off field violence rising in the NFL his attitude and actions are at least a source of concern.
  15. A shrewd businessman like Mr. Blank knows that you fill the seats by winning games, not reaching for a desperation "home-town hero". Plus, if Gurley's suspension ends up costing UGA a chance at the NCAA championship then he won't be much a hero around here.
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