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  1. I, like others want to see this team win dominately across the board right. Like we are playing madden against a 5 year old. Sure ryan has had a slump of a year on some key long passes, findng open recievers. Wrs have had so many dropped/tipped balls, trouble getting open. Sark play call and utilzation of the weapons at hand can be questioned. But again every team the falcons face is giving them all they got regardless of record. This team is hardening before our very eyes. A tough win is a tough win and the falcons are still on pace to win the division. Lets hope the falcons win out and as a 2nd Christmas gift the rams lose one more game. Love this team, granted pulling my hair out at times but just keep winning baby.
  2. Im not liking him at punt returner. Not that he wouldnt do a good job but that he is too valuable on offense. This will increase his chance of injury. The team should be looking elsewhere for punt and kickoffs.
  3. As a homer i wish this every year. It likely wont happen. Winning this years SB would ease the 28-3 stigma. It doesnt have to be a perfect season, but **** i wish it would happen.
  4. I feel the pain. Please view my tribute video for sb li. It will help heal our wounds.
  5. Im sure the falcons wont start the season with 4 te's. So that would leave toilolo and i would say tamme on the chopping block. Toilolo is the easy cut as he still seems to be a project player. Tamme only cause he has had a hard time staying healthy. Other then that tamme is a good player.
  6. Thank you for watching. As i mentioned it was a tough loss but still in that moment its good to appreciate what was accomplished. This team was never thought to even win the division much less make it to the sb. The loss was rough but this team must own it. A lot of promise for this year. Quin needs to start strong.Go Falcons.
  7. It is a bit like ripping a scab off. But its good for closure if anything. Remember it was still a great season with so much promise for this year. It is what will fuel the season upcomimg. Come on now give it a view. Let the healing begin
  8. AUDIO NOT PHONE SPEAKER FRIENDLY too much bass: Here is a vid i shuffled together using the brotherhood videos and other utube vids. Regardless of the end results, we should all be proud of what this team accomplished last season. And use that as our fuel for the fire. Its a short vid and would appreciate any views thanks.
  9. I thought mathematically we were out of it but im guessing we need Seattle to lose the final 2 games with atl pulling off a miracle and winning out. The vikes have the tie breaker unfortunately. I hope to **** theycome out next week and shock the world
  10. you dont see the logic cause your only looking at the Now. Since your a fan I aint gonna do your homework for you and check out TD's and company selections in the draft. Its commonly said you build through the draft. Well if thats so, take a look at that number its surprising. And some of those who do remain might not be here next year. Td's problem is that his picks are not panning out. its hard to rely on free agency and thats what we are doing and thats not really working either. Our last double digit pass rusher was Abraham, I'll give you that one. Any on3 who defends td with he doesnt play the games comment dont follow onhthe= numbers of how a gm effects the play for years to come. funk it we are out of the playoff, ya it stings but if this team will just stand the funk of and end the year solid by giving the panthers and saints a loss it will salvage this disappointing streak. If this team could go 9-7 with a new coach is a pass for me, it just stings cause of such a great and surprising start they had. But most people will believe to likely be 8-8. I would love if the could just beat the panthers.
  11. reading the same alert got me thinking the same, is there underlining concern for durant. I hope not
  12. Ok tough loss I know, not very pleased about it but the team has to move forward and learn from it. Now there are alot to look at of the game, turnovers, backups not stepping up, ryan not at his best. But my question is what are the rules of roughing a kicker. Man that saints player took out bosher with his leg in the air hitting him in his knees. I know im ignorant to the rule but how was that not roughing. Some might say well he went for the ball ya he did while also shooting and taking out boshers knees. Arent kickers pretected from this? Is so should that td be called back and a first down given to the falcons for roughing the kicker. Maybe I just need a better understanding of the rule cause what we all saw was a defenseless kicker gee0tting his knees speared while in the act of kicking.
  13. no I saw it and some made me jump out my seat cause they were pretty open. None were wideopen td certain plays but vital 1st down plays. I think freeman will play a lot better with the more reps in practice. Man im gonna miss coleman, he was showing some grit, but the same can be said of freeman as well. hhankerson would have had some good yards had he cought those dropped balls.
  14. Awsum for representing, sometimes it can be tough attending an away game. Go Falcons!
  15. if thats the play that got him benched, odb was covered by alford. When the ball was released alford saw the two lb's reaching for the tip and he pulled up a step. Odb cought the ball and thats when the falcons 2ndary got tied up tripping or blocking each other. If alford would have continued his persuit and not hold up he would have been able to create contact on odb shortly after the catch prevent the big gain.
  16. the head office never, if rarely signs anyone on day1. It seems they like to hold out as long as possible to play the market. i never speculate on who will be signed or drafted. we have no choice but to trust their decision. I just want to see positive production. Since the falcons will have a so called easy schedule in 2015, potential has no limit. Random thought, im not digging "quinning". someone please come up with something better.
  17. First off, im a #falcons4life. Im a packer hater. The bryant catch was highway robbery. The explanation is a move not familier to the game, smells like the tuck rule. Bryant had full control for 3 full steps untill he reached out for the goal line. If 3 steps isnt a football move with control of the ball, what is. The rule is two steps with control of the ball with follow through. well wtf happens if a player makes 3 steps with control and follow through until they hit the floor. 3 steps with control is possesion, ground can not cause a fumble.
  18. I say the wheels started to come loose when mike smith had that health scare. Soon after he lost his intensity and this team started to get soft.
  19. Thank you Mike Smith for the back to back great seasons on the lvl of a Falcons fan, you brought us close to the promise land and ended alot of our faults like back to back winning seasons and playoff births. I will forever remember that as long as I live. One other coach has made our organiation to the SB, but never came close to consistancy like you. Mike smith is the greatest head coach in my fandom starting since the back in black days of 1990. Thank you very much. no one that is a true falcons fan knows the ebbs and flow we experience. We find the little things to take pride in. We stick around year to year in hopes of improvement. The culture has changed with the mike smith era. Any coach that follows has alot to fill. I hope the next coach is up for the challenge, this team isnt a lost cause we just need new blood to re energize this team. I will miss the coaches and players who wont make the cut, but as we know our memory is short in the nfl. Tough week to a seasons end, but from the past 2 years the sky is the limit koving forward, sadly a common statement by any fan. Heres to next year, a very long one to sit and wait for. GO FALCONS, WE WILL STAND BY THROUGH THICK AND THIN.
  20. Tough game, falcons had that tough 1st drive, the the D got that fumble taken away. Then the bottom fell out. I was so pist that the execution was slowed to a halt. Down 31-7, all I was hoping for was not to allow the packers 50+ points. great 2nd half, 30-12, juilio took ove, D played alot better. woulda coulda shoulda first half killed us. i would hope the falcons win the division at 8-8. Then a dream run would be to play the lions for the wildcard, then go to GB for the 2nd rd and get a win there, then seattle. But some dreams are best done in madden. I still want this team to make the playoffs, regardless of the final record
  21. I agree, ATL needs to get a running game going if the falcons have a chance. We need to bend but dont break mentality on D. Get some pressure and tighten up when rodgers runs. The Offense needs consistancy and hester needs to stop dropping big time passes. I like his play not hating on him, but he needs to focus more on these drops. If Atl can have a consistant run game to open the pass this game is gonna be something. GO FALCONS!
  22. I feel hester is an asset to this team, he does need to be more consistant in catching, holding onto the ball and getting some positive yards on ST. But should we cut him like some other dumb post said, NO. I would like to see screen plays called by ryan on the line when the D matches what we want insteadof an out right play. I love this team, and I hope this streak to the 2nd half of the season builds the confidence they need to carry out the improbable. GO FALCONS!, Never would I hope a team to tank to get rid of a coach. I hope they play hard to save a career but I believe a SB trip will only save mike smiths job.
  23. for sure I have been enjoying it. I cant believe all the b!tcha$$ post ive seen today. Its no joke when its said that this forum is filled with chumps, I my not be a smith true believer and I do believe the only way smith keeps his job is by going to the superbowl, nothing else will do. But I hope this team plays its best and pulls off what most of us thought impossible. A lot more work is needed but even though it sounds wierd, lets go 1 and 0 at the end of every week. Suck it haters,
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