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    im interest in the Atlanta Falcons, ive been a member of this board since 2002 I mostly read and hardly ever post. I love tv broadcast and film... i love horror movies..... I've been a Falcons fan since 1990, but hardcore since 1991.
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  1. I, like others want to see this team win dominately across the board right. Like we are playing madden against a 5 year old. Sure ryan has had a slump of a year on some key long passes, findng open recievers. Wrs have had so many dropped/tipped balls, trouble getting open. Sark play call and utilzation of the weapons at hand can be questioned. But again every team the falcons face is giving them all they got regardless of record. This team is hardening before our very eyes. A tough win is a tough win and the falcons are still on pace to win the division. Lets hope the falcons win out and as a
  2. Im not liking him at punt returner. Not that he wouldnt do a good job but that he is too valuable on offense. This will increase his chance of injury. The team should be looking elsewhere for punt and kickoffs.
  3. As a homer i wish this every year. It likely wont happen. Winning this years SB would ease the 28-3 stigma. It doesnt have to be a perfect season, but **** i wish it would happen.
  4. I feel the pain. Please view my tribute video for sb li. It will help heal our wounds.
  5. Im sure the falcons wont start the season with 4 te's. So that would leave toilolo and i would say tamme on the chopping block. Toilolo is the easy cut as he still seems to be a project player. Tamme only cause he has had a hard time staying healthy. Other then that tamme is a good player.
  6. Thank you for watching. As i mentioned it was a tough loss but still in that moment its good to appreciate what was accomplished. This team was never thought to even win the division much less make it to the sb. The loss was rough but this team must own it. A lot of promise for this year. Quin needs to start strong.Go Falcons.
  7. It is a bit like ripping a scab off. But its good for closure if anything. Remember it was still a great season with so much promise for this year. It is what will fuel the season upcomimg. Come on now give it a view. Let the healing begin
  8. AUDIO NOT PHONE SPEAKER FRIENDLY too much bass: Here is a vid i shuffled together using the brotherhood videos and other utube vids. Regardless of the end results, we should all be proud of what this team accomplished last season. And use that as our fuel for the fire. Its a short vid and would appreciate any views thanks.
  9. I thought mathematically we were out of it but im guessing we need Seattle to lose the final 2 games with atl pulling off a miracle and winning out. The vikes have the tie breaker unfortunately. I hope to **** theycome out next week and shock the world
  10. you dont see the logic cause your only looking at the Now. Since your a fan I aint gonna do your homework for you and check out TD's and company selections in the draft. Its commonly said you build through the draft. Well if thats so, take a look at that number its surprising. And some of those who do remain might not be here next year. Td's problem is that his picks are not panning out. its hard to rely on free agency and thats what we are doing and thats not really working either. Our last double digit pass rusher was Abraham, I'll give you that one. Any on3 who defends td with he doesnt
  11. reading the same alert got me thinking the same, is there underlining concern for durant. I hope not
  12. Ok tough loss I know, not very pleased about it but the team has to move forward and learn from it. Now there are alot to look at of the game, turnovers, backups not stepping up, ryan not at his best. But my question is what are the rules of roughing a kicker. Man that saints player took out bosher with his leg in the air hitting him in his knees. I know im ignorant to the rule but how was that not roughing. Some might say well he went for the ball ya he did while also shooting and taking out boshers knees. Arent kickers pretected from this? Is so should that td be called back and a first d
  13. no I saw it and some made me jump out my seat cause they were pretty open. None were wideopen td certain plays but vital 1st down plays. I think freeman will play a lot better with the more reps in practice. Man im gonna miss coleman, he was showing some grit, but the same can be said of freeman as well. hhankerson would have had some good yards had he cought those dropped balls.
  14. Awsum for representing, sometimes it can be tough attending an away game. Go Falcons!
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