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  1. How can you not love this trade? We don't have to pick a rookie TE with character concerns and we get a future HOF! It also means we can concentrate on defense. Hopefully we can get Ayers or Laurenitus.
  2. I went to the Carolina game, and I did see Ryan make some throws to open receivers go high right, and that was when Carolina really came after him. Overall though, he did a very decent job against a tough defense, hot weather, and first time playing in Carolina. I am looking forward to wearing my Ryan jersey in the midst of the Bears fans this Sunday!
  3. I have to admit, I thought we could have gotten Baker in the 2nd round, but he has proven to be worth the trade. I am glad GB had the injuries to their DL though.
  4. Milloy should have called a designated driver. .14 is hammered. Milloy made a mistake at a time when the Falcons really didn't need this attention. All the attention has been centered on Brady, Favre, and Manning. We were being left alone, and the hype about the heir to Vick was low. Milloy, to my knowledge, has never been in trouble before, and I agree with Smith's way of handling it. As for the Taser comment, maybe we should arm officers with the Super Soaker 2000 instead of Tasers. Instead of calling 911, we should all just call Jerry Garcia for help.
  5. Best game I have ever seen. I was stuck in the Philly airport due to snow and I didn't care as the game was being played.
  6. I would be happy with a 7th round pick for him. OR just give him back to the Saints.
  7. I will give him the benefit of the doubt this year. Mario Williams of the Texans wasn't a sack machine the first year either. Hopefully JA just needs the experience under his belt.
  8. I liked the way the Hawks played the series, but I saw them play the Bobcats in Charlotte and it was like watching the movie Waterworld......boring, slow, and and no point to it.
  9. Obvious Facts that ##### me off: 1) Boley got arrested. 2) Boley got arrested and we are back to the school yard crap debates comparing it to Vick's situation. Just remember one thing, Vick did his crimes over time with deliberate actions with no regard to sending an animal to its death. There really should not be any comparison. 3) Peter King is an idiot. OUR Team was dealt the worst hand last year of any team in history. We had the Vick situation, divided locker room and the worst coach the NFL has ever seen in Petrino. We did not lose because of a lack of talent. Harrington was no
  10. My age is starting show when I forget my glasses and can't read an O from a D.
  11. Just read on the site that we signed Butterworth from Slipperyrock. He has the size and seems to be smart, but I don't know how he played. "Butterworth, 6-7, 330 pounds, earned All-America honorable mention honors by Don Hansen s Football Gazette for his performance last season. He also garnered ESPN The Magazine Academic All-America honors for the second consecutive year and was a first-team All-Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference Western Division selection for the third straight year."
  12. Here is their take on our draft: Atlanta With 11 picks, including more (six) in the top 100 than any other team, first-year GM Thomas Dimitroff had the platform to revitalize his roster with youth. He worked the board like a seasoned vet, trading up to land Sam Baker to protect the investment he made in QB Matt Ryan, both of whom could serve as franchise cornerstones for a long time. The Falcons found a new leader of their defense in the second round in LB Curtis Lofton. Dimitroff sacrificed some size and speed to land good football players. Louisville WR Harry Douglas and Georgia RB Thomas Br
  13. I disagree about the character issue with our draft. I don't know of any OL prospect in the top 10 that had any type of character concerns so the Baker pick was about need and talent. Ryan has character, but he also has the talent to be our starting QB for years to come. Curtis was the top rated OLB in Profootballweekely and all he does is make plays. I have serous questions about the rest of the draft picks, but I don't think those picks were based on character. We passed on the safety from ND, the guard from Toledo, the guard from Oregon St, and the WR from LSU. All would have helped, a
  14. I think the difference is that Ryan is going to a team that has talent already around him and that he doesn't have to start right away. Harrington was proclaimed the "savior" of a franchise that was run as well as Enron. At least with Ryan, he has TD and a solid coach in Smith. Plus he can sit on the sidelines and learn. This is probably an unpopular opinion, but Harrington has not been that bad and Redmon is a smart football player who can teach.
  15. 1) Ryan has the talent and leadership qualities to turn this team around. 2) Very productive with lesser talent at the skilled positions around him last year. 3) Doesn't make excuses. Doesn't appear to be arrogant. Good for PR. 4) Generates talk about the Falcons in a postive way in terms of moving on from the 2007 season. 5) Mature enough to handle the Vick comparisons (IMHO) 6) Creates a new fan base in the BC area that we really haven't had. BC has many fans and will follow and support Ryan in Atlanta. 7) Loves football Also, a thought on the other two top picks we had. Sam Baker is a s
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