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  1. Good post vel. Not to mention the number of teams we played coming off of their bye week.
  2. All your credibility just vanished with this asinine statement. Calling a top 8 (or higher) offense all time overrated makes you look foolish. Suppose I'd say the same if I was scared of my team losing, too. Remind us of the best quarterbacks your vaunted scoring defense faced this season? Wilson and Big Ben. Rest assured you and the rest of the doubters will have the great opportunity to watch this historically great offense come Super Bowl Sunday.
  3. Hageman was consistently getting in the backfield on Sunday. There were a couple of plays where he drew 3 linemen on his rush. No doubt he'll be motivated to play lights out in the big dance.
  4. Might want to rewatch the 2008 Super Bowl since you're so keen on bringing up the past.
  5. I was sitting in 311 and saw the play where Jarrett was tackled from the Packers O-line point of view. Absolutely egregious hold.
  6. Drove down from Raleigh and just got home! Wow- that was truly Dome Field Advantage- blessed to be on the magical ride that has been this season. Just an absolutely dominant performance in all facets of the game. And the best part is they aren't done yet!
  7. Anxiety was at an ALL TIME HIGH after that!
  8. enjoyed this, thanks for posting kno
  9. I'll be there with my dad and brother, coming down from NC!! Section 311, row 10. Absolutely cannot wait, THIS IS OUR YEAR RISE UP ATLANTA!
  10. 4th and Graham near downtown is where falcons fans normally tailgate if you're looking for that
  11. Sec 347, also taking a friend who has never been before. My second (and last) game in the Dome!
  12. As someone who's never played a down of football, knowledge like this is invaluable for me. Thanks for taking the time to make this PMF, always look forward to your posts.
  13. 5 draft picks for Julio
  14. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-game-highlights/0ap3000000726576/Alford-breaks-up-would-be-game-winner-in-end-zone
  15. Minimal impact as a 2nd year player, obviously a bust /s off