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  1. Thanks for the memories Rocky! I'll never forget that Superbowl pick and the pure jubilation I felt immediately after. Best of luck going forward
  2. Thanks for the memories Tandy! Watched that game with a Ravens fan buddy of mine, and he couldn't believe it either. Then throwing the game winner to Roddy! What a game
  3. I definitely let out a loud "WOOOOO" after that kick. Felt the same as a Falcons W
  4. Joined in 2007, rarely post though. Mostly just lurk and read all the arguments and debates
  5. I can relate to that. Stomach issues for months from the stress. On the bright side I learned to not be as emotionally invested in things outside of my control.
  6. 10 to Julio in 2012 and 10 to Roddy in 2010 I believe
  7. Also the Bengals would have had to use their final timeout, the play reversal was a complete momentum swing.
  8. My first game in the Benz was our loss to the Bills last year on the phantom fumble.. Hopefully we both get to see a W next time!
  9. This isn't Madden. At some point the defense has to make a play to win the game.
  10. It's already been mentioned, but man, what could have been if the D line had stayed healthy in 2006. Amazing what Abe did with the guys he had around him.
  11. I'll never be glad about a loss.
  12. KOG I think you're onto something here. I didn't get to watch the game as I had to work, but looking at the stats afterwards it looked like the D just couldn't get off the field on 3rd down. 3rd down % conversions were 8/16 for Philly, while our offense was 4/15 in comparison.
  13. I just saw your comment from WAAAAAY back... lol What's up right back at you! XD