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  1. ST hold costed us 30 yards of field position on offense and gave Carolina 15.. poorly coached
  2. We all need rest more than ever after the ending to last season.
  3. That was an old photoshopped picture made by someone on the boards some years back in 2012(?). They put Brent Grimes in the background of lots of Drew Brees pictures after he was picked by us 5 times in a game in 2012 iirc. Hilarious at the time
  4. It's really bizarre when you think about it. Sort of the opposite of last year with the ball bouncing our way until that last game..
  5. I'll take being in the playoffs over draft position every year
  6. Really liked what I saw from Rico at NB today.. think Poole can play safety? Good thread KOG
  7. As other posters have stated, today's loss was more attributed to player execution than playcalling.
  8. Go cheer for Georgia or something instead of making pointless threads during the game
  9. Another frustrating aspect is even when the D has made some interceptions they've been negated by penalties. Believe there have been two called back this year. Good thread vel
  10. Tell me about it. When was it last thriving? 2014?
  11. Would love to see this implemented. Just squeeze in behind Mack and get it done.
  12. I think it'll come down to the battle in the trenches and turnovers. Panthers D has been very good this year. Are you going to the game?
  13. There's a lot of truth in that statement. Seems like every time the defense forces a fumble the opposing offense instantly recovers. Before today's game, D had 5 forced fumbles and only recovered one (Source: NFL.com/ESPN stats). Meanwhile offense is lucky to recover its own, just how it goes sometimes