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  1. it was disapointing. One of the few times our guy has head turned and making a play on the ball instead of face guarding and we can't catch a break. I was right in front of in and all I saw was a simple are bar and Grimes making play on a lofted pass. The reciever was infront of Grimes and slowed to the ball so really Grimes just prevented him from coming back into his line. There was some acting on the reciever's part as well. Pretty soon we will be calling it Soccer. Would like to see play again.
  2. He has to stay. It will be very hard to replace his name "Butter-Fingeran". I mean we have "Jenkshands" but he has been living up to that too much lately.
  3. Really one letter miss-spelled makes an idiot I? lol drop and give me triple integral bound by X^2 + 4Y^2 = 16 and by Y = 0. and....go. No matter how you spell it you are not up on my level son. Gibby gabby biggidy boo!LOL
  4. Ok, I understand the words you have used here, but the way you put them together resembles a Jenga game just before it falls. I mean, come on...really? Todally being honest here. What the ... is this Sara Palin? Sara, is that you?
  5. Hopefully he signs with Buffalo so that we will not have him play in the Dome for at least 6 years. Need that out of sight out of mind thing right now.
  6. Don't forget about the Falcon fans that enjoyed him so much as a Falcon that they are intencely pissed at him for being such a a$$ hat that he will never play for us again. There has been a loss of starters that voiced their oppinions about his situation, major loss of salary cap (no cap next year) and personal loss of money for 8 season tickets during 2007. Some Atlanta faithful don't like the light he put the franchise in period. The pot bottle, flipping off fans, lieing to everyone just before being indited, you name it he has done it! Yet you have kids out at the Dome chanting "we want Mike". These must be the same little girls who are going to an R-Kelly show after the game. And Then...we get to see a team we hate (Eagles) share a jersey with our beloved Falcons (red and green vick jersey). It's the most rediculous thing I have ever seen and it just about brings my blood to its boiling point. So lets not forget about the true Falcons fans that are pissed about the condition Vick left our franchise in and are even more enraged by the mindless support he receives from this community based solely on Race. That is the only thing it could be folks because Vick is not the only person in the United States to be found guilty of running a Gambling ring. There is no railroading here, and I, like the Falcons organization, do not support profession athlets that have history of criminal activity. It's called setting an example for the next generation.
  7. Ok, this took a while but here we go. From Webster's Dictionary: Brute 3:UNREASONING; also :Purely Physical. Brutalize 1: to make Brutal 2: to treat Brutally. Brutal 1: UNFEELING, Cruel 2: HARSH, SEVERE. I think any scholar would rate being pushed around (Jostled), spit on and any other forms of physical intimidation as being Brutal Treatment. Ruffian : A Brutal Person. Thug : A brutal ruffian or assassin. Now assassin doesn't fit but as I have shown Brutal Ruffian does in fact describe actions of physical intimidation pretty well. The word or indicated that you can have one without the other. Just wanted to put some evidence out there to support the statement that the people that did this are a bunch of Thugs. If I'm racist then the dictionary is racist. Although, as I wright this I keep hearing Serina Williams proclame that she did not theaten that line judge not 15 seconds after she screamed out on national television "I will shove this ball down your F-ing thoat".
  8. I let it go when he pled guilt...man. I had 8 season tickets that year and spent about $7000 to watch a team without a starting QB. Furthmore, what was one of my favorite Falcons will never play for my team again. So, forgive me for holding a grudge, but he cost me money and my team respectability.
  9. How about anyone who participates in Thugee activity. Thug has been around since 1300s. Its in the Dictionary, and To-pac did not create it. You can't have the word.
  10. 1. He does drugs (dont kid yourself, more than weed) 2. He flipped off the Falcon fans on national television 3. He lied, in a pres confrence, about his involvement in criminal activity. 4. He pled guilty to Federal Gambling Charges to avoid spending the rest of his life behind bars for killing dogs. Why would anyone what to give the impression that this is the type of behavior they support. This is the type of person they imulate, or strive to be like. One other thing Thug is a word that has been around long before the black gangster so STOP TRYING TO MAKE IT A RACIAL SLUR. If you do not want to be associated with a stigma. Don't talk the part. Don't dress the part. Don't act the part.
  11. 1/3 saints fans, 1/3 Falcons fans, 1/3 a$$-hats with vick jerseys on. Especialy the ones with the two tones jersey. A Falcon Jersey should never have thouched a Philly one.
  12. Winning or Losing is a STAT. Results would be bandwagon jumpers.
  13. I would have been happy with nine wins for the year so 5-3 is fine with me. Only one of our wins has been on the road though. The team seems to have a mental block playing away from man number 12. Looks like Jets and Tampa might both be a joke on the road so these next two games have hugh implications. We need to bring bad intentions into Carolina and hope that NY doesn't figure it out before we are are back home.
  14. Yeah, I am so glad we have that trainer guy we heard so much about at the beginning of the year. You remember? The one that trains players in position specific ways to reduce big injuries as well as frequent injuries? Seems to be working guys!!
  15. Tell her Falcons play up front but Aints fans get it in the A. After a couple of troubleing sessions she will either divorce you or change her loyalties. :blink:
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