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  1. Know what, I think you might be right. I was with Whoopie when she said that it was a culture thing. Crazy ##### people try to sting, but when a person talks about themself in the third person, clearly they are disturbed. Sometimes (and I speak from experience) no amount of money can help a person understand the sanctaty of life. Peace.
  2. OOOOOOhrah! Grunt! Sniff! Find! When the soil on the bottom of the lake is disturbed, it can only mean there is something in the water above.
  3. taylor was a convicted felon also and committed a crime against a human, oh i forgot, it's a human
  4. Oh, yeah, D.H. you did nothing wrong. That flag ##### was a jerk, but you didn't need to spoil it. Anyone who speaks in the third person has a serious peronality disorder. It like the Queen of England, "Well! WE don like to talk about the Crown in that manner." You gotta tone it down dude.
  5. Kick ##### fellas. Just don't get caught.
  6. Man, I swear (which I don't) that you fellas are just all drawed up in your jock straps. Look, this is a physical game. Ya'll need to get your degrees. If you ever want to be any good at what you do, then look to the people who are good at what you do. The NFL is more about "Well, that guy is bigger than that other guy over there, so, lets throw the ball to him." WOW! Rocket friggin scientist! BTB people. Back To Basics. Check your people. Make sure they don't create a scandle. Pay me 110 million dollars and I will drag the moon close enough so that we won't need a space shuttle program.
  7. we can only try. sum of us are deaf.
  8. yup. and have a nice practice. u r gonna love the new jersey. it says: "GODHELPUS" "01" whom is my cousin.
  9. OWM! OWM! Man if you guys ever get you thing out of your hole you might actually start talking about people who want to win.
  10. You know, because the draft budget has nothing to do with the salary cap, I would hire a bunch of people to do the research for me and make presentations. The problem is that most draft agents are scumbags.
  11. Uh, yeah, that would be me. I'll do it. ****, looks like we're gonna have a girl for president. Why not me. I'm totally unquallified, inexperienced, and I only want to look at butts anyway.
  12. no. our situation is much more complicated. the focus must be in developing a team. we do not have a team. our team is divided. it is clear. I don't know if anyone noticed, but, if you go to the NFL website and research the individuals who have been inducted into the Hall of Fame, they all have one thing in common. Can anyone guess? I will tell you in 35 years of studying the institution of professional football that who is inducted into the Hall of Fame has nothing to do with the success rate of the individual franchise.
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