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  1. marino had 23 picks in college, whats your point???
  2. 19 picks out of 630 passes, i will take those odds.
  3. there has been some talk about ryan and that number but the number looks pretty cool in that pic.
  4. He had the same problem as Marino. No consistant running game and NO defense to support him. e.james won the rushing title 2 or 3 times in indy. the colts have always had a good rushing game. Look at their defense. other than the last few year the defense wasnt all that great, i will give you that. there de now is good though.
  5. He had the same problem as Marino. No consistant running game and NO defense to support him. e.james won the rushing title 2 or 3 times in indy. the colts have always had a good rushing game.
  6. you cant compare players based on stats, you compare players based on playing styles.
  7. from the sounds of it, ryan didnt really want 12, he wanted to return to his high school number(#2) i like that number and i think it fits ryan well however i think im going to get a B.C college jersey of ryan so i dont jinx him as a falcon. every falcon jersey i get, they either tear there acl, get cut or traded, fight dogs or just plan suck.
  8. he may not even come out next year and on top of that we may not been in position to draft him, so why gamble when we already got our franchise qb.
  9. i would rather see what we got in our own players. erik coleman is a beast and i feel he will be one of the best FA signings we had in awhile.
  10. i would be upset if he didnt play this season. our oline isnt great but it isnt as bad as some make it out to be. we had a lot of injuries last year and ryan has to gel with the wr and oline.
  11. the same reason why parcells didnt draft glen dorsey i guess. im not even going to comment on your matt ryan bashing, its not worth it.
  12. vick should get more blame for not making those wrs better, its not all the wr fault. if vick was a franchise qb he would have made those players around better like peyton manning, carson palmer, tom brady etc. brady threw for a ton of yards for years and he didnt have a true number 1 till moss. vick was a inconsistent passer and he didnt have the drive to get better. people talk about the emergence of roddy white but his break out season just happened to be the year vick didnt play. as far matt ryan, he carried BC on his back with no talent around him. he had 4000 yards and 31 tds.
  13. i doubt many have watched matt ryan play and actually broke down film of him. its easy for people to call matt ryan a bust because he is a qb. qbs are always the fav. to be a bust to the common fan. i would rather take the advice of the experts and from what i have seen rather than a bunch of jags, panthers, bucs, cowboys etc fans who have never even seen matt ryan play.
  14. jennings is done for sure i would think. finn i believe will be cut. we have a lot of young wr so i could see us keeping horn for another year to help the younger guys.
  15. i will take ryan and baker. stafford may not even come out and if he did we dont even know if we would be in a position to draft him. as for dorsey, dt is another high bust position and he is not a sure thing. he is a huge injury risk and i would rather ellis than dorsey long term.
  16. its not just the fans, its also the media. i dont know why they dont understand that we traded 3 picks and got back 3 picks.
  17. i have wanted the falcons to draft matt ryan before the season ended. he is already my 2nd fav. qb behind carson palmer.
  18. i wish we would use the number that BC use. those number designs are pretty cool.
  19. lol, people will try and find anything to make a point on why a player is good or not. i just think its so dumb that people think a player can be a OT because his arms are a inch shorter than someone else. if a player can play he can play, if he cant he cant.
  20. its on our home page under roster and matt ryan said it in a interview. he said he would go back to his high school number which was 2.
  21. even though number 2 is not my fav. i think its going to look good on ryan. it looks like its going to fit him fine. also jamarcus russell is wearing that number.
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