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  1. No Falcon QB has ever had a winning record as a starter, except Michael Vick. Now, 'pro-Vick' players are being targeted by Blank/McKay for being supportive...
  2. What specific prediction have I made in regards to Dunn and Brooking...? If the 'puppet' Dimitroff/McKay, continues this charade, then the Falcons will be the ones who ultimately face those negative consequences of keeping these two over-rated players.. I am very disappointed, and ANY Falcon fan with hopes of a winning 2008 season should be as well.. if this disturbing news is true, the Falcons will be lucky to win five games this season.. Dunn is shot (over the hill) **a cap killing whore as someone else plainly put it** and no other NFL team would even consider him as a starter much less pay
  3. 'Death from Above' is an appropriate name for you because your buddies in the front office are 'killing themselves' with decisions based upon retaliation and that will further alienate the 'majority' of season ticket holders, the locker room and impact free agents (who are now thinking twice) in coming here....
  4. I agree... THE QUESTION STILL REMAINS WHETHER OR NOT THE CORE VETS WILL BUY INTO PLAYING FOR THIS COACHING STAFF AFTER ALL THE OTHER STUFF THAT HAS GONE ON? Now, it may be DeAngelo's turn.. and I question whether Boley will ever get around to signing that extension.. for now 'Young Tom' is trying to hold Boley 'hostage' by slapping a first round tender on him.. DeAngelo Hall's future: Coach Mike Smith wants the two-time Pro Bowl cornerback on the team. Hall, who has one-year left on his contract, recently said he wants to be back, but he won't play next season without an extension. The Falc
  5. Roddy is already on 'thin ice'... Two words for Roddy and his pro-Vick stances: James Hardy!
  6. The 'phase-out' has begun, but 'Young Tom' is alienating a whole of the current Falcons right now..
  7. In Dimitroff/McKay's dangerous game of trying to eradicate any and all pro-Vick influences in the clubhouse, an option may be to start trading away players (including Boley, D-Hall, and yes John Abraham). Even though 'Young Tom' touts more cap space for 2007, but it may the equivalent of being 'all dressed up with nowhere to go'...however out of 'desperation' in an effort to show he can actually sign someone (anyone) he may grossly overpay a marginal free agent (i.e. Shaun McDonald from Detroit or aging Marty Booker).. This is possible, but he would be duplicating what McKay did in his five i
  8. Bart wasn't an exceptional passer. Bart was average and its reflective in his 55.9% completion percentage. Vick had a 53.8%.. However, Vick was a more complete player and was able to win games via the pass and running the ball.. Leadership, mobility are attributes are often overlooked and is the main reason Bart loss the majority of his games, DESPITE HAVING PRO BOWL WRs And QBs. Bart had more, but achieved less. Can you imagine if Vick had Alfred Jenkins, William Andrews, etc. Vick did more with less, while battling one of the most over-rated, incompetent GMs in Falcons' history, Rich McKay.
  9. Crump is still productive at a position in which he still the best player... Brooking isn't the best at his position or any linebacker position, but he is one of the most expensive..
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