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  1. Wow, this is something that MacGruber would do by packing loaded C4 in a van with his own team. Oh wait, he did do that.
  2. That’s how I feel as well. The rush to end it was unnecessary to me since HBO seemed like they were comfortable keeping the checks blank to keep it going. If seasons 7 and 8 had 10 episodes a piece, maybe there would have been a better payoff.
  3. “Man, I’ve had a rough day and I hate the f****** Eagles, man.” But on a serious note, I as well dislike them with a passion
  4. Other than Pantera, At the Drive-In, and ZZ Top, there aren’t a lot of Texas bands that I would be considered a fan of. California definitely has the market cornered on rock bands.
  5. Yeah, it was pretty bad. I live in the area as well and before this I thought the dumbest thing to happen today was that a massive traffic jam was caused because Pilgrim’s Pride was having a sale on bulk chicken.
  6. I think the Cochran hire is a home run hire just for the sheer fact that he’s in the program. There’ll be a little bit of a learning curve sure, but now he can go on the road and recruit which is another nuclear bomb in the arsenal since he’s great at making relationships with his players. I’m loving this off-season.
  7. That’s what I was thinking as well. Thanks for the confirmation.
  8. Any credibility to the Pittman as HC to Arkansas?
  9. To me, Season 4 is off to a great start. Man, that wasps’ dinner with Goldenfold gave me some bad feels, but I still laughed so I don’t know what that says about me as a person.
  10. He had a great career and a got a ring with the Astros. He’ll always be one of my favorite Braves.
  11. This is surprising to me since the Royals had some pretty good teams in the 70s and 80s.
  12. It’s a conference game and Vandy, I think, has earned the right to get everyone’s best shot so I’m glad the Dawgs didn’t take them lightly like in years past.
  13. I went to Shaky Knees and saw Tool in Birmingham a few days afterwards. Seeing Tame Impala and Tool in the space of three days have been my concert highlights so far this year. May go to Iron Maiden in July and Smashing Pumpkins/Noel Gallagher in August.
  14. That is very odd considering that the building’s sponsor was the company of the inventor of air conditioning.
  15. The next two weeks are going to be fun for sure. Littlefinger doing Littlefinger things is going to be my favorite subplot for the next two weeks.
  16. I understand dragons, warging, seeing the future in fire, to name a few, but Varys moving at the speed of plot is what is unbelievable to me.
  17. I watched it this weekend on HBO and was highly entertained as well. Crowe and Gosling worked well as a duo and I hope they do a sequel.
  18. Although it's a short film, I really loved Kung Fury. Most entertaining 30 minutes I've seen in a long time. Quite absurd, but very enjoyable.
  19. Very late to the party, but I finally watched Fargo after many years of putting it off. I enjoyed the **** out of it. I feel like a turd, and rightfully so, for not watching it.
  20. I thought Bradley Cooper knocked his performance out of the park. Other than that and the direction, it was nothing special. As far as Iraq/Afghanistan war movies go, it's behind Zero Dark Thirty and The Hurt Locker.
  21. Watched John Wick on HBO and was pleasantly surprised. Probably one of the best action movies I've seen in awhile besides Dredd and the latest Mad Max.
  22. Maverick

    Nba Draft Thread

    And we draft someone from Sweden who we'll never hear from again.
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