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  1. He had a great career and a got a ring with the Astros. He’ll always be one of my favorite Braves.
  2. This is surprising to me since the Royals had some pretty good teams in the 70s and 80s.
  3. It’s a conference game and Vandy, I think, has earned the right to get everyone’s best shot so I’m glad the Dawgs didn’t take them lightly like in years past.
  4. The Braves organist was having a blast this weekend. I think he also did the Wicked Witch theme from the Wizard of Oz for at least one of his at-bats as well.
  5. I went to Shaky Knees and saw Tool in Birmingham a few days afterwards. Seeing Tame Impala and Tool in the space of three days have been my concert highlights so far this year. May go to Iron Maiden in July and Smashing Pumpkins/Noel Gallagher in August.
  6. We shall see. They’re definitely saying all the right things, and after reading a little more, I feel a little less apprehensive. Overall, the offense wasn’t atrocious with Chaney, but I definitely didn’t think he was utilizing all of his tools nor was he great at adapting his play calls to new adjustments. Hopefully, Coley can pick up the slack that Cheeseburger couldn’t.
  7. Very underwhelming and lazy hire. I would figure Kirby would do his due diligence and do a more thorough search since this was going to be a crucial hire.
  8. I really like Pod Save America, which is hosted by former Obama staffers. Really good insights on the world.
  9. If Tennessee wants to throw money on mediocrity, let them have Cheeseburger. I’m sure UGA heard the offer and said “F that noise, we can do better” and are going to go from there.
  10. All vitriol aside, I’ll still pull for Fields even if he isn’t a Dawg anymore. I get both sides of the argument and I’m glad it’s over, but he’s still a kid who I want to succeed as long as it’s not at the behest of UGA. To me, the irony is that with Fields transferring it opens up a much more favorable position for any 20/21 four or five star QBs that wants to come to UGA. With Fromm being a junior, whomever that comes in will only have to wait a year or two to compete for the starting job.
  11. Welp, we’ve got spots at all skill positions. Great for recruiting, but stinks for the 19 season. Seriously hoping that Zeus’s knees hold up because we’re going to need him.
  12. I will say this and I doubt it’s going to happen since Cheeseburger is the OC, but the offense needs to open up next year. Year 3 of Fromm in this offense and if they say he’s as good as they say he is with the playbook then they need to open it up and take off the kid gloves. I definitely think the offense would have been more dynamic with Fields eventually, but it was going to take more time then he was going to give UGA.
  13. I’m just glad it’s over so we can move on without the distraction.
  14. Yeah, it’s a good marquee matchup, but I’d just rather put a whoopin’ on OSU or UCF ahead of Texas.
  15. UGA/Texas in the Sugar. I wish they would throw away these conference agreements and just put the remaining teams in the best matchups possible. I’d rather UGA play Ohio State or UCF than Texas.
  16. Fields ended the drama last night and flat out said “Yes, sir” when asked if he was coming back next year.
  17. D-line is the most obvious spot UGA is behind Alabama. They’ve done a good job recruiting on the o-line, but d-line is the next step to being elite IMO.
  18. I don’t think UGA will get in, but they definitely deserve to be in the playoff. I don’t think the committee will put them at the 4 and have them rematch with Bama, and I also don’t think they’ll bump them up to 3 and punish ND by dropping them to 4. In the end, I’m impressed with how well the team played and competed. Especially, for a team in a “down year”. That fake punt though was the worst playcall ever though. Got to make better decisions going forward in clutch situations.
  19. RIP Stan Lee
  20. I was in my Junior year of college in 2005. God, I’m old.
  21. I like Fromm and he has done a lot for the team, but I was disappointed they didn’t stay with Fields when he had the hot hand. Fromm’s 3rd down QBR is terrible. Before the LSU game, it was at 15 on plays 3rd and 5 or longer. I’m sure it’s worse now after this weekend, but I’m all for seeing Fields out there if Fromm continues to struggle.
  22. The older I get, the more I realize that the best people, for whatever reason, don’t last long on this Earth.
  23. That is very odd considering that the building’s sponsor was the company of the inventor of air conditioning.
  24. Modern psychedelic rock