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  1. Gus is getting paid $21.45 million to go F off.
  2. Soda and ice cream are the two things I can’t give up. Alcohol was very easy for me since I was just a social drinker, but if I order a pizza or get a burger, I have to have a Coke.
  3. Much better effort in the second half. Despite the ineptitude in the first half, they still had a shot to steal the game.
  4. My FB feed is full of people claiming unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud. I mean, really?
  5. Agreed. They do a phenomenal job. Toughest job in the hospital.
  6. Nursing is probably one of the most difficult jobs out there. Not many jobs can compete with nursing as far as the mental and physical toll it puts on the human body.
  7. I want Joe Brady as HC. Give him a veteran coaching staff around him and I think he’ll be great. The Panthers offense will improve as the season goes on and I think the Falcons should snag him before he becomes too hot of a candidate.
  8. Honestly, it’s more fun on the outside of Wrigley and Fenway than inside to watch a game at both ballparks. Fenway still has wooden seats in some sections, which is a literal pain in the butt to sit in for over 3 hours.
  9. Wow, this is something that MacGruber would do by packing loaded C4 in a van with his own team. Oh wait, he did do that.
  10. That’s how I feel as well. The rush to end it was unnecessary to me since HBO seemed like they were comfortable keeping the checks blank to keep it going. If seasons 7 and 8 had 10 episodes a piece, maybe there would have been a better payoff.
  11. “Man, I’ve had a rough day and I hate the f****** Eagles, man.” But on a serious note, I as well dislike them with a passion
  12. Other than Pantera, At the Drive-In, and ZZ Top, there aren’t a lot of Texas bands that I would be considered a fan of. California definitely has the market cornered on rock bands.
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