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  1. RIP Stan Lee
  2. I was in my Junior year of college in 2005. God, I’m old.
  3. I like Fromm and he has done a lot for the team, but I was disappointed they didn’t stay with Fields when he had the hot hand. Fromm’s 3rd down QBR is terrible. Before the LSU game, it was at 15 on plays 3rd and 5 or longer. I’m sure it’s worse now after this weekend, but I’m all for seeing Fields out there if Fromm continues to struggle.
  4. I knew Cade was going to be alright after he drove SC’s defensive end into the second level with ease on the first play.
  5. UGA ain’t nothing to f*** with
  6. So far, I’ve seen it’ll be 3 names per Bowman.
  7. I totally forgot about 1990.
  8. The next big curse for England to break is to make it to the semis. I don’t think they’ve made it past the quarterfinals since they won it in 66.
  9. Also, Fox didn’t send a large contingent of their crew to Russia since the U.S. isn’t in the tournament and a bulk of their commentators are calling the game on a feed from a studio in the U.S. ESPN, at least, had the decency to have Martin Tyler commentate certain games for them a couple of World Cups ago.
  10. Huge draw for Iceland. Which also brings up another reason why the US should never not qualify.
  11. Agreed. Spain is still dangerous even if they fired their manager a day before the tournament. They still have the best midfield in the whole tournament IMO. I really like Belgium’s team because it’s so full of potential. Any team with De Brunye, Hazard, and Lukaku should be feared. Another interesting team is Poland. I can definitely see Lewandowski getting the golden boot for the tournament.
  12. I’m an England fan after being first and foremost a US fan, but it doesn’t look good for them. They should make it out of the group, but they’re on a collision course with Brazil in the Quarterfinals. Also, if it goes to penalties, England is doomed. It’s like pulling for an ATL team really. I seriously think it’s either down to Germany or Brazil with France being an interesting pick as well.
  13. The older I get, the more I realize that the best people, for whatever reason, don’t last long on this Earth.
  14. It was obvious Bautista’s bat speed wasn’t there anymore and he was such a liability at 3B that it became apparent he was done. I’m glad Carmargo is getting a legit shot at 3rd.
  15. Another problem is that parking around the stadium shrinks during day games in the week. A lot of non-Braves lots are business lots and since it’s the Cubs there’s the fear that it would cause a big problem. Not to say that it wouldn’t happen since we all know how it is in regards to ATL fans, but Cubs fans, you know, don’t work.