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  1. what's truly misguided is this false dilemma that you have to pick one or the other. VOTE THIRD PARTY
  2. i'm not surprised. this movie was promoted LIKE CRAZY, and then it actually delivered on the hype. i saw it friday night (it was close to sold out), and i'm probably going to see it on IMAX sometime next week. and i'm not the type to go see the same movie twice.
  3. i dont know if it will do any good....we are talking about religious extremists who have been fighting this war for centuries. so we chase them out of Afghanastan....what then? we arent willing to take the measures to eliminate them or intimidate them to the point where they would no longer be willing to do what they consider god's will i agree as far as any kind of foreign insurgency or fighting against dudes who think they're in a holy war (don't know the extent to which that is the problem in Afghanistan), but don't tell me we can't get rid of the Taliban gov't. Every last one of them shoul
  4. right, but the specific view that Obama is expressing: that we should put more troops in Afghanistan and finish that war off once and for all. who disagrees with that? and i don't see anything in the article that says Obama isn't talking to US commanders over there.
  5. Obama is absolutely right. I fail to see how anybody could take issue with this.
  6. yeah, if only the media would just ignore the facts that food costs are up almost 40%, insurance costs have tripled, gas and oil prices are exploding, unemployment is rising, the US dollar is increasingly weak, home values are diving, wages are mostly stagnant, etc.... then those things wouldn't REALLY be happening! what a simpleton.
  7. Any American with a **** brain. Not only is oil largely concentrated under the control of regimes opposed to American interests and supporting terrorism; it's a limited, non-renewable resource that is harmful to the environment and increasingly more expensive, strangling the middle class. link? the only people claiming we have enough oil in the US to satisfy demand are special-interests groups that stand to profit from it, and the mindless idiots who buy into it because they use language that appeals to your immature partisan fervor. stop believing everything Rush Limbaugh and his oil sponso
  8. and the countless men who've handled and edited the bible over the centuries can't lie?
  9. Why would it only maintain the 2-party status quo? Any candidate can participate and then it becomes a matter of where people stand on the issues instead of who's marketing machine works best... maybe if it were formatted completely different from modern debates, with every candidate being given equal time to all answer the same questions. every political debate i've ever seen is 90+% questions for D's and R's (and only the massively rich and well-known ones at that), and a couple quick questions, usually slanted, for any other party or independent.
  10. i hear ya. it kind of makes you wonder when people spend hundreds of millions of dollars to get a job that pays like $300K for a max of 8 years. and i think your idea about paying medical bills or helping people out would be a much more convincing campaigning mechanism than buying airtime and spewing out vague rhetoric. it could also easily be illegal or construed as "buying votes", i guess. disagree about having only debates and no campaigning at all. IMO that would only serve to maintain the 2-party status quo.
  11. no it's not, but saying that 95% of black people don't have common sense IS. I think you need to read the whole post again....I'm not telling you to love capitalism for my benefit, I'm telling you to love capitalism for your benefit. actually, you're not telling ME a gotdamn thing. i probably pay more in taxes than you see in a year, but that's beside the point. i read your misdirected little rant. it really just shows a poor understanding of the nuance involved in our economic system, an even poorer understanding of other people's decisions and thought processes, and the fact that you're a
  12. no it's not, but saying that 95% of black people don't have common sense IS.
  13. I've spoke with career MI guys (and reservist MI) who actually do the detaining and questioning, and i was amazed to hear how disorganized and poorly run the whole operation is. in some cases, they're basically rounding up people at random, and they also have to deal with a ton of fake informants who are just trying to get their personal enemies in trouble. the normal US justice system with its lengthy trial processes and redundant safeguards still manages to put innocent people away. what makes you think an operation run by the military WITHOUT those safeguards (in a foreign country with a co
  14. that's the problem, bob. a LOT of these detainees weren't witnessed doing anything of the sort. they were snatched from their homes while they were sleeping in the middle of the night, based on tips from informants (who may or may not have ulterior motives). also, your post kind of missed eatcorn's point. how do you call people defending their homeland from foreign invaders "terrorists"? it's all about perspective.
  15. also, i didn't realize russia still had aircraft carriers. i thought they sold or decommissioned all of them...
  16. because he stirs the pot, creates controversy, has people talking about him. and in today's media that's all that matters, not informative or accurate (or well-written or intelligent) journalism. the one thing that irks me about moore's anti-atlanta-ism is that he is often selected as a guest on national ESPN talk shows. he is IN NO WAY representative of ATL or its sports fans, but that doesn't stop him from presenting himself as such.
  17. i don't really care about his constant downing of the falcons or georgia; i just think he's a horrible writer. i know several editors or former editors at the AJC, and they all agree completely. he's just not talented at all. to compensate, he makes outrageous claims and race-baits.
  18. i don't think it has anything to do with satanism, though. maybe some old-school masonic rituals that could be interpreted as satanic, mixed in with a bunch of outright BS to make their critics look foolish and extremist.
  19. Just further proof that democrats and republicans are essentially the same thing and ultimately serve the same interests.
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