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  1. Says the guy with Vick, Hall, and Hartwell in his sigs. :laugh:
  2. I guess the mods are christians which means this violation of the CoC is quite acceptable.
  3. I am sorry, did you just post something? It seems everytime I see your sig, 5 minutes just flies off the clock... Amen to that. Whew...
  4. Oh come on guys...not only is he undersized, he's apatheic as well!
  5. Glad you provided that since there's no intuitive link to the massive media mock from the main area.
  6. but the question is, with KC, Baltimore, Carolina, Minnesota, Tampa, Chicago, and Miami (second round) all realistically looking at qb, are you sure that flacco is there at 34? Indeed many don't think he'll be there. Besides I think people are just getting way too mesmerized by Flacco's arm and forgetting how far away he really is to being ready. But homey can sling it no doubt.
  7. Yes and we can focus on them after we draft a QB who leads by example, is a student of the game, and thrives on pressure. He also has a 6'5" frame to see the entire field with plenty of room to add some muscle which will certainly help with his throwing velocity as well. But perhaps most importantly, he can quickly assimilate what a defense is doing and put the ball in the right spot while running a pro-style offense. Stuff real QBs do. I am of course talking about the anti-Vick, Matt Ryan.
  8. I've personally felt the exact same way about trading those precious draft picks. The only rationalization would be that the other guy we would take @ 3 would be a game-changing presence which could possibly justify the sacrifice. Of course you would be taking an even greater risk in this scenario which logically takes us back to simply drafting Ryan @ 3 and getting it over with.
  9. EEEWWWWWWW....Papa likes! Etc, I hope we can get Kelly from OU since his speed was slow in his workout, maybe he will drop to our second pick. He (Malcolm Kelly) showed how woefully immature he was as well. No thanks here.
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