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  1. awesome. let's print even more money out of thin air and further devalue everybody's income.
  2. no, nowhere near the best hands in the league. much improved with lots of promise for the future, but not the best hands in the league.
  3. day-old Bojangles out of a dumpster is better than fresh KFC. i'd rather eat the fried chicken at Rice Street on sundays. (that's Fulton Co. jail for all you non-Atlantans. they give you fried chicken on sundays and it's disgusting, but the best food you will ever eat in jail.)
  4. the vikings' playoff hopes are about to be X'd out, and their fans are gonna be like "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
  5. KFC blows. I would rather eat Chester Fried Chicken at the Exxon station than KFC.
  6. pollo tropical is retardedly good. they're all over miami. otherwise- 5 guys is the best burgers. bojangles is the best chicken. taco bell is taco bell, and chik-fil-a is alright. the rest is garbage.
  7. this is like saying "I'd rather have cat **** than dog ****."
  8. McD's "southern-style" chicken is to Chik-fil-a as tavaris jackson is to matt ryan.
  9. sorry, didn't follow the GOP primaries too closely. in what ways were mccain and romney butting heads? i agree he's a slickster who appears to be made of some sort of plastic. but what he did for Massachusetts with their budget and healthcare could have been spun into a message Americans wanted to hear A LOT more than kitschy, cute "hockey mom" stuff. just seems like the GOP misread the country's mood completely.
  10. racism is a belief that one race is superior to another. prejudice is just having preconceived beliefs about a person (sometimes based on race, sometimes not), not necessarily rooted in ideas of superiority/inferiority. racism has nothing to do with which racial group is the majority or controls more political power.
  11. she was a gimmick, at least partly. you can't honestly tell me she was the most qualified and competent candidate they could find (IMO Romney would've been a better choice with his economic expertise). The fact that she's an attractive woman with strong christian/family values definitely played a big part in it. Which is why that's all she talked about.
  12. well i think her honesty should be questioned when she presents herself as some GOP-reforming, no-pork, she-maverick and has an established record of seeking huge amounts of federal $ and pork projects, and her platform was essentially the same old evangelical-pandering policies.
  13. i think she was woefully unprepared and unqualified, and was brought in as a gimmick. and personally, i found the accent and the whole "gee golly i'm a hockey mom from small-town america with wholesome values" persona really annoying. i understand that appeals to some, just wasn't doing it for me.
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