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    Max reacted to Realsurfin in *** Official Falcons Vs Saints In-Game Thread ***   
    Oh well.... over .400 teams will be an issue.... I believe last week orbso I mentioned we have not played a decent defense yet.
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    Max reacted to JD dirtybird21 in USA Today Compares Matt Ryan & Payton Manning: 12 Years In   
    Statistically, it is crazy. I’ll give you that. But, Peyton has a few things that Matt still doesn’t have. Matt has never thrown 40 TD’s in a season. Peyton has thrown 56 in a season. Imagine if Peyton played on this roster in 2012 with Roddy, Julio, Douglas, and Gonzalez. I’m not sure he would “mirror” Ryan. He would likely put up an MVP season and throw 40+ touchdowns.
    I appreciate Matt. He’s a great player. And it’s definitely a compliment to him to compare him to one of the best that’s ever played. But I think Peyton is the far better player, no questions asked
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    Max reacted to PriMeTiiMe in USA Today Compares Matt Ryan & Payton Manning: 12 Years In   
    In 8 of Peyton's first 12 seasons the Colts went 12-4 or better. 2 seasons they went 10-6. Only 2 losing seasons (his rookie year and 4th year). He did not have another losing season the rest of his career. 
    I get their stats may be close but Peyton's teams won at an extremely high rate. 186-79. Ryan already has 80 losses and he has played 4 less seasons. 
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    Max reacted to BadMoonRising in People should be a bit optimistic.   
    Please take what I will type here with a pinch of salt. While our record has been abysmal, there was some promising things to keep in mind.
    That doesn't mean they will come to fruition. Despite peoples best impressions around here no one here really knows much. We aren't there for the team meetings. We aren't there in the huddles. We are nothing more than fans of honestly one of the most heart breaking organization of all of sports. You can cherry pick what ever stats you want it doesn't change that cold hard fact.
    All this is fine too, these discussions are wonderful its what makes being a fan all worth while.
    That said before we all go on full rebuild mode, and hope for a fire sale keep in mind. We aren't getting blown out in these games. In fact most games we where winning a good portion of the game until it actually mattered. Its been a pattern for quite some time. Some will say its Ryan folding under pressure and not leading an offense in time of Possession when its needing keeping our defense off the field. Others will say its the defense folding up like wet napkin. Others will say it was the inability of the coaching staff to make the right calls or adjustments as needed.
    I personally don't know and honestly no one does otherwise running a football team would be easy and the turn over rate wouldn't resemble a fast food joint in a college town. What I am trying to say is Morris deserves his chance with the current roster. This team is close, its not miles away like some of us seem to believe no matter how much we want to get excited with new blood.
    Enjoy the fact that at this moment Blank is trying something to fix the issue and lets see if the results are good. There is plenty of time to have a fire sale and draft what ever players the future holds. No matter what Ryan will not always be the Falcons Quarterback, Jones will not always be our receiver. That's a fact!
    If it doesn't work all the people who said it wouldn't can pat themselves on the back later and vice versa. All I am saying is people need to quit thinking that every weekend we have been watching the falcons get skull *$%*#*# for 60 minutes.
    If there is a missing ingredient or a flaw in the recipe I don't know but this may be the last chance just to see if its an ingredient before we all have to forget the entrée and order a new pasta.
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    Max reacted to Beast-N-Da-Sheetz in Someone tell me why Andrew Luck gets more praised than Matt Ryan?   
    There's a lot of undeserving QBs that gets more praise than Ryan. I just chalk it up to three things...
    1. He's boring
    2. He plays in Atlanta
    3. He doesn't have a ring
    Although #3 would be irrelevant if #1 and #2 weren't so true.
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    Max reacted to falcndave in Someone tell me why Andrew Luck gets more praised than Matt Ryan?   
    Remember Ryan's 4th down conversion for a TD last week. He rolled out, thought about running for it. He got cut off and backed up a step for separation then lofted a soft fall back jumper to Julio who took it to the house. No man can make that play look as ordinary and simple as Ryan. If Wilson does the exact same play in the exact same way with similar body language, it becomes a 15 minute segment on GMFB about how he just padded his MVP resume. 
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    Max reacted to etherdome in When it comes to Matt Ryan, we ALL have been in denial about what he needed on this team to thrive (Especially the GM).   
    Yes, Matt Ryan and this offense needs a strong running game.  I have complained about our OL for many seasons.  After Michael Turner left, we have not been able to count on three yards on the ground.  Consequently, opposing LB's can play back and cover the middle of the field.  Passing windows are made smaller and 3-and-outs become common place........and don't get me started on our red zone offensive failures.
    Shanny was brilliant.  Most of us (me included) did not fully appreciate his play calling.  He kept defenses guessing and that made our run game much better.  We will not likely find another OC as talented as he.  
    Having elite WR's is great.  It makes the offense "explosive" but it does not make it reliable.  We turned our backs on reliability in favor of excitement.  
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    Max reacted to Dirtybird56 in Why we not talking Julio dropping a clear touchdown?   
    Honestly these collapses are making me think no matter what we did in SB51 we would’ve found a way to lose
    Even if we did run the ball 3 times and kick a FG, I get the feeling they would’ve returned the ensuing kickoff for a TD, done an onside kick & recovered and still won
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    Max reacted to Ezekiel 25:17 in Front office is at fault, check this stat   
    By the way... That two point conversion that cost us a point....
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    Max reacted to TheDirtyWordII in A TDWII Observation: Kyle Shanahan Isn't Walking Through That Door...but the Falcons Keep Waiting   
    When a team performs poorly or underachieves, there are generally multiple reasons as to why.  But if I’m making the claim that this team continues to try and strive and replicate the 2016 team...that team in the second half of the season ALWAYS played with a lead.  They scored A TD on their first possession a record amount of consecutive times.
    Defensively, that allowed them to play an attacking style which also resulted in an extraordinary turnover +/- ratio.  If the other team scored, we simply knew we could match it.  To boil it down...we always had more punching power right from the get go.  But now, it seems like this team is built to fight the same way we did in 2016, but without the punching power Shanahan gave us.

    Certainly, continual defensive breakdowns and underachievement are a big contributing factor for the Falcons mediocrity (being kind) the last two seasons.  But I’d attribute that in part to trying to establish an identity they’re no longer equipped to execute.
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    Max reacted to HASHBROWN3 in A TDWII Observation: Kyle Shanahan Isn't Walking Through That Door...but the Falcons Keep Waiting   
    It's hard to believe we did this.  
    The best part of the article is where it talks about being one step ahead of the defense.  Knowing what they are trying to do & adjusting. 
    Not just adjusting, but countering it immediately with instant play calls.  If Dirk Koetter has a list of plays that he's running & just checking them off, then we have a huge problem because that's never going to work well.
    You must be able to read & react on the fly.  Make them pay by exploiting their personnel or countering their aggressiveness on the spot.   We have to execute too.  It's only one game so let's see what happens.  
    Just like everyone else, I am concerned about our coaching staff.  There is a reason we don't get that loving feeling lmao.  When we see the Shannys, Reids & Paytons of the NFL consistently out coaching other teams you become envious.  But when you see consistent underachievement in crucial situations, it wreaks of predictability.  Blank needs to hold this staff accountable.  We're wasting incredible talent with mediocre coaching. 
    Our team needs to dictate, not be dictated to.  We need to be the aggressors & put other teams on their heels. We seem to always be playing not to lose.  So sick of this crap.
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    Max reacted to PriMeTiiMe in Just finish watching 2nd half of the season after giving up 1-4   
    It's the 2020 season. Nothing that happened in 2019 matters in 2020. Not the bad start or the strong finish. Different team, Different Year.
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    Max reacted to Spts1 in More Falcon trolling at the Tiger/Peyton vs Phil/Brady match today   
    the atlanta falcons are synonymous with choke and failure on the national sports scene.  28-3 sealed that.  only championships in atlanta will garner them respect.  playoff appearances will not...
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    Max reacted to ya_boi_j in More Falcon trolling at the Tiger/Peyton vs Phil/Brady match today   
    When do the Falcons ever last laugh or get revenge? This has to be a new tradition starting this season 
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    Max reacted to gazoo in Brady trolling Falcons. Oh baby!!   
    If Falcons win super bowl this year the bootlickers will claim it was because Ryan picked up some tips from Brady after a Bucs game. Brady will still get the credit.
    us fans still here on earth will have to deal with this stuff all season. 
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    Max reacted to ya_boi_j in Brady trolling Falcons. Oh baby!!   
    Also, gotts remember, Brady has never lost to Atlanta. That gives him even more reason to boast. Those dogs on the DL better be taking this **** in and using it as motivation come game day
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    Max reacted to slider in If the Falcons win a Superbowl, how long would you celebrate?   
    Knowing the Atlanta curse and my luck the Superbowl win will be after an asterisk*season. Strike shortened (Virus Plagued maybe) season, anything to bring it's legitimacy into question. Instead of a dominant beat down of a GOAT team like it should've been in 2016 it'll be a mistake filled turnover fest against a team like the Jacksonville Jags and the Falcons will try to but fail to lose. The headlines the next day will read; "Mistake Filled Superbowl, Lowest TV Ratings In History". If the past rings true in the future, this will be the Falcons first Superbowl win.
    As it has been , So shall it be with Atlanta sports teams.
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    Max reacted to 4dabirds in Falcons 1991   
    I don't even look at the Favre trade as being all that big a deal, because I doubt he would have had much of a career if he had stayed. The '91 team had some good pieces, but the Smiths were terrible owners who were not going to pay for top talent (this was pre-salary cap years), and that meant mediocre QB play, mediocre coaching, and below average front office decision making as well. The '91 team was great to watch, but it still had that incomplete feel like other years when the Falcons were able to put together a decent season, and I knew that the SB was still way out of reach at the time.
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    Max reacted to PokerSteve in RUMOR!! (no confirmation)   
    Very true, but since they did sign Brady, we're featured on national tv and it's on like ******* Donkey ******* Kong!!! What a great opportunity to make a statement for this team after two really crappy seasons.
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    Max reacted to Spts1 in *** Official 2020 NFL Draft Thread: Round 1 ***   
    I said yesterday that everytime a Atlanta teams picks, they go to commercials... 
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    Max reacted to AUTiger7222 in Shanny has moved on..   
    The Falcons will never have another season like 2016 and to expect that to happen again is so unrealistic. Even if Shanny had stayed for 2017 the offense would have regressed simply due to the fact that we're dealing with humans and humans are failable. We had the perfect storm of events happen to allow 2016 to happen. The entire offensive line started every game together and there were very few injuries on that side of the ball. Ryan was darn near perfect, the receivers caught everything, all the blocks were made and the running backs found the holes and did damage. Everything was perfect. That wasn't gonna happen again.
    It's why folks think Sark was a terrible OC because the offense regressed even though it was still really good, especially in 2018 when Ryan had 35 TD and only 7 INT and the Falcons averaged 25.9 points per game, which is really freaking good. But because he wasn't Shanny and the offense didn't score a historic 33 points per game he got ran out of town and now we're stuck with Koetter.
    Even Shanny in all his years as OC has only had a top 10 scoring offense twice in 12 years. He's ranked 21st or worse 6 times. It's because you can't guarantee success year-to-year. Every year is different and new in it's own regard.
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    Max reacted to Drew4719 in Saturday Games   
    Wow he just threw a 3rd pick! Up to 27!
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    Max reacted to matty72780 in What we learned: Falcons continue to be different, improved team since bye week   
    Too little too late. The same as last year too! My fear is that this team is complacent, it seems as though everyone performs at the end of the year to keep their paychecks coming in or keep their starting position. It’s the exact same personnel as last year and virtually the exact same results. This feels to me like the players dictate when they want to come together and perform to their potential level which should fall on the coaching staff. These same players come in and play undisciplined the first half of the season but then all of a sudden we look like one of the best teams in the NFC after we’re eliminated, it makes no sense. 
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    Max reacted to The O.D.B in Do we really not get our respect?   
    Half the teams in the NFL do something noteworthy each week and it doesn't get reported. 
    You have to be respected  and the thing we've been missing over the years is consistency when we get noticed. 
    The Opinion pieces are where you see if you're respected. The media types report on two types of teams.
    1. big market/big following teams 

    2. Teams they can make projections on where they have a high likelihood of being right and therefore strengthening the perception they know what the are talking about. 
    Well, we aren't big market and if you were a writer, would you stake your reputation on us given our history? 
    Positive Consistency in big moments is how you get on the front page week in and week out. Once you have this and establish some positive history, you'll get to stay on the front page for a while, even in the tough years. 
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