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  1. I knew I unfollowed this guy on Twitter for a good reason
  2. I don’t know if this is been discussed as I haven’t been in here much recently Do you think the Falcons “should” try to accommodate Julio by trading him to a team of his choosing and makes some sense to them, OR.... say “f*ck it” and disregard what he wants and trade him somewhere that makes complete sense for the team?? I apologize if this has been discussed previously
  3. How much are we currently under the cap??
  4. Sorry, didn’t see a thread about this before I posted. Now I’m seeing it
  5. You mean the chick that thinks EVERY game EVERY week will be decided by 3 points or less??
  6. Sorry guys. Just wanna know if it’s true that we have less than $5M in cap space?? if true.....WTF we supposed to do with that??
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