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  1. Oh well............
  2. I was like “why is this guy posting a Saints logo”, then I saw it. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  3. Saints fans...... go talk to Charles Woodson about non calls
  4. You guys are ruthless.
  5. What if they win and we lose to the Bucs??
  6. Not that it’s a big deal at all, but I was just wanting to know.... is there any way the Falcons can finish last?? If the Sucs beat us next week and Carolina wins, would we hold the tie breaker over the Sucs?? I have a friend that’s a Sucs fan and I told him they would finish LAST in the division AGAIN. I just need to know if I can start bashing him now. LOL
  7. Anyone have a gif of this BS??
  8. So the fact that it says “possible” makes it misleading?? FOH
  9. Was just watching NFLN and heard that Bevell might be brought in. He was in the building on Sunday working with the staff. Sorry if already posted
  10. I’ll be shocked if we do. I have a feeling we’ll get embarrassed on Thanksgiving. I hope not, but the fact that it’s in NOLA and in prime time makes me feel nothing is gonna go our way..... including the refs