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  1. Sorry, didn’t see a thread about this before I posted. Now I’m seeing it
  2. You mean the chick that thinks EVERY game EVERY week will be decided by 3 points or less??
  3. Sorry guys. Just wanna know if it’s true that we have less than $5M in cap space?? if true.....WTF we supposed to do with that??
  4. Not sure if posted previously, but thought this was interesting Atlanta Falcons: EDGE Dante Fowler Jr. 1 OF 32 David Dermer/Associated Press Sometimes, everything in the universe aligns. The Atlanta Falcons had the second-fewest sacks (28) last season. They also decided to move on from first-round bust Vic Beasley Jr. At the same time, a 25-year-old pass-rusher, who is coming off his best season, reportedly prefers the organization as his next destination. Sources told Pro Football Network's Tony Pauline that Dante Fowler Jr. "wants to play in Atlanta
  5. I don’t think Jameis is going anywhere. Didn’t Bucs management say that whoever they choose as a HC has to be on board with the fact Jameis is their guy?? I could be wrong
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