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  1. drew doesnt have nightmares he gives nightmares
  2. sorry for the saint trolls. Im a huge saints fan-been once since 88. This was an up and down game and was close as most of ours are. Good game. You guys will be fine...I do hope for a kitty win next week lol... but Imean I love this rivarly.
  3. I wonder what the fans would do. Is the divide still present in the ATL?
  4. There is a lot hatin' going on in the ATL. Too freaking bad. We won. You did not.
  5. Nice post of a three year old article when hurricane Katrina was still very fresh on everyone's mind. What was true in 2007 is not true 2010. Especially now after the SB win.
  6. Have to say that this game was very good. These two teams always seem to play each other tight, whatever the individual records. Props to the falcons. You sacked drew and caused a fumble for a TD-thats a feat. He does not get sacked often. This game had me screaming at the TV.
  7. This game is going to be good. simple as that.
  8. Yeah, except I really do not think the falcons can win a shootout.
  9. the secondary of the falcons. I think Brees will light them up, and then they will be playing from behind, and that leaves the falcons open for the saints D.
  10. This could be a shootout, if the saints D of the first half of of the miami game shows up. I do not feel this will be the case-I hope they have learned their lesson. I feel the saints win.
  11. You really wantr to get under WFW's skin? Start talking about how good Reggie Bush is.
  12. WFW-what happened to that cool girl that was in your wig awhile back?
  13. you are not pleased because Brees is one of the best Qbs in the NFL?
  14. Football talk on an Falcon messageboard? surley you jest!
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