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  1. The Dirty Bird was cool for a while ... until opposing players started using it to taunt us.
  2. Hopefully we've seen the last of the Taco Bell debate commercial between Clemson and Georgia!!
  3. Falcons because of superior QB play. Of course Hurts could have a career day against the Falcons.
  4. He had me at, "I don't worry about players I've never coached."
  5. I remember the name ... I just can't remember if I liked him or not. I think I did!
  6. Thanks for posting. I opened the thread expecting to read about Matt Ryan and to my surprise, Bartkowski was getting much deserved love!!
  7. Rev Hal, not sure if you remember me or not but we talked about you sponsoring me for the Emmaus Walk event. I was posting as Youthuy back in those days.
  8. I would agree with this. I lived in New Orleans for almost 6 years. My wife even worked for the Saints team doctor for a while. The culture was different from what I was used to but the people were great for the most part. Loved the food but the best part of the city was seeing it in the rearview mirror.
  9. If he was slow, wouldn't his name be Ja'Marr Catch?
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