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  1. For real!! I think they're about 10 years apart in age?
  2. Did she say how the twins were getting along?
  3. Its a wonderful tool to help people decide. Personally, I like knowing where candidates stand on the issues of today.
  4. I think their intention is to educate. I've passed quite a few of these over the years.
  5. I prefer Abrams over Kemp IF you're talking about Stephanie.
  6. He's a good guy. I was just messing with him.
  7. With this thread title, I thought it would be cheerleader related. And then I read the OPs name.
  8. Have I missed something? Why isnt Demetris Robinson playing?
  9. I can only speak for Venice. My top suggestions are (in no particular order): St. Mark's Basicilia, Doge's Palace, Gondola ride, and just walking around trying to get lost. My wife and I saw plenty during a two day tour. Food was great!!
  10. I saw a mock draft that had the Falcons selecting 10th. Oliver and Bosa went 1 & 2.
  11. I guess I'm too white. I thought Money B and the Crew was some rap group visiting the Falcons during practice. It's great to see pictures like this.
  12. Our defense is not playing very well right now. If this continues to be a trend, 9-7 record would be very optimistic. If we falter to 5 wins or less, this forum would be as dead as ABF.
  13. Does "New Path Forward" mean we're not tanking this season?