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  1. Was it over when Bridgewater got injured? Was it over when Wentz went down? Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?
  2. Thats a lot of yepping.
  3. Heard on 92.9 the Game some speculation for the Woodhead interest was to package a RB with a draft pick to move up in the draft. Possible target is DT.
  4. That brotherhood thing was so five minutes ago!! EDIT: Sorry Bobby Digital, I meant to quote someone else. Please forgive!
  5. Or it could be called " Dirty sheep done dirt cheap"
  6. I like it but stick to your day job like the rest of us.
  7. Hopefully he's with some real saints now.
  8. Not even concerned about Poe signing with the Panthers. We have a Fusco!!
  9. Solid competition if nothing else.
  10. You knew it was just a matter of time ... Bring him home TD.
  11. we could do worse.
  12. Like any place, there are some good areas to live and some to avoid. Personally, i think the city has character. We just love the new infantry museum and the downtown/river bike trails.
  13. Going out on a limb here and predict Bennett will be an Eagle before midnight.
  14. Anyone given up on Justin Hardy panning out? I can't figure him out because I thought he has looked good in his limited role.