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  1. I would agree with this. I lived in New Orleans for almost 6 years. My wife even worked for the Saints team doctor for a while. The culture was different from what I was used to but the people were great for the most part. Loved the food but the best part of the city was seeing it in the rearview mirror.
  2. If he was slow, wouldn't his name be Ja'Marr Catch?
  3. Trade down, select Pitts, or select a QB. This subject has been mass debated!
  4. It was indeed. I was expecting sour grapes but TD showed remarkable class in discussing the Falcons and former colleagues.
  5. She did have Covid after getting vacinated 3 weeks prior. After spending a week in a local hospital, she was transferred to Warm Springs rehab for her lungs. It almost got the best of her but she is scheduled to come home next Monday. Thanks for asking!!
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