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  1. That call was just turible. That was good old fashion defense as its best.
  2. AJ Green must be country strong. He threw Jalen Ramsey around like a rag doll.
  3. AJ Green says Jalen Ramsey is over-rated!
  4. Oh, I though Plan "D" was Duke Riley.
  5. I would rather see them do away the anthem than disrespect it.
  6. LOL!! That sounds harsh. The majority will be working at auto dealerships.
  7. Why have a liberals only thread when 99% of the ABF sub forum is already liberal?
  8. Agree with your first sentence. Last sentence was unkind.
  9. Two words ... and the last one is NO!!
  10. Seems like that Seattle defense is short handed these days.
  11. Ask any GM if there job is maintence or building?