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  1. Cop’s $100 tip for pregnant waitress leaves her in tears A South Jersey cop opened his heart — and his wallet — to a pregnant waitress whom he heard telling other diners about the upcoming birth of her first child — leaving her a $100 tip on his $8.75 check. Courtney English, 23, who is almost eight months pregnant, was serving the lunch crowd at the Lamp Post Diner in Clementon, NJ, on Friday when the Voorhees Township officer sat sat down for a salad and a glass of water. The officer — apparently a new dad himself — left her a note reading, “Enjoy your first. You will never forget it.” English’s dad, Brian Cadigan, was so touched by the officer’s act of generosity that he took to Facebook to post a photo of the receipt and deliver a message of thanks. “What a wonderful person to not only leave a VERY generous tip, but a lovely message, I don’t know you Mr Police Officer, but you made my little girl cry, and made her year,” he wrote about the member of Voorhees’ Finest, who has insisted on remaining anonymous. “Thank you, I always had the utmost respect for Officers, but you went above and beyond not just an officer, but a beautiful human being. God Bless.” Cadigan described the “amazing gesture” to The Post. “It made her whole year. There’s a lot of bad stuff said about police and here’s one officer who went out of his way to make a generous offer just to say, ‘Hey, it’s your first and enjoy it,’” he said.
  2. I'm not convinced. He's got a great supporting cast around him and an offensive minded coach to help him. Bridgewater doesn't have to be lights-out ... just an adequate game manager.
  3. I would not rule out the saints. They still have a very opportunistic defense and Brees will be back by midseason. Bridgewater could end up playing some lights out ball. I wouldn't be too quick to judge him based on a one game performance against the Rams. .
  4. Give or take a game. The Falcons are so inconsistent.
  5. 8-8 may win the NFC South this year.
  6. Police officer’s good deed gives man a new set of wheels A Florida police officer is being praised for helping a resident after he spotted the man riding a bike with only one functioning tire. Jacksonville police officer Terrance Hightower was patrolling a neighborhood when he spotted the man riding along the street, the department wrote on Facebook Thursday morning. The man only had one tire in the front, with the rubber completely stripped away in the back. Hightower went to the store and bought two new mountain bike tires for the man. He later showed up at the man’s home and surprised him with the gift.
  7. He is a quote machine
  8. Alabama has historically had a tough time with Notre Dame. I know a few older Alabama fans and they despise the Irish.
  9. Can you cite specifics? I lived in Mississippi (near Ole Miss) for almost 10 years and it was no worse than Georgia as far as I can tell.
  10. Police Officer puts choke hold on innocent woman!!
  11. He's a great talent but he seems to be turning into a nut job.
  12. It’s a sad fact that in today’s society, people only see the police when they’re in the middle of a crisis or when they themselves are pulled over for a traffic infraction or drinking and driving. It can create a negative view of law enforcement in general, and the media doesn’t always help with the perception of police either. News reports on TV, radio, and in newspapers will often cover bad news before they cover good news, and police are part of this coverage because they’re required to be present when these negative situations unfold. Part of their daily job is to put their lives on the line at standoffs, ask people to submit to breathalyzer tests, and contacting families after drunk driving crashes. But if you do a little digging and look beyond the media coverage, you’ll see that the police also enjoy doing a lot of heartwarming things as often as they can. Simple random acts of kindness that don’t get media coverage are part of a normal day for a police officer – from picking up teddy bears on the highway and finding the owner, taking care of injured animals, and buying food or providing clothing for cold and hungry people.
  13. 'The ultimate sacrifice': Officer killed in line of duty leaving behind 2 daughters, fiancé "In our community, our heroes wear the police uniform of the Tuscaloosa Police Department," Maddox said at a press conference. "And tonight, one of our heroes has died in the line of duty, protecting our city," “He was a great officer," the interim police chief told reporters. "Everybody loved him.”
  14. I didn't watch the first half. Was a penalty called on Mays for that?
  15. I am never confident the Falcons will win no matter the lead or circumstances.