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  1. I don't have a beef with the Falcons but I do have a healthy love/hate relationship with this team.
  2. Three things to know about Secretariat and how it relates to the Falcons: 1). He was a notoriously late starter out of the gate. Its not how you begin the race its how you finish. Falcons finished strong last season. 2) His biggest rival was a horse named Sham. Sham rhymes with? 3) He had an exceptional large heart, literally. His physical heart was 2 1/2 times larger than the average horse. Falcons success next season will depend on talent and the size of their heart.
  3. Redemption should be the theme instead of Embrace the Suck.
  4. Wow! Thats saying a lot!! We don't have as many play makers on defense as we do offense. But I do think they're young and aggressive.
  5. The Good- Enjoyed this post. Thanks for sharing. The Bad- I could have read more!
  6. Why would they leave QBs off this list?
  7. Yeah, that's almost in Sherman's favor.
  8. It is a long artkle. I hope to finish it while on vacation when I have about 40-50 hours of free time.
  9. National Media loves CB Damontae Kazee. I'm going to roll the dice and say Sean Harlow.
  10. I'm not a major dude but I will tell you in like the direction this team is heading in!!
  11. Suck it, saints fans!! Or something like that.
  12. Thanks for posting. Very encouraging.
  13. Rankings are subjective but Tru and Beasley are the closest. Check out several NFL publications for a list of the top positional players. I doubt you will find many Falcons in the Top 5.
  14. IMO, the Falcons do not have a defensive player in the Top 5 at his position .... YET!