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  1. I love the old school look!! I wish the Atlanta Football Team would take note.
  2. He is a former game show host. You would expect a flair for the dramatic.
  3. It's going to be an entertaining 4 years if he's elected. 😄
  4. Purchasing investment properties to earn rental income can be a risky venture but real estate has produced many wealthy people. And I never thought this was your problem.
  5. Yeah but who's paying the landlord's loan payments if mortgaged? From what I've read most landlords have been very compassionate and understanding.
  6. Israel offers humanitarian aid to Lebanon after Beirut explosions https://www.timesofisrael.com/israel-offers-humanitarian-aid-to-lebanon-after-beirut-explosions-kill-dozens/
  7. My wife attended a faculty meeting yesterday and leadership basically said school will be open for a while. Translated: We expect schools to close down from Covid real soon!
  8. That's really not my style. There is no reason to be ugly or hurt anyone's feelings. I'll just pretend to like his twitter spam like everyone else.
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