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  1. I lived in New Orleans and I would intentionally pronounce it Thib - O - Dex for a reaction from the locals. Those were the good old days.
  2. Good question!!
  3. I think its lack of talent at certain positions.
  4. We have too much talent to be this bad.
  5. It's called tanking.
  6. I was ready to run through a wall for my country after hearing her!!!
  7. We'll see.
  8. Cycling is cool for recreational guys like me!!
  9. Sorry but i kinda disagree that the Alabama team carried Tua. If anything, he elevated Alabama's offense to a new level. As for the Heisman winner ... I'm totally neutral.
  10. New offseason slogan: "Embrace the Space" There should be lots of empty lockers and offices.
  11. Thank God no one recorded me during the last half. Funny stuff ... thanks for sharing.
  12. My prediction for the National Championship :
  13. OP, you're first round bust just scored a TD.
  14. I just hope Georgia can get movitated for the Sugar Bowl.