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  1. And she said, "Who ever takes my tweets serious I feel bad for u :/" Probably not going to follow through. But then again, why would you take anyone's tweet seriously?
  2. Separating families is a horrible thing to do BUT I would save deplorable for the way the mexican gov't treats the asylum seekers. "Since 2014, the Mexican government has been cracking down on people traveling through to the United States, partly as a way to retain the goodwill of the US government. The crackdown has resulted in the detention and deportation of about 950,000 Central Americans, as well as the detention of many indigenous Mexican citizens living in southern Mexican states like Chiapas, and, according to a 2015 United Nations report, widespread torture. (A Guardian article about the UN report says that “methods used include beatings, electric shocks, suffocation, waterboarding, forced nudity” — and, notably, rape.)"
  3. LOL!! The word has been used several times in the last few pages.
  4. Is "Deplorable" the word of the day or something?
  5. Don't think that's an actual Bible verse. Still thought-provoking.
  6. I thought it was funny! I guess some people do have a sense of humor.
  7. So you're saying they're neither refugees running from harm's way NOR immigrants seeking a better life?
  8. May be old but I just saw this for the first time: Q: Why did LeBron James choose to not go to college? A: He struggles with finals...
  9. Thank you, Sir.
  10. I'm curious why the Red Cross and other humantairian agencies aren't coming forward!!
  11. Should we consider them as refugees instead of illegal immigrants? Would the treatrment be any different?
  12. George and Laura ... a great American couple. Gosh, I miss them!!!