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  1. I see a guy named Jordan Mabin on Twitter in the Falcons player area and apparently he plays for us from NorthWestern n he plays CB? I've not seen this guy in any preseason games...
  2. I don't know how to post it on here but Tru steeped up to Willy Mo in a....RAP BATTLE!! Lmao reactions??
  3. This is the same reason I want Sean Smith because his familiarity with Nolan.
  4. Cary Williams could get less than he's worth as well
  5. Get off that crack pipe.. are you crazy at least keep the first round pick!
  6. See I want Grimes as well but those knee injuries and knowing he relies on his athletic ability scares me
  7. Out of the many cornerbacks left on the market who would you like the falcons to sign or any corners in the draft for the falcons to target? I prefer Sean Smith, Brent Grimes, or Cary Williams... What about you?
  8. The way the corner market is right now anybody could be an option for cheap but I focused on Sean Smith b/c he knows Mike Nolan's system
  9. Especially on a team friendly deal by Grimes if possible... not likely but yea better secondary nonetheless
  10. I think we may sign Sean Smith and drafting all defense for the first Three rounds because: Sean Smith knows Mike Nolans system The depth in Defensive players in this draft We will begin to see this focus on devoloping young talent see Sam Bakers contract and TD attempt to not have Holmes be a waste pick.
  11. If we wanted a thug we just get this guy... Although he does have talent but could never pass the Falcons Filter
  12. Are you crazy Rosie O'Donnell could never look like Alba beside anyone cause she's Rosie O'Donnell!!!
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