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  1. Boy stop, you always posting dumb **** lol. Read the article.
  2. Who cares about soccer? Did yalls badminton team win the county playoffs too?
  3. So my next question is, where is the info about DirecTV dropping FOX from their lineup?
  4. I have DirecTV and one of the "local" channels is a FOX affiliate. Are you saying that the channel will disappear soon? I also have Sunday Ticket this year too, so if they block out the local FOX channel will the games be blacked out on Sunday Ticket now? Sorry I'm just trying to understand what's being discussed here.
  5. You are not very good at this "trolling" thing are ya
  6. Looks like any other fane base's forums. Have yall been to carolinahuddle? I think they are worse than TATF
  7. I'm sorry but that is so far from the truth, you sound ridiculous.
  8. Saints come to this forum because yall make more Saint threads than Falcons threads.
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