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    MilleniumFalcon got a reaction from athell in Dead cap in NFL is important. TF and AS better watch.   
    The Saints have been very competitive every year with big dead cap numbers. That shows you how important drafting and good coaching is. Hopefully Fontenot learned valuable lessons from New Orleans.
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    MilleniumFalcon reacted to athell in "Atlanta holds the keys to the draft with the 4th pick right now..."   
    Ya love to see it!  Let's get into a bidding war and drive the cost of 4 up imho!
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    MilleniumFalcon reacted to falcons007 in Dead cap in NFL is important. TF and AS better watch.   
    Bucs spent 188 M last year in cap space. Falcons could only spend 166 M with 31 M dead cap. It makes big difference. 
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    MilleniumFalcon reacted to falcons007 in Dead cap in NFL is important. TF and AS better watch.   
    Falcons had 31 M dead cap in 2020. It is easy to say there is a 5 M cap savings with 15 M dead money. Is that really helpful for the team? 
    In 2020,  3(Bucs, packers and Bills) of the top 5 teams with least dead cap played in the conference championship game. 9 out of top 15 teams with least dead cap made playoffs. 
    In last 4 years, all SB winners were with in top 15 least dead money. 3 of those winners were in top 6 of least dead money. 
    There are exceptions like Titans in 2020, who had high dead cap, but they won with a historically highly efficient offense and a crappy defense. 
    Falcons right now are in the 20s for amount of dead cap in 2021. Hope TF and AS are very careful about signing and cutting players to avoid dead cap. 
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    MilleniumFalcon reacted to Falcons Fan MVP in Chris Mortensen: Fontenot wants Trey Lance, Arthur Smith wants to stick with Matt Ryan   
    I guess that's what happens when you don't let the GM hire the head coach.
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    MilleniumFalcon reacted to dapanch420 in Atlanta Falcons will have more success finding a QB when Matt Ryan retires   
    or we could end up like the browns and jaguars and be in search for a qb for the next 20 years. you just never know.
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    MilleniumFalcon reacted to atljbo in Falcons sign RB Mike Davis   
    Good move ... as much as I like Najee or Williams... I think this free us up for the first 2 or 3 rounds to look at other positions of need. 
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    MilleniumFalcon reacted to ryanvalz in Neal reunites with Dan Quinn in Dallas   
    Neal will give them a good 4 games 
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    MilleniumFalcon reacted to TheHeartless in CB1 working   
    Can we put him in a hyperbolic time chamber against Ridley's route running and turn him into a lockdown corner
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    MilleniumFalcon reacted to dirtybirds233 in CB1 working   
    He and AJT at #1 and #2 make CB much less of a pressing need. Still not great, but certainly not a major position of need any longer if he comes back. 
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    MilleniumFalcon reacted to The Don™ in CB1 working   
    He should be relatively cheap. I wouldn't be surprised if he was brought back.
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    MilleniumFalcon reacted to Cole World in CB1 working   
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    MilleniumFalcon reacted to Cole World in CB1 working   
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    MilleniumFalcon reacted to DonOfThemBirds in Just realized a archaic AFMB feature has returned   
    The downvote button has returned for good?
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    MilleniumFalcon reacted to g-dawg in S Erik Harris signing with the Falcons   
    Fontenot shopping at the Flea Market with Gazoo

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    MilleniumFalcon reacted to ROMERO in S Erik Harris signing with the Falcons   
    really scraping the bottom of the FA barrel 
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    MilleniumFalcon reacted to Geneaut in Koo   
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    MilleniumFalcon reacted to TheFalcoholic in Falcons awarded 3 comp picks   
    Good deal. Let’s go find another Grady Jarrett. 
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    MilleniumFalcon reacted to ATLFalcon36 in Falcons to Release James Carpenter   
    More obvious cap relief. According to OverTheCap this frees up $4.02m
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    MilleniumFalcon reacted to athell in Keanu Neal to hit FA   
    Can't say I am mad with this decision.  Great guy, good player, wish him the best just not here.
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