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    MilleniumFalcon reacted to FalconsIn2012 in Will continuity help Atlanta Falcons in unusual offseason? | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports   
    Love Florio’s analogy for SB51...lol 
    “Ryan put all the hay in the barn and somebody came in at  the end and threw a match...”
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    MilleniumFalcon reacted to Snafu in Vic Beasley   
    Cant blame Vic for taking the money our FO stupidly gave him. 95% of us knew he should have never had the 5th year option money handed to him.
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    MilleniumFalcon reacted to Dirtybird56 in Vic Beasley   
    A comp pick would’ve been good but it’s so nice not having 44 on the team this year
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    MilleniumFalcon reacted to ROMERO in Vic Beasley   
    Just retire already Vic. Its clearly you dont care about playing football. 
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    MilleniumFalcon reacted to athell in Senat:   
    - Dan Quinn
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    MilleniumFalcon reacted to Ergo Proxy in Kendall Sheffield: Free Safety in 2021   
    Eh, I’m seeing Sheffield staying at CB. I think if AJ pushes anyone out of starting boundary CB it’s Oliver. Dennard allows Kendall to stay outside; as he was our only dedicated slot/Nickel corner; essentially with Kazee staying at S moving forward.
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    MilleniumFalcon reacted to FalconFanSince1970 in Falcons add DB Darqueze Dennard - It's Official Now!   
    AJ, Sheffield and Dennard for me. Don’t trust Oliver worth a dam. Yeah he got better, but was still the weak link IMO. Unless he makes a huge leap I’d move him to the left side. Of the bench. I do like his tackling though.
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    MilleniumFalcon reacted to NaGaBoy in What To Make Of Our 1st Round Hoarding   
    Kyle made the offense work by putting players in positions of strength.  Taylor Gabriel is a good example.  Kyles greatest strength is analyzing defenses week-to-week and creative an offensive strategy and gameplan that puts that defense at a disadvantage. 
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    MilleniumFalcon reacted to NaGaBoy in What To Make Of Our 1st Round Hoarding   
    Uhhhh no.  It was bad personnel in the past and interference now, right?  Think about it.  Any OC coming to Atlanta would transition the offense, not just come in and overturn everything.  You have to put in a playbook and offensive gameplan that is suited for the players you have.  That is why the Falcons do not immediately look like the Bucs.  My problem with Dirk is he does not seem to have the ability gameplan against defenses or create an offensive strategy that utilizes the strengths of our offense.  Add to this some of his headscratching play calls and I have to wonder if he can ever be highly successful. 
    No, it is not other coaches messing him up.
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    MilleniumFalcon reacted to atljbo in What To Make Of Our 1st Round Hoarding   
    Don't think they even thought about it.... Just went after guys they liked in the draft once up on a time
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    MilleniumFalcon reacted to Ians0280 in sign antonio brown   
    I say let them sign him.he would be the covid of said locker room.good strategy.
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    MilleniumFalcon reacted to FalconsIn2012 in Ranking Every WR Drafted in Top-10 Since 2010   
    Boy, this is a pretty sad list.  If not for 2011 this lit would be an indictment of ever drafting WR top 10
    Ranking every WR drafted in the top 10 since 2010
    When an NFL player gets drafted in the top ten, certain expectations come with the selection. Sometimes it works out, as in the case of Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones, and sometimes it doesn’t, like when the Jaguars drafted Justin Blackmon.
    For a receiver to validate being taken that early, the player needs to have shown the potential to become a team’s No. 1 option. As we can see, though, rarely does it work out that way.
    Here’s our ranking of every WR drafted in the top ten over the past decade.

    11). Kevin White: Pick No. 7 – 2015 Draft
    Career Stats: 28 catches, 285 receiving yards (14 games played).

    10). John Ross: Pick No. 9 – 2017 Draft
    Career Stats: 49 catches, 716 receiving yards, 10 TDs (24 games).

    9). Justin Blackmon: Pick No. 5 – 2012 Draft
    Career Stats: 93 catches, 1,280 receiving yards, 6 TDs (20 games played).

    8). Corey Davis: Pick No. 5 – 2017 Draft
    Career Stats: 142 catches, 1,867 receiving yards, 6 TDs (42 games).

    7). Tavon Austin: Pick No. 8 – 2013 Draft
    Career Stats: 215 catches, 2,006 receiving yards, 15 TDs; 196 carries, 1,340 rushing yards 10 TDs…

    6). Mike Williams: Pick No. 7 – 2017 Draft
    Career Stats: 103 catches, 1,760 receiving yards, 12 TDs (41 games).

    5). Sammy Watkins: Pick No. 4 – 2014 Draft
    Career Stats: 284 catches, 4,244 receiving yards, 31 TDs (76 games played).

    4). Amari Cooper: Pick No. 4 – 2015 Draft
    Career Stats: 357 catches, 5,097 receiving yards, 33 TDs (77 games played).

    3). Mike Evans: Pick No. 7 – 2014 Draft
    Career Stats: 462 catches, 7,260 receiving yards, 48 TDs (90 games played).

    2). A.J. Green: Pick No. 4 – 2011 Draft
    Career Stats: 602 catches, 8,907 receiving yards, 63 TDs (111 games played).

    1). Julio Jones: Pick No. 6 – 2011 Draft
    Career Stats: 797 catches, 12,125 receiving yards, 57 TDs (126 games played).
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    MilleniumFalcon reacted to FalconsIn2012 in Calvin Ridley   
    Next Gen has an interesting stat on Ridley.  In 2019 he led the NFL in Average Cushion at the snap.  He was given an eye popping 7.3 yards of cushion, on average, each snap.  Would really love to see Koetter exploit this by getting Ridley some quick slants etc....seems like an easy way to get free yardage and force the DB’s closer to the LOS.  Then hit em over the top
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    MilleniumFalcon reacted to Jesus in I saw it the whole time   
    He got 4 years $57 million last year.
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    MilleniumFalcon reacted to FalconsIn2012 in I saw it the whole time   
    The play prior was nearly as impressive by Debo
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    MilleniumFalcon reacted to slick0ne in I saw it the whole time   
    Talking about the one where he sniffed out Snead sneaking into the opposite flat? Two plays back to back that showcased his athletic superiority at his position.
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    MilleniumFalcon reacted to slick0ne in I saw it the whole time   
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    MilleniumFalcon reacted to papachaz in I saw it the whole time   
    "It's even better against the saints"
    yep, it IS
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    MilleniumFalcon reacted to FalconsIn2012 in Matt Ryan Would Take A Ring Over HOF   
    On players opting out of the season: “I think everybody circumstances are different. You have to do what’s best for yourself and your family and your love ones around you. I think that if you’re around people who are at risk, I’d encourage you to think really long and hard about it.
    “For me, specifically I’m in a situation where my day-to-day is not surrounded by people who are at high risk and we’re kind of able to bubble our little world and make sure that we are being as safe as possible. I feel comfortable coming in and getting ready to start the season.”
    On not playing exhibition games: “It will be different. I kind of like the (exhibition) season games to be able to get out there and knock some of the rust off … and be able to go through it. Go through your routine. Make sure that you’re doing the things you need to do and make sure you have things ironed out. We’re not going to have that luxury. But I think (Falcons coach) Dan Quinn is putting together a really good schedule to try and simulate as much as we can on our own what that experience is going to be like.
    “For a guy like me, I’m in Year 13. I think it’s going to be easier for a guy like myself having been through so many different situations, so many years, so many games played and feeling comfortable in those. But for our rookies and young guys who have not had that experience, I think we’ve got to have to help them out as much as we can and try and make them feel as comfortable as possible. Because when we kick it off against Seattle Week 1, that game is just as important as Week 17. It means just as much.”
    On the Saints and Bucs getting most the early NFC South hype: “It’s one of those things, who cares about anybody else. We have to care of our own business…It doesn’t bother me that other people are talked about…I don’t worry about it too much. I try and make sure that we are focused on taking care of our own business.”
    On if there will be some carryover from last season’s 6-2 finish: “I think a lot of it can because there is so much continuity. I think sometimes when you have a finish like that, but there are changes that momentum and that feeling that you had kind of goes away. But I really feel like … with Raheem Morris kind of stepping in the second half of the season and helping out with the defense and now with him being the coordinator, Dirk Koetter in year two, Dan Quinn really comfortable in his role of kind of facilitating everything.
    “I just feel like we are in a good spot. I feel like there’s tons of continuity with the players and an there’s an understanding of what it takes to be successful, particularly for our young guys. We had a ton of young guys playing late in the season last year. Even though we weren’t in the mix for the playoffs, you have to learn how to win in this league. I think that experience of learning what it takes, how to finish out games, how to find ways to win when it’s not perfect, those are the things that will pay dividends for us this season.”
    On if healthy Todd Gurley could change the offense: “He’s been one of the most dynamic players when he’s on the field in our league. (He’s) certainly a game changer. I had the opportunity to work out with him a little bit and spend just a little bit of time with him. He seems to be in a really good place. He looked great on the field. Has been working extremely hard to get himself in position to be ready to go. I’m excited we have him. I think he adds a lot to what we can do.”
    On how much longer he’ll play with Tom Brady being 43 and Drew Brees 41: “I’d like to chase those guys. I feel good. My body feels good. I’m still as excited about this as ever. I’m still feel like I’m playing some really good football. I feel like my best is still in front of me. I’ll take it one day at a time for sure, but I’m doing everything that I can to ensure that I can play as long as I can go. I’m excited about that. Hopefully I can be 43 and sitting here having this same interview with you being excited for an upcoming season.”
    On Brady, Peyton Manning and possibly Aaron Rodgers not finishing with the team that drafted them: “I’ll get there when I get there. At this point I haven’t had that feeling. I haven’t had that come up or had that situation in front of me. Everybody’s career arc is different. Everybody’s career goes in different directions. One of the things I’ve learned along the way is worry about today. Worry about this year and this season. Then worry about next year and then go from there. We’ll cross that bridge if and when we get there.”
    On not being in the NFL Network’s Top 100 player ranking this season: “That kind of stuff doesn’t change my day. It’s never been … bulletin-board material (for me) or anything like that. I know what I can do. I know what I’m capable of doing. I feel like every week I gave our team a great chance to win. If we get the ball late in the game, I know I have what it takes to finish it out. I don’t worry about that stuff. I just focus on trying to do the job the best I can.”
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    MilleniumFalcon reacted to GrimeyKidd in Davison and Etling added to reserve/Covid list   
    Do I hear Deadrin Senats music 
  22. Haha
    MilleniumFalcon reacted to athell in Fantasy - Falcons Are A "Stackable" Team   
    I stacked last year with Ryan, Julio and Free and got immediately Koetter'd.  Fool me once...
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    MilleniumFalcon reacted to JayOzOne in Fantasy - Falcons Are A "Stackable" Team   
    I found this to be an interesting take. The speaker didn't even mention Todd Gurley. But if you tend to be a homer when you draft your fantasy squads, this might be the year for you.
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    MilleniumFalcon got a reaction from JDaveG in Vic Beasley could cost the Atlanta Falcons...again   
    Yup, could've re-signed Bruce Irvin for around $5 million and have $7 million leftover to upgrade another position.
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    MilleniumFalcon reacted to octoslash in Vic Beasley could cost the Atlanta Falcons...again   
    Vic got no love for the gane.  
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