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  1. Win and you have job security.
  2. Pulled a groin.
  3. He doesn't have the same playcalling feel genius as Shanny but he knows the West Coast offense and could make it work with Matt Ryan.
  4. If Shanny was the coach here, Ryan would have probably won 2-3 MVP's in his career and a guaranteed HOF.
  5. Yes, I have no idea. I thought the same in 2017:
  6. The Bucs are a pretty good team (beating the Rams and keeping it close to the Aints) and the 49ers beat them up pretty good.
  7. That's why Mcvay was good, learning from Shanny. He also quickly poached Lafleur when the Falcons let him walk after 2016.
  8. Yeah but I would've rather re-signed Coleman instead of Freeman.
  9. Obvious troll, ignoring all your future posts.
  10. Murray will look like an MVP candidate next week. Then Wilson & Goff will have their career games the weeks after.
  11. Yeah, I was asking why bring in Sark when you have someone who completely understands the offense in Lafleur. That's why Mcvay was so eager to bring him in as OC of the Rams after letting Lafleur walk.
  12. Andy Dalton never put up stats near Matt Ryan or won an MVP. Has Dalton even won a playoff game before? Ryan is in between Philip Rivers and Drew Brees.
  13. Falcons offense in first half: Vikings 0 points, Eagles 10 points, Colts 3 points, Titans 7 points. A lot of those losses could have been wins if the offense started the game scoring more points.
  14. Blank can run a sports franchise, look at Atlanta United and how they're killing it.
  15. Beasley, looks like Tarzan plays like Jane. Get him out of here.
  16. Falcons defense so far gave up 4 career games to QB's (Vikings, Titans, Colts, Texans). How is DQ gonna fire Manuel and make the defense even worse?
  17. They were covered most of the day but on one of the fourth down plays, Ridley was wide open but Ryan just held on to the ball and took a sack with Julio being doubled.
  18. Gary Kubiak, convince him to be a HC again.
  19. Always DQ's defense giving up big plays and they score TD's. Then Kotter, Ryan with slow starts and mistakes. Besides the Eagles game, Falcons were down big in every game at halftime.
  20. Titans knew exactly where the receivers were going to be. Ridley, Jones were covered all day. Sanu & Hooper slipped through here and there but Koetter really needs to adjust his offense to a more quick striking one.
  21. I would if he finishes the season worse than 8-8 which it looks like is going to happen. Then AB go all out and try to convince Kubiak to be the head coach. He knows the WCO and Ryan's two best seasons have been under this type of offense.
  22. In the offseason, I would try to convince Kubiak to be a head coach again. Run the WCO, the offense where Ryan looks good in.
  23. I would fire DQ after the season, I don't like in-season changes.
  24. It's the 2013 and 2015 Falcons. Gonna be a long season.
  25. I think Ryan is a top 5, top 10 QB but if Tua was available, I wouldn't mind some fresh new blood. This team needs an infusion of new blood but Ryan's contract will make this impossible from happening.