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  1. Well he's running a lot of slants. I want someone like a Tyreek Hill mold or Taylor Gabriel of 2016.
  2. I think it's worse. That team had Vic who was actually playing well and had a pass rush. This team doesn't get much pressure on the opposing QB even with blitzes. Prime Tru and Alford with Poole in the slot are better corners than what the team has now. Keanu Neal was hard hitting and receivers were scared whenever he was around.
  3. He's a bigger Julio with a lot of attributes similar to Calvin Johnson. One inch taller than Megatron, 10 pounds heavier, a little slower 40, bigger hands, similar wingspan, slightly lower vertical. Julio had a lot of drops but you don't see it with Kyle (I think he had 0 drops his final 2 seasons at Florida). Everything sticks to his hands like glue because he has huge hands.
  4. Falcons need a 4.2 type speedster that can keep defenses honest. They can't win their 1 on 1's in man coverage. I think AS needs to scheme things up to try go the the receivers more open, you see that with Pitts being used as decoy on some plays.
  5. Need to hit on some draft picks... I was screaming for Watt but of course TD goes for Takk that draft.
  6. If you don't plan to re-sign him after his contract is up next season I would pull the trigger if another team offers a ransom with multiple high picks.
  7. Pitts is basically a bigger Julio. Gonna have a good one for the next 10 years+.
  8. THINNEST ROSTERS 1. Atlanta Falcons The Falcons are facing the inevitable rebuild that follows a major spending spree -- led by 2016 MVP Matt Ryan becoming the first player to average $30 million per year on his 2018 extension. Even after trading away wide receiver Julio Jones, he impacts the Falcons ability to fill out the roster through the 2022 season. Jones has a $15.5 million cap hit for 2022. It can be tough to add depth when a substantial portion of your total salary cap dollars are going to so few players. Including Jones, who won't even be there, just five players account for $131.7 million of Atlanta's 2022 salary cap. The 2022 salary cap has a maximum of $208.2 million, meaning the Falcons are spending 63% of their total cap space on five players -- only four of which are still on the team. Atlanta has arguably the least talented defense in the NFL, with holes at all three levels. The two edge rushers logging by far the most snaps -- Steven Means and Dante Fowler Jr. -- are both free agents after the season, as are the two starting safeties in Erik Harris and Duron Harmon. On offense, the only wide receiver drafted before the fifth-round is Calvin Ridley, and almost the entire unit beyond Ridley is set to hit free agency after the season anyway. Given their current offensive line woes, Atlanta will have a tough time competing with this roster in the near future. The Falcons drafted Michigan right tackle Jalen Mayfield, and he now starts at left guard, where his 24.7 pass block grade ranks second to last among all guards through Week 5. https://www.espn.com/nfl/insider/story/_/id/32393959/deepest-thinnest-nfl-rosters-ranking-best-worst-teams-depth-why-broncos-options
  9. He really looked like a young Julio out there yesterday. A freaky athlete WR playing TE. Once he bulks up he's gonna be even more unstoppable.
  10. Grady Jarrett used to post 90s and mid 80s PFF grades every week every season. This season, he's in the 60s and low 70s. Hopefully he picks it up.
  11. Born in Ohio (was a Browns fan), moved to Atlanta when I was in sixth grade (late 90s), switched my favorite teams to Atlanta teams around this time. Lived in LA, Seoul, and NYC since then but currently in northern Gwinnett county.
  12. Not too long after the 28-3 collapse, the Dawgs did a similar collapse up 20-7 around a year later. Atlanta sports is cursed, good thing the soccer team won a championship though.
  13. Bring back Dennard or see what Sheffield can do in the slot.
  14. He skipped practices and barely showed any effort in his time with Titans. He just doesn't have the motivation factor, no way you would look to bring him back. He's gonna give lack of effort and just collect a fat check.
  15. First time head coaches in the NFL (Mora, Petrino, Mike Smith, DQ, Arthur Smith). I wanted Bruce Arians when he was a sports announcer and Gary Kubiak when he was on the Broncos staff. I will give Arthur Smith two season before I judge him but if it doesn't work out, maybe try to go with a guy that has a proven track record.
  16. He did bulldoze some players into the endzone on the screen pass. But Davis was hit in the backfield on like 75% of his runs. That's more on offensive line than him. But I rather see Patterson and Gallman out there.
  17. 2-3 times they dropped INT's. 2-3 times a drive ending sack was missed only for the arena football QB to turn it into schoolyard football and make it work. Falcons are usually on the bad side of missed opportunities.
  18. Dude is an elite route runner. I would say #1 or #2 in the entire NFL but he has average hands and catch radius. If he can work on the dropsies, he would've put nearly 200 yards today.
  19. Don't understand the scared playcalling. You're up 2 not 7, they kick a FG and you lose. Also, don't understand why Patterson isn't in the offense the last (3) drives? He was your best player and the biggest playmaker/threat, why is he on the sideline?
  20. Marino was putting up 5000 yards and 50 TD's when QB's were averaging 2500 yards and 15 TD's. From the eye test, you knew he was special, that is the difference.
  21. DQ's infamous rush 3 and put 8 in coverage on 3rd & 20... only to give up the first down.
  22. A couple of those INT's weren't his fault against Tampa last week, lowering the rating. But is it just me or does he doesn't have velocity in his throws compared to year's past? He also seems to be hesitant throwing the ball downfield.
  23. I mean it's a big difference going from the Eagles and Bucs D-line versus the Giants D-line... like facing Alabama and Georgia and then Vanderbilt. Hopefully he can keep up this play against the better D-lines in the league.
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