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  1. Same for the NBA under Silver, their revenues doubled and the average value of an NBA franchise was $500 million before Silver, now it's at $2 Billion.
  2. He also had lessons from top coaches and gets fitted with the best clubs.
  3. Fusco maybe but you don't want to pay Schraeder starting RT money to be a "decent backup."
  4. Packers one year had like Mike Holmgren, Sherman Lewis, Fritz Shurmur, Todd Bowles, Marty Mornhinweg, Andy Reid, Steve Mariucci
  5. I like Penny Hart from GSU. His production dropped after recovering from an injury and his new QB was very inaccurate with the ball. Even though Penny Hart would beat the coverage, the QB would throw an inaccurate ball. He can take over Hardy's role (Returner/special teams, slot receiver).
  6. If the Falcons offense dropped to around 30ppg in 2017, combined with the improved 2017 defense, they probably go to the Super Bowl.
  7. RT, Guard positions, and DT are the major needs. The rest of the positions are ok. Maybe CB with Alford gone.
  8. I don't know, watching a documentary on him, he was grumpy as a Giants DC under Parcells and also when he was coaching the Browns.
  9. Thanks for the clutch kicks over the years, hope some of that clutchness transfers over to Italian Ice.
  10. And the NFL has one of the best pension plans. Bryant is going to be making 6 figures a year during retirement.
  11. I know many families who have a lot of debt and have to move because of jobs. That's life. It sucks but at least they don't have to worry about the financial aspects, it's a business.
  12. If the Falcons can get McCoy + Ed Oliver and re-sign Grady... the interior defense will become a strength.
  13. Love Bryant but that $4.2 million cap hit versus $650k for Giorgio Tavecchio.
  14. Penny Hart impressed me at GSU, I would pick him up if he's available in the 6th or 7th. Can replace Hardy's role.
  15. I don't think so. Belichick would've had a great gameplan and the Saints offense was horrible after Thanksgiving. The Patriots offense would've had an easier time against the Saints defense than against the Rams defense. Pats still win imo.
  16. Make the young QB Goff throw the ball and drop back 5-6 defensive backs on every play. Belichick has been doing it since the Giants days, giving Joe Montana / Bill Walsh all sorts of problems. Gave Kurt Warner / Mike Martz problems. Greatest coach in history.
  17. Ryan Schraeder & Alex Mack make more money than their entire O-line as well.
  18. With training and in his prime, he probably would've run a 4.05 or even sub 4. At 6'5" and 210, if he had decent hands could've been an ideal WR.
  19. It was Art Modell when he moved the team to Baltimore.
  20. Yeah, should've lost to the Seahawks and Falcons. Their only losses came to the NFC East teams (Giants twice, Eagles).
  21. Worst QB performance I've ever seen in the Super Bowl, what a boring game.
  22. Would've been a wild card team. I think a full strength Falcons team could've beaten the Saints. The Saints offense fell down to earth near the end of the season.
  23. I wonder if he can make a leap like Juju from year 1 to year 2 (58 receptions 917 yards as a rookie to 111 receptions 1,426 yards in year 2). Ridley was 64 receptions and 821 yards as a rookie.
  24. There was a big fight amongst the kids for the LA Lakers after Jerry Buss died.
  25. I don't think it had anything to do with DQ, more to do with wanting to coach with his good friend Del Rio in Oakland.