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  1. He's a Bugatti. Expensive, high performance but high maintenance and always in the shop. Sometimes you gotta sell it and go with a more reliable daily driver option.
  2. I mean, a RB screen to Hill or even some passing plays to the RB's. You don't see any of that or variation of plays. Just run up the middle or seven step drop (that's like 80% of his playcalling).
  3. This wasn't even his worst game, that's how you know he's a bad OC.
  4. Fans are saying try something different. More quick throws, screens, anything but Koetter just keeps doing the same thing over and over. How is he still a coach in the NFL?
  5. Coaching or not, this O-line has five 1st rounders and got manhandled by the Aints defensive front.
  6. Koetter is a crap playcaller but it's frustrating to see Matt Ryan not be able to do anything and play scared (falling to the ground) with pressure. You see QB's like Mahomes, Rodgers, Wilson who escape pressure all the time in those same situations and make big plays. That's why I would love to have someone like a Trevor Lawrence.
  7. NFL schedule strength: Ranking all 32 teams from toughest to easiest Aaron SchatzFootball Outsiders Analysts love to predict schedule strength before the season starts, and Football Outsiders is no different. But we know that schedule strength looks a lot different once we've played some of the games. We also know schedule strength plays a big role in deciding who gets into the NFL playoffs. Playoff races for the stretch run look a lot different when you know which teams are playing tough schedules and which teams have it easy. For this stor
  8. Maybe if the Falcons won the Cowboys, Bears, and Lions games like they should have. Right now it feels like every win is gonna be worst draft pick and the team will finish 7-9 like last year.
  9. Should've traded him while you had the chance. Don't want him to be a locker room cancer? Suspend him for the rest of the season and ban him from Flowery Branch. Get a comp pick.
  10. Vic Beasley, Jake Matthews, and Takk... what the Falcons drafted. If draft went with what this board really wanted, it would've been Todd Gurley/Bud Dupree, Aaron Donald, and TJ Watt.
  11. I liked Takk's raw potential because he had that speed but I really wanted TJ Watt over him. I also wanted Taco Charlton but he hasn't really done anything in the NFL as well.
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