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  1. Yup, could've re-signed Bruce Irvin for around $5 million and have $7 million leftover to upgrade another position.
  2. He has a similar feeling I had to Grady Jarrett. Seems like a beast in college and surprised he was there that late for us to pick.
  3. What TheAthletic Wrote: Tier 1 votes: 4 | Tier 2 votes: 38 | Tier 3 votes: 8 | 2019 Tier: 2 Ryan’s 2016 MVP season pushed him to the fringes of the top tier at that time, but he has lost ground every year since and now has almost the exact same vote distribution as he had in 2015. What changed more, Ryan or what the Falcons put around him, including former coordinator Kyle Shanahan? “He can carry a team sometimes,” an offensive coordinator said. “He handles pure pass in doses but he really needs the play-action game to make him good, and I just think he is aging a little bit. The protection thing has gotten him a little bit skittish, but I like the guy.” Ryan lived a relatively stress-free life during his MVP season, attempting a career-low 13 fourth-quarter passes while trailing. That figure surged to 102 last season, second-most in the league behind Andy Dalton and one off Ryan’s previous career high. “You don’t see the command, him putting the team on his back to go win the game,” a defensive coordinator who gave Ryan a Tier 3 vote said. “You see the first-round picks of Julio (Jones) and (Calvin) Ridley, but you don’t see him win the game. it is very systemized and he can throw it good, but he is not a command Tier 2 quarterback” Voters are interested in seeing whether newcomers Hayden Hurst and Todd Gurley can make a difference. “We played him a lot over the years and if he didn’t have certain assets, he couldn’t do it,” an exec said. “When our D-line handled their O-line, he was a mess. He could have some amazing games and then some where you are just, wow, this-guy-is-not-a-starter type games. I do think he’s a two, but the game is changing and his lack of mobility shows up.”
  4. The NFL has shortened its 2020 preseason to two games, a source said, part of a larger acclimatization plan for players after an unprecedented virtual offseason program during the coronavirus pandemic. In essence, the league canceled Weeks 1 and 4 of its original preseason schedule. It had previously canceled its Aug. 8 Hall of Fame game. Most players will still report to training camp on July 28, but the first preseason games won't be played until Aug. 20-24. The second week of preseason games is scheduled for Aug. 27-31. Some re-shuffling of the original preseason schedule for Weeks 2 and 3 are underway, as each team will play one home game and one on the road. Teams that travel will depart on the day before games. The primary driver for restructuring the preseason was a consensus between the NFL and the NFL Players Association that players will need more time than normal to get in football shape this summer. No teams were able to practice on the field during the offseason, and many gyms and other conditioning settings have been closed. The NFL's standard preseason has been four games since it was shortened from six games in 1978. It is expected to be cut further when owners activate a provision in the collective bargaining agreement to extend the regular season to 17 games, which they can do as early as 2021. When that happens, the preseason would shrink to no more than three games for each team. Of more immediate concern, however, is the health of players during training camp in 2020. The NFL and the NFLPA continue to discuss protocols for reopening of team facilities, testing programs and other matters related to playing amid a pandemic. Sources close to the discussions say there is no hard deadline for a finalizing of protocols, but that if training camps are to start on time (July 28 for all but two teams), there's a sense on both sides that an agreement needs to be reached by the end of next week. One reason for this is that there's a chance the league will ask players and team personnel to quarantine at home for two weeks before leaving for camp. This doesn't even account for newly imposed rules in states like New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts that ask people coming from states where coronavirus cases are spiking to quarantine for two weeks upon arrival. The NFL/NFLPA committee will soon issue a set of guidelines that spells out an acclimatization schedule for the 23 days of training camp before the first preseason game. Information from ESPN's Dan Graziano was used in this report. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29395143/nfl-shortens-preseason-just-two-weeks-league-continues-plot-2020-strategy
  5. Imagine the visor fogging up during a crucial moment and a receiver drops a catch.
  6. He had all-pro's all over on that defense. Before DQ became DC, Seattle was already a top 3 defense.
  7. Yeah, Cricket and ATT are the exact same network except for they give ATT customers higher priority for bandwidth.
  8. I have Verizon (iphone 11 pro) and T-Mobile (Galaxy S10). Both phones weren't making or receiving any calls for a couple of hours.
  9. Yeah, that's why I was so excited that one year when the Falcons D-line had Rod Coleman, John Abraham, and Patrick Kerney together in their prime... then injuries derailed everything. That D-line alone would've won games for the Falcons.
  10. My favorite Falcons DT (it used to be Rod Coleman). Hopefully, he plays All-Pro caliber for many more years.
  11. Jacob Tamme was in his 30's and almost in the league for 10 years before joining the Falcons. Hurst is still in his prime and he put those combine numbers up weighing 250-260. I think Tamme was 220-230 back during his combine.
  12. If Gurley was drafted, I don't think Freeman would've been drafted, maybe Coleman... so it would've been a Gurley + Coleman combo and a different DE instead of Beasley. Imagine Shanny's offense with a prime Gurley...
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