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  1. Yeah, now Bogi needs to step it up against the Bucks.
  2. Calvin Ridley is the Atlanta Falcons' No. 1 receiver now, and even though he'll be replacing a franchise legend in traded-to-Tennessee Julio Jones, Ridley said Tuesday that he feels "no pressure" stepping into the role once held by a likely future Hall of Famer. Part of the reason is Ridley's confidence in his own play, something harnessed over the past three years playing alongside Jones with Atlanta. And some of it comes from playing without Jones for half of last season, when hamstring injuries sidelined the former Falcons star. "I played with Julio, Mohamed Sanu, since Day 1, tho
  3. Sometimes you want to hit the laugh or trophy vote and hit the wrong one and don't notice.
  4. I would try to sign: Justin Houston Richard Sherman And one vet WR like Kenny Stills or Alshon Jeffrey. Improve the DE and CB positions with vets and also a WR so Gage can stay where he is.
  5. Why extend Ryan? He's getting near the end of his career and we have him under contract through 2023. Grady is a possibility though as he is one of the best DT's in the game and a piece you build around.
  6. Yeah, cap should go up next year and can also extend Grady next year for added relief. Then in 2023 the cap goes up a lot with the new TV contracts kicking in.
  7. Would be funny if that happened and fans said WHO-Lio?
  8. Matt Lafleur was never in SF. He was the QB coach here in 2016 when Ryan won the MVP. He knew Kyle's offense in and out because he spent 2 years with Kyle in Houston and another 4 with him in Washington. In 2017, Matt Lafleur went to LA to be the OC under Sean McVay (local Atlanta guy) who also spent time in Washington with Kyle and Lafleur. The Rams were one of the highest scoring teams in the NFL that year and although Lafleur didn't call the plays, the Rams offense looked very similar to the 2016 Falcons offense. Then in 2018 he went to Tennessee and brought with him applied all that he lea
  9. Screw Julio, this team bent over backwards and gave him a huge contract when he still had 3 years left on his old deal. This is how you repay the team? He's becoming more "diva" by the year.
  10. WR is like the new RB, they're all getting so big and fast, that the talent pool will be deep every year.
  11. If Julio is gone it will be sad for me as a fan but taking that out of the equation and just looking at this team, it might be better. Julio is still a great player but he's not the same as he was back in 2016 and he's only getting older. If he's gone the offense will suffer a bit but the team really needs the cap space and you can still find good talent in future drafts. Guys like AJ Brown and DK Metcalf who were found in the 2nd-3rd rounds.
  12. They were so happy when the 49ers passed on Pitts and drafted Lance.
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