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  1. Did you not watch the 4 sacks, 2 forced fumbles game against Wisconsin? A team with one of the best o-linemen in all of college football and NFL prospects.
  2. In those situations, even fans would've known better. Almost everyone was thinking "this game was won, just run the ball, kick the FG, ball game," after that amazing Julio catch... but nope. Let's pass twice, get a sack, and then a holding call - brilliant!
  3. If the coach is Kubiak or a Shanny discipline running the offense and has the team scoring 30+ points a game, as long as the defense isn't historically bad then the Falcons can win double-digit games. If the defense got Chase Young and some key young contributors and becomes a top 15 defense paired with a high-scoring offense then you become a legit Super Bowl contender.
  4. The D-line coach at Ohio State also coached Joey & Nick Bosa and he says Chase Young is better than both of them bar none. The Ohio State head coach says he's been around a lot of talented NFL freaks at DE and he says Chase Young as a junior in college is better than those players while they were in the NFL. He's a better version of Jevon Kearse, a super freak at DE (like Julio is at WR). If the Falcons draft him, they will have an annual double-digit sack guy for the next 10 years.
  5. Mccarthy was good with the Packers in the beginning but he got embarrassed by the Falcons near the end... he had an all-time QB in Rodgers too. I would pass on Mccarthy and find someone from the Shanny coaching tree or get Kubiak.
  6. Lose out for 1-15 and Chase Young will be in Atlanta.
  7. Russell Wilson isn't overrated. I thought Seattle was a strong team before they played the Falcons but seeing Schaub move the ball on them at will... and the atrocious historically bad Falcons defense shutting down the Seahawks offense in the 2nd half, my opinion of them... downgraded A LOT.
  8. In all fairness for #1. After 2016, Dan Quinn was looked upon as Sean Mcvay/Kyle Shanahan are looked at now, as a genius up & coming coach. People thought Atlanta had young talent on the defense with Jarrett/Beasley (coming off leading the NFL in sacks), Deion Jones, Campbell, Trufant, and Neal. People thought once DQ got all of his "guys" they will be a top 5 defense annually like Seattle, but over time, we have seen that DQ is a fraud. Looked good in Seattle after having all-pros all over the field but has fielded poor defenses (near the bottom of the league every year according to DVOA) in Atlanta. Shanny and that #1 offense was the main reason the Falcons went to the Super Bowl, he was the real guru. Letting Lafleur walk was also a big mistake. Matt Ryan coming off an MVP year and getting a college guy to learn Shanny's offense... the Falcons would've probably beaten the SB champ Eagles that year with Lafleur at the helm. Remember Lafleur was the OC of the Rams that year and although he didn't call the plays, their offense closely resembled Shanny's and was #1 in the NFL.
  9. He was the one that knew Shanny's offense the most. People were saying to promote him to OC instead of bringing an outsider who I wasn't enamored with (Sark) and making him learn and run another guy's offense.
  10. Redskins - Jets have to play each other. Dolphins - Jets have to play each other again. Bengals play both the Jets and Dolphins. Falcons just need to lose out and go 1-15, some of those other teams will get wins by facing one another.
  11. 22nd not 22th*. Anyways, the only times the defense looked good under Quinn was in the few games before the 2016 playoffs and against Seattle/Green Bay/1st half New England. It also looked pretty good in 2017 but of course, the offense had to suffer that year with Sark.
  12. No, but there would've been better draft picks and the salary cap/roster would've looked healtier if some knowledgable fans ran the team over the past few years instead of TD.
  13. Yikes
  14. TD has got to go. I said don't re-sign Trufant, Freeman (I would rather have Coleman), but he did. I said re-sign someone like Bruce Irvin or sign Justin Houston and have money leftover instead of picking up the option on Beasley. Too many moves where he made boneheaded decisions and needs to go.
  15. I gave TD the benefit of the doubt but I think it's time for him to go. He was brought here for the "New England" way but he didn't build this team in such a manner. The team is now in salary cap ****, the worst salary cap position out of all the NFL teams.