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  1. CB + LB are the biggest needs. DT for rotational pieces.
  2. He re-signed last month.
  3. And the Jaguars, 49ers, Panthers games...
  4. No thanks to a trade, maybe if he's cut and signs to a cheap deal.
  5. Russell Wilson 0.56% as well. They have small windows to capitalize on the rookie contracts. Wilson got paid and Mahomes will reset the QB market once he gets paid.
  6. They're becoming more like RB's. You don't have to pay high dollar/big contracts for one and you can usually find suitable replacements in the 3rd round.
  7. Gono has looked very good when he got to play, don't know why he isn't given more playing time.
  8. Drew Brees (2x), Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Patrick Mahomes, Matthew Stafford. Some tough QB's on the schedule.
  9. I really wanted Vic & Takk to learn from Chuck. It's too late for Vic but not for Takk.
  10. I was drooling at the prospect of Abe & Kerney on the edges and Rod Coleman in the middle (2006)... that defense would've been nasty with a prime Vick. Unfortunately, injuries derailed everything.
  11. Well, it was an option to pick him up at 12 million. I would've rather declined the option, give Bruce Irvin $5 million and spend the remaining $7 million elsewhere or let it roll over for the cap in 2020.
  12. That and his offense didn't give up a big pass play on 3rd & 15 and then later could've held them to a FG but gave up a TD on 3rd & 10.
  13. If not for a Turner fumble, Falcons probably are in the Super Bowl with Ryan as a rookie.
  14. More of an indictment on DQ. Hiring a college coach with alcoholic issues to learn and run another guy's offense. While you have a guy who knows the offense inside and out and you don't even offer him an interview.
  15. That after being a big distraction Super Bowl week when his agent was asking for a big contract.