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  1. I certainly bought into the hype of articles like that one. Not even in the worst case scenario did anyone think we would sink down as bad as we have. I just don’t see how Quinn can survive this at all.
  2. Not even sure what does this all mean. Not making a chance now, could very well be at the moment of the interview but yet he said they will do something. So he could let him go this week and those words were accurate. A lot of careful speak by Arthur Blank to give himself wiggle room.
  3. The players bear responsibility but these patterns ultimately point to coaching, or lack thereof. There is a huge ineptitude on this coaching staff and has to go back to Dan Quinn. We have good coaches below him but something is not right, it almost looks like intentional sabotage because of how bad it is.
  4. Wow this is a pretty clear and in-depth look that paints a picture that sounds like it is spot on.
  5. I really wish they could but I am leaning towards no because he has not produced to warrant a trade. I think we may end up keeping him and just cutting him at the end of the year. If someone offers us a 6th rounder, I would be elated.
  6. Good points, definitely think Quinn's time here is done and he has failed but what you mentioned in regards to football players and not athletes is on point. Also very true that probably many players are not giving max effort anymore except a few like Matt, Julio, Hooper, Jarrett, Allen and others.
  7. This teams need a complete rebranding. New GM, new HC, new uniforms and complete reboot. The question is if Arthur Blank sees it that way and if he does, who does he entrust this mission.
  8. Do they expect him to answer that question and say: “yes”? This is a silly article.
  9. Sanu makes sense since he is producing but he is 31 years old and we will not resign him next year. Better to get something and Hooper and Ridley could get more targets.
  10. I hope I am wrong, but I will say 35-31 Rams....but my upset score (if by a miracle it happens) would be 42-17 Falcons.
  11. I do get the feeling they will pull this one off, if not, then I truly hope it is Quinn's last game as a HC. No reason to wait until the bye week.
  12. Shouldn't this be an argument to play more man-to-man defense in coverage and scrap the zone? At least that should increase the time the QB takes to throw the ball and give the pass rush more of a chance to get there.
  13. As much as I like Sanu and what he brings to the team, it is a business decision and it does makes sense to trade him at this point. Calvin Ridley could step into getting more targets and Gage too. Hooper is a great weapon through the middle and we still have Julio.
  14. That is so staggering and also glad you brought it up. Many that point to the offense do not really watch other teams and QBs make bad throws, throw INTs, etc. Most just watch Ryan play and see highlights of the other teams QBs. Not saying our offense and Ryan is perfect but in the list of problems, he is way down as of this point. The offense has a lot of pressure to perform (even with its weaknesses) because of knowing how awful our defense is at this point. Both side of the ball feed of each other. As of right now, Matt Ryan is rank # 8 is the list of QB Power Rankings...for what is worth: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001066300/article/qb-index-week-7-russell-wilson-alone-at-no-1-tom-brady-falls?campaign=tw-nf-sf221679256-sf221679256&sf221679256=1
  15. Exactly. You have to take what does the less damage to the way your defense is playing. Quinn is terrible at adjusting, especially in game adjustments.