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  1. Rico is a great locker room guy and maybe a coach type player, so he may have a future in that path. Not a starting NFL safety at this point.
  2. The main focus should be defense and running game, obviously there are some question marks to address in the OL, but a strong running game can help a lot. When your QB does not have to drop back and throw the ball over 40 times per game on a consistent basis and there is a running game the defense have to actually consider.
  3. The plays within plays and the idea that he is big in being one step ahead of what defenses is what really excites me, because that was our weakest areas in previous regimes. We have not had such mind as a coach with team, probably ever.
  4. I do not see the Falcons drafting a RB at #4 there is absolutely no reason for it. Not even Henry was a first round pick.
  5. It is not so much treat Ryan as a rookie but having a more balanced attack. That in essence makes Ryan and the passing attack more dangerous as the team is much less predictable. Also, Smith's offense does a lot of motion and attention to detail to attack the defense and create confusion which is something that Koetter was not doing.
  6. So different to the DK offense we have been running.
  7. This is not the flashy hire but maybe that is a good thing. We do not need flashy but a good leader with new ideas that can maximize the talent we have now, plus bring a new culture and way of doing things that future players can buy into. No more slogans and stunts, I am okay with "boring" as long as it is effective and render winning results.
  8. That is the other side of the coin, hoping that we will look back and be grateful because the team will be in a much better place due to his incompetence.
  9. The fact that is not Dirk Koetter is already a win and already made this team better. We won't really know for sure until next year how much of a hindrance his playcalling and philosophy was but I suspect we will be even more angry looking back at his re-hire.
  10. They do seem to have found a gem as a franchise QB in Herbert.
  11. This is what is a bit frustrating about allowing Quinn to start the season after last year. I know that Blank thought the team may have turned a corner, but that proved wrong. Imagine if we would have started with a fresh coaching staff from the get go? This team is not as bad as the record shows, for sure they should have two more wins and be 4-4 now even with all the issues.
  12. We need an OC with a modern philosophy that sets their players to excel at that they do best. We need a whole coaching staff that does that and it is creative. Enough with the guys that are old school and behind in their mindset.
  13. All these coaches will be let go, unfortunately, you cannot clean house since we have 9 games to go. There is no chance any of them stays after the end of the year.
  14. I would be very surprised if any team offers the Falcons anything worth considering for Takk. The most likely scenario is that we cut him loose at the end of the year. It has been a complete disappointment which follow the Beasley one. Devastating for a franchise to have two top first round picks at DE to end up being a bust.
  15. Although Mack has been a solid player and we may experience a bit of a downgrade, there are bigger concerns to address when it comes to personnel in this team.
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