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  1. Did'ya hear the one about the Dyslexic,Agnostic,Insomniac? he walked around all night wondering if there was a Dog.............."sic" I really don't know what to believe, I think maybe science and religion both could be right Maybe God or the Higher Intelligence or whatever the entity may be, seeded the Earth and let nature and time do the rest. Science says we evolved from Apes, but if thats true why are there still Apes?
  2. I tell ya what, you go get 10 of your buddies and I'll get 10 of mine, and we'll show you how to play a real sport, but understand when you play my sport you have to be a real athlete. And in your case you might want to make sure you have your socialist health care card handy cause chances are you and your little hindu buddies are gonna be making a trip to the emergency room. You can eat curry through a straw can't you?
  3. Put their azz under the jail and throw away the damned key. What some of these idiots do in the name of religion amazes me.
  4. You can't tell any of these people anything, they all still think Vicky Vatrex is gonna escape from prison and return as the savior of the franchise he tried too ruin. T.D. drafted exactly who he wanted and I personally am glad we finally have a real QB on the roster instead of some thug azz wannabe QB.
  5. I guess we're gonna bring in a bunch of O-Line help through UDFAs we just took a TE at 232 named Keith Zinger from LSU..........
  6. no i missed it. that is crazy, 4 picks. Thats a humongus reach..............4 picks unbelievable
  7. The Jags trade up to get Harvey? To me maybe a late 2nd round or maybe early 3rd wow! they must know something everyone else doesn't....................
  8. Man come on! atleast give the kid a chance, you sound like some of the people who ragged the front office when we drafted Vicky
  9. From everything I've read there isn't a QB coming out next year that would be equal to any of the QBs coming out this year, so I'm glad we got the best all-round QB this year Now lets see what you got TD we all know what we need so go get'em
  10. Maybe we could package one of our 2nd and 3rd picks to Cinci and still get Ellis
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