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  1. I'm glad we finally got a Power RB!!!
  2. 14 FALCONS Chris Lindstrom, G, Boston College I like the pick. When Matt Ryan is not protected from the interior, he has real problems. They got a guy that's going to be a fixture on the interior there for a long time. I think Lindstrom is a feisty guy. Good solid pick by the Falcons. Grade: B
  3. 14. ATLANTA FALCONS: G CHRIS LINDSTROM When the Falcons paid meaningful money to guards James Carpenter and Jamon Brown in free agency, analysts like yours truly scratched their heads and wondered if this meant the team was moving to more of a north-south inside zone running game, rather than the east-west outside zone game around which they’ve built their offense. Carpenter and Brown, after all, are downhill maulers with limited lateral agility. Lindstrom, on the other hand, is dripping with athleticism. He’s expected to be an excellent outside zone blocker, which suggests the Falcons will indeed remain an outside zone running team. Carpenter, though not suited for that system, at least survived in it for many years as a Seahawk. Brown also played in it as a Ram and could be moved to right tackle, a position he played effectively during the 2017 offseason in L.A. The Falcons, who entered this draft with few needs and a ready-to-win-now roster, upgraded at a critical position. GRADE: A-
  4. We give up a 3rd to move up 15 spots to make sure we get the guy we wanted. If we would have lost those last two meaningless games we would have been in the Top 8 picks and wouldn't have had to trade maybe. We only lose the 3rd we just exchanged the 2nd for the 1st round pick. I was hoping we could get Baker, now we can just draft depth.
  5. I don't think we could really use all 9 picks so I could see that but this is a deep draft. We could have had both these picks if we traded back.
  6. We are going to protect Ryan and open up run lanes
  7. Carolina will take Greedy
  8. Is our guy not even in the Green Room?
  9. They never talk about the Falcons
  10. We're picking fast
  11. Told you guys we should have lost those last 3 games
  12. I'm not even excited now
  13. They will cut off our pick
  14. Can we trade down, is there anyone that would need to trade up?
  15. Trade down to 20 then take best available. This is a deep draft we can get future picks or stack up depth this year
  16. Jonah Williams is like dang I'm a Bengal
  17. Dang Williams is gone
  18. Primetime just intercepted Steve Smith's pass
  19. They may take Sweat
  20. We are able to get Greedy, OT Williams, Sweat, Bush
  21. They will take Lock
  22. I'm cool with a Trade down to 20 and pick up another pick or two
  23. He'll be a Free Agent in 4 years
  24. We should have lost those final 2 games
  25. We need OL and LB more so than DL