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  1. It's that time of year again ... Best time of the year!!! As a Falcons Fan ... What player from a Rival did/do you really like, and respect? Who would you have like to seen a Falcon instead? Carolina - Thomas Davis Taints - Willie Roaf Tampa - Mike Alstott #RiseUp!
  2. I can't like Brees because of all the Katrina Ref stuff. He got a lot of breaks, still does too. Hard for me to find a Taint to like honestly. No way we could have won this game if Vick was at his best.
  3. Me too, but if you're a Falcons Fan you'll know a few of those names have stuck it to us at times. You gotta respect the player, not always their fault they're on another team.
  4. I was just saying that because he's got like a million kids w/ that baby factory wife of his.
  5. Send Biermann and a case of diapers to Seattle for him.
  6. I want Waller for a TE/WR guy
  7. Collins from LSU ... Two Collins from LSU in one night ... Do It TD !!!
  8. Every year Atlanta's pick is always during a commercial break, or during another player's interview.
  9. Deep Deep Draft makes trading up stupid ... Sit back and watch all the talent fall to you. Who you want next? OL, RB or LB?
  10. Who you got?
  11. Nevermind ... Gregory and Hardy are gonna turn them back into the Dallas Convicts
  12. For people worried about Gregory being a knucklehead .... Not on this man's watch ... He learned from some of the best ...
  13. Jalen was the first player of the day in NFL's Mock http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000489650/article/round-2-nfl-mock-draft-vikings-get-dorial-greenbeckham?campaign=Facebook_cfb_zierlein
  14. Does Dallas steal Gregory?
  15. Carolina moves up for a WR and need DE OLB help, and another WR hasn't came off the board since the Panties reached for theirs ... That's where people mess up and trade, they get scared they're going to lose out on their player.
  16. I'd rather gamble on Gregory than Collins but I'm not the one making decisions ... Atleast we're drafting people that we've actually heard of. No TD "What the heck is a?" kinda pick so far
  17. I bet they interview someone or take a commercial break during our pick like always.
  18. Tru Munchess on Funchess
  19. We didn't wait and selected who we wanted. No trading, no guessing ... Patient and select who you want.
  20. LMFAO Carolina ...
  21. Why so many **** commercials? I want my Draft Weekend Back !!! Saturday and Sunday this waiting till Primetime during the week sucks.
  22. Quinn is Smiling ... I guess he's Still Quinning on Day 2 !!! Hope it's Gregory but Carolina needs a DE like crazy ... So they may have give up 3 picks for Gregory.
  23. Gregory and Beastly would help ensure that we get atleast one dominate pass rusher. Double Down !!! Double Down !!! If we get them both I predict another 5 INT Brees game
  24. Wanted to see them both lined up next to each other ... WillyMo's Always Ready
  25. Not many trades on Day 1 gonna be tons on Day 2