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  1. Tampa is going to be tough now that they have a QB. I thought we had a few years before they would figure it out. Crablegs will be bagging crablegs soon. You gotta love Fitz tho ...
  2. No True Power Back. We should have never lost DeMarco like I said back then. He's better than Tolo
  3. Yeah politics are going to destroy this game. It's nice to see a fresh look on the NFL from the outside. Hope he watches the Falcons this year.
  4. This guy is good too. Enjoy!
  5. Stupid Autocorrect
  6. He still hasn't reacted to Julio but this man needs to see the Speed Kills Career Highlights video. Video doesn't do Julio justice you gotta see him live so this man needs to make it to camp. I think it would be fun for this guy to see how big NFL Players really are. He wants to play so bad but I don't think he realizes the talent it takes. I'd like to see him be able to play for a college. Check out all his videos, you guys and gals may like it.
  7. I was just saying that because he's got like a million kids w/ that baby factory wife of his.
  8. Send Biermann and a case of diapers to Seattle for him.
  9. I want Waller for a TE/WR guy
  10. Collins from LSU ... Two Collins from LSU in one night ... Do It TD !!!
  11. Every year Atlanta's pick is always during a commercial break, or during another player's interview.
  12. Deep Deep Draft makes trading up stupid ... Sit back and watch all the talent fall to you. Who you want next? OL, RB or LB?
  13. Who you got?