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  1. http://youtu.be/4ALdG_nhQBY Might as well start making a new list.......
  2. Everyone is looking forward to the future in the new stadium but what makes us a contender next season and not just in rebuilding mode??? Do we go all Defense to give him shorter fields or look for a work horse back also??? Freeman has a future with us but dont we need a 20 carry rb??
  3. After watching Seattle... we have alot of work to do on so many levels... there's never been a game like that... they invoked the spirit man............ they never gave up... 60+ minutes of Football... If Quinn can bring that too Atlanta our new stadium is gonna be a landmark..
  4. Pros, Cons, Likes, Dislike..... The O-line we had when Jamal Anderson was our tailback... One of our BEST!!! Remember that dance he used to do.... No problem admitting I was a big MV Fan... Still like him and his style of play... The Seahawks are built similar to that team we had just better.. I liked that offense... I always felt that Dan Reeves would have run it better tho Since he was the one who drafted Mike... Mora didn't really have a vision.. Smitty!! You have to give credit... Many milestones were checked off that shoulda been yrs ago.... Stat wise easily trumps the pr
  5. Remember??? 2003... 1st playoff game... KGB The Frozen Tundra.. Ryans turn I suppose... I figure he's gotta be tired of getting owned by Rodgers.... lol
  6. If we could get him and if he wants to.... Give Mike Holmgren whatever he wants to take control of the team for next year coach/gm.... trade Roddy & Sjax to NE for draft pics b4 the dealine to give them a shot at a ring cause they deserve it..... Since we've become he Saints of old and are on the verge of having to wear paper bags over our heads at least the games will be bareable to watch again cause there will be no expection to win and we'll get to see whos worth keeping..... Hahahahahahahahahaha
  7. We need to become a defensive team... Ryan can take less money or bail as far as I'm concerned... That's the focus that will turn this team around..
  8. Simply put... We can't afford him... Our defense and staff need a complete overhaul and its gonna cost about 100mil.. Things is, I don't see Ryan not being a Falcon unless he asked to be traded.. Which at this point is the smartest career choice he could make if he wants a ring. Long Cold Winter.....
  9. D Block is silly but entertaining... at least more than the post game press conferences.. I really can't listen to Mike Smith talk more about the holes we gotta fix and the in game adjustments he has to get better at... lol
  10. Just got real!!! http://youtu.be/OeLlMWCI9MU
  11. 2nd rounders & 2 3rd's this draft?? I know we gave up 6 to get Julio but that was just us being silly...
  12. We should stay put or trade back for more pics... Nice moves today.... Best in awhile...
  13. Bubba Bean!!! Hahahahahaha Just had to put him in there cause half the board probably has no idea who he is
  14. SJ would have someone to run behind tho so he doesnt have to dance in the back field anymore.... lol
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