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  1. Kirk Cousins and Ryan Tannehill>>>>>>Brees and Brady. What a weekend! Losing to a 1-7 Falcons team. Failing to stop the 49ers from kicking a game winning field goal. Aints have no one to blame but themselves for being the #3 seed.
  2. And then Jimmy throws a pass too high for his receiver resulting in a pick
  3. I would love to go if I had seen this earlier. Is it still too late? Lol
  4. If you haven’t seen it, check out the official schedule reveal on the Falcons twitter page. Here’s the perfect shade towards the aints
  5. https://saintsreport.com/threads/how-can-you-be-a-fan-of-this-league.402104/ Already saying the game was rigged LOL
  6. This is not going to end well for Belichick. Just look at what Brandon Browner was saying. It's all over the news up there, but it's their problem lol https://nesn.com/2018/02/ex-patriots-corner-blasts-bill-belichick-backs-malcolm-butler-after-super-bowl-benching/amp/
  7. False start on Gronk. It was the first penalty against NE's offense all postseason
  8. Touchdown Philly making it look too easy. Here we go. Another team up double digits. Cue Collinsworth bringing up 28-3 ad nauseum.
  9. This is unbelievable. Patriots are trying too hard to be cute and then going for it on 4th and 5?
  10. What was that?! NE screwing up in the red zone and then having a botched fg
  11. That was a **** of a catch, and LOL at missing the PAT
  12. I'm with you there. Patriot fans still can't get over the Helmet Catch, and that happened 10 years ago yesterday. We will never be able to forget what happened even if we were to win a Lombardi. Think about Braves fans in '91 had Lonnie Smith not stopped at 3rd or Mark Wohlers hanging slider against Jim Leyritz in '96. That's at least two more rings for the Braves.
  13. Look at the various views of the city and check out the AT&T Perch.
  14. Here's another video showing his reaction to being drafted by us
  15. This is the best I could find of the halftime tributes on youtube. Credit goes to the original uploaders FantasyFootBall7 And Kitruel and Evelyn Venson
  16. All of ESPN was fooled. They went off a fake tweet LOL
  17. Vernon just signed with the Jags. 4 years/$75.5M
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